Testament - True Believer Lyrics

Do you believe in the darkness below
Well I can summon them up
If you really want to know
As I tow the line
between bad and evil
Nothing can touch me now
True believer

Born in sin where I pledge my evil oath
Violence is golden now
Did you really want to go
As I draw the line
between bad and evil
Nothing can touch me now
True believer

True believer...
nothing can stop me now
and nothing can touch me now
True believer...

No use in praying forever shall I roam
Smoke dusted angels now
It's the only way I know
As I cross the line
between bad and evil
Nothing can touch me now
True believer

Ash to ashes, Dust to dust
all I ever wanted was power of the blood

Pause, Now look what I have done
What I have become
I'm the chosen one

Never gonna take me
Never gonna change me
Never gonna escape me now...

Do you believe there is evil in my soul
One final high is the way
That I really want to go
As I cross the line
between bad and evil
Nothing can touch me now
True believer

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Testament True Believer Comments
  1. Winter Queen

    ♥♥♥ love this album and song

  2. David Carvalho da Silva

    Que som fudidooooo, vai se fuder!!

  3. shywhispers1 H

    Testament will always be my favorite band! ❤️

  4. Bruno

    Uma das músicas que mais gosto. Ouvi pela primeira vez e nunca mais deixei de escutar. Quem é BR deveria conhecer essa banda melhor. Puta sonzera foda!!!

  5. Jason Sphinx

    Took a while, [He knows]
    Z -○S○- was here ☆

    Jason Sphinx

    Hello.Goodbye ☜.♤♧◇♤

  6. John Hirsch

    NUFF said

  7. Ритчи Блэкмор

    Ураган вещь

  8. Harvey Tinseltin


  9. Harvey Tinseltin


  10. IP Needly

    Greatings True Believer, For I am not Stan Lee, Nor Jack Kirby, Or Joe Simon. Call me Mr.Rose, And Now I will tell you the Truth in a Song. Motor head, Overnight Sensation, I don't believe a word.

  11. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    This Plus Moter head, Overnight sensation is me.

  12. CH4RLIEonUtube

    One of the best Testament and metal song ever.

  13. alexander ferus

    Awesome metal 🤘 💀🤘🏻🎸☠️


    That breakdown still makes me want to headbut some fucker square in the mouth xD

  15. gregorius henry

    Nothing can touch me now, true believer. HAIL THRASH, HAIL TESTAMENT

  16. Eddy Destroyah

    A good friend of mine once told me that Testament makes grown up thrasher music and I always thought it was a weird thing to say but I think I get what he means. This is just badass \m/

  17. Homicidal

    Testament is truly an underestimated band honestly they achieved Metallica status through there music and more.

    That Guitar Guy

    Homicidal hell yeah

    Shekhar Sharma

    Homicidal Metallica status ??? Hahahaha nice joke, fuck Metallica, they lick Testament s arse

  18. Mike4metal

    I love the dark direction testament took with this album!!!! Awesome musicianship!!! As always!!!

  19. Ziggy Rocka

    awake the darkness is,a fight not flesh and blood

  20. Axl H.

    1:48 fucking brutal

  21. Fatal Oath

    Ash to ash
    Dust to dust!

  22. J Brand

    Fucking Shred !

  23. Mateusz Fortuna


  24. Todd Stewart


  25. Leila Fernández


  26. rachida BI


    Ryan Changename

    Lazaar Farah ... God answered!...every 3 weeks...men will suffer the wrath from the power of the blood! :D

  27. Alex Ferus

    great Metal !!\m/

  28. Michele Pinton

    i love

  29. Deean Stefan

    Wow, great song !

  30. Brutallica

    Best song about Islam in a long time.

  31. Brutallica


  32. CrawlingSludgeFish Magee

    James Murphy, Steve diGiorgio, and Dave lombardo. Sick ass lineup on this album xD

  33. Salvation de lumière

    Do you believe there is evil in my soul MUAHAHAHAHAHA !

  34. SynphamyOfficial

    i really love Testament, but i kinda preferred them when they had Herman Li in the band

    Adam 23

    When was that

  35. Cabro.Macabro aaaaa

    trv boliboorr

  36. mattrmunson

    This song is directed against believers...and rightfully so.

    Caleb Heney

    This song is about Ricky Kasso

  37. cowboy0212

    Hell YES!!! This is pure hate-ridden metal!!

  38. malevolenced

    testament will tell you, in way of music , what the bible tells.

    Esteban Ramirez

    Listen to seven seals

  39. David Bekavac

    no dislikes!

  40. Chuloloc

    @thrashblackdeath666 No problem, man. Thanks. Hails.

  41. Chuloloc

    @thrashblackdeath666 Yeah, dude. Thanks for replying. Much appreciated. I know. I've been trying to track you down for days but just couldn't find you but somehow, I knew you would come around. My regret was taking your channel for granted. Sorry about that, bro. Hails, my metal brother.

  42. NordDecayed Lazarus

    fuck yeah my favorite song!!\m/

  43. metalhead7127

    I belive...in Testament

  44. Christkiller Chris

    So DO YOU Believe in the DARKNESS BELOW...SOME DO!!!666

  45. Davor Megacidal

    Amazing song!!!!! too much melody and brutality at the same time!!!!!!!
    All I Fuckin' want!!!!!!!

  46. Chuloloc

    Awesome. A song for all metalheads who definitely are...TRUE BELIEVERS!!!! Hail Testament.