Testament - Shades Of War Lyrics

Burial of a human being
A man before a boy
Born to fight in another man's world
Not a world where there's a war

Born relihiously
Truth is what they see
Death won't come form peace
Who fuels this war?

Sacred ground of life
Burnt remains of the dead
Bodies lay to rest
Spirits of the earth

Rancid man, burned alive
Too blind to see what's wrong from right
Locked inside this cage
So many times blood has poured
Walk with shadows
Hear the shades of war... forever more

Brought into this world of bitter pain
Are we safe... or just insane

Rancid man, burned alive
Too blind to see what's wrong from right
Darkness veils their way
So many times blood has poured
Walk with shadows
Hear the shades of war... forever more

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Testament Shades Of War Comments
  1. King Diamond

    So heavy riff as hell, i like this one bests Testament songs ever, genius riff, one bests songs in album, "who fuel this war"?, hear to shades of warrrrr.. 'who fuel this brilliant song'?

  2. King Diamond

    I am always like this excellent riff! "Who fuels this warrrrrrrr"?

  3. King Diamond

    One heaviest songs ever from Testament!

  4. King Diamond

    But from the net, is pretty poor listen music, quality is sucks shit and even that worst, not get volume enough, it's so poor shit.

  5. King Diamond

    Killer riff!

  6. King Diamond

    Damn great sounding, really thrashy heavy!

  7. King Diamond

    My favorite actually.

  8. King Diamond

    My the first song from the album what i ever did listen in back then!

  9. Matt Revits

    "Low" is possibly one of the best metal albums ever.

  10. King Diamond

    One of the bests riffs ever!

  11. King Diamond

    Definitely one bests songs in this album!

  12. King Diamond

    Still fucking great, killer riff, how i am always like this!

  13. King Diamond

    Really modern thrashy and heavy.

  14. King Diamond

    One finest songs what they ever did, this song was that, what i heard and listen first time from rock radio, not even album wasn't came out yet, promo song!

  15. King Diamond

    I like lyrics very much! Shades waaaaaaar! Who fuel this war in you tube?

  16. Ramiro Villalobos




  18. King Diamond

    Magnificent riff and Chuck Billy performance!

  19. King Diamond

    I heard and listen this first time from radio, before even a whole album was yet come out, maybe roots come from that, why this is one my. favorite?

  20. King Diamond

    My favorites songs in this album, unless favorite, awesome catchy riffs and Billy's performance!

  21. Marshall Law

    To the 4 that disliked this, you have NO TASTE in Metal at all!

  22. TheMaxxymeliano2

    Personally.....all "12" tracks to this "LOW" album from "TESTAMENT" all rules !!!!

  23. Raul Silva

    electric crown in a harder version.

    Alex Ferus

    +Raul megane i here you \m/

  24. paraskevas vrontis


  25. James hetfield

    This is Diamond this song and low second Diamond

  26. James hetfield

    This song was my first tasTe from testament low record, i hear this from metalliliitto and i loved immidiatly

  27. Hangar18man

    same here awesome song

  28. PhoenixOfAscendance

    Beautiful summation of the YT 99%. Your satire is appreciated :)

  29. kashsoldier

    Testament is a killer band. Initial albums sucked in the production department.

    King Diamond

    kashsoldier first albums are bests, this is only great, "new beginning", some songs are better than the others, these death metal songs pretty much sucked in this, clean voice songs are bests in this! The Legacy is best thrash metal albums ever in a whole metal history.


    @King Diamond The Legacy isnt even in a top 10 best list but its Testament's best for sure

  30. Christian Vega

    This has to be some alternative tuning, maybe dropp C?

  31. Poncho Navarro

    Damn straight.

  32. Karl Chadwick

    this was the first live band I ever saw, they were supporting Anthrax back in '86, the doors opened and there before me was the first metal live act I'd ever seen. I almost shat my teenage pants and haven't looked back since.

  33. Jackie Nihil

    My fave tune off of Low

  34. purseonal2010

    They need to do this song "live" sometimes. It's one of my favorites out of all their albums!

  35. Bartosz Pawełczyk

    @tbaldownsall1 However, note that you have the highest rated comment, because it has sense. From what I've seen, this is only possible under a METAL video, other genres of music have some shitty top rated comments like "3 people who disliked this song eat shit" or whatever. That must mean metalheads are simply most intelligent ;D People you mentioned are just psychically not grown up enough to this music, best to ignore them.

  36. purseonal2010

    James Murphy is just as great as a guitar player as Alex Skolnick is! Too bad he didn't perform on the Demonic. He still shreds as a guitar player! Glad he got cured of the cancer he had at, ironically, about the same time Chuck Billy was ailing with cancer.

    King Diamond

    purseonal2010 James Murphy and John Tempesta actually did best job in this album! i bet this could be suck album without them but only this death metal voice is some bad in this, but growls are greats.


    Demonic sucks ass though

  37. Jacob Lilley

    hahaha the 5th rule was the funniest

  38. Joseph Thornburg

    parents of the Earth

  39. Kollin Horn

    Ok..now I'm REALLY gonna need a neckbrace..

  40. leoperrin28

    @turaly0n sorry but when I wrote this I don't know metallica very well but now I love them !

  41. egregion

    @leoperrin28 no Metallica?

  42. Brian Moore

    @fishguru73 not really ignored. Just wayyyy too far ahead of their time. They were a badass epic melt your face off band.

  43. leoperrin28

    slayer, sodom, testament, kreator My big 4 ! but destruction, exodus , megadeth are good

    david bennett

    What about Overkill??


    @david bennett They suck dead rats ass

  44. egregion

    the greatest band that never made it big

  45. Marco GM

    they deserve to be in the big 5 Testament rules!

  46. iluvnirvana13

    Sounds like the Struggle Within by Metallica... so what! still kick-ass

  47. fishguru73

    Another great band ignored by the music industry except for when they notice people like it, despite what we're told to listen to. Then they beg to lick their nuts for a video. Testament has always been a great band and they are still making awesome music to this day.

  48. Chuloloc

    Awesome. Hear the shades of war...FOREVERMORE!!!!! Hail Testament.