Testament - Ride Lyrics

Doesn't know what to do anymore
Jesus makes love to the spike
A trick for a fix and feeling so sick
Just can't seem to get right

Once he was the king of his world
A world without any order
Sold it all without thinking twice
Just for a spoonful of water

Ride, ride on through
Ride, ride through you
Ride, ride on through
Ride, ride through you

Ceremonious ritual
Raising of the veins
Always early and feeling so late
Waving goodbye to the rain

Ride, ride on through
Ride, ride through you
Ride, ride on through
Ride, ride through you

Slowly scratching away at the world
Fearless when he is stoned
Obsessed by dreams of what could've been
Trapped in his kingdom alone

Ride, ride on through
Ride, ride through you
Ride, ride on through
Ride, ride through you

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Testament Ride Comments
  1. Joti jotivirix


  2. Dario

    if I don't stop training for the half marathon, with this song, I will have serious coronary problems

  3. Chico Sinquerer

    That fuckn roar! RRRRRRIiiidddeee!!!

  4. goatbut29

    John Tempesta on the drums is a monster!!

  5. Rick Storms

    That guitar riff!!!!!

  6. stefan janezic

    Who dislike these , eat shit :D

  7. ocelot09

    One of the most badass songs ever created!!!!

  8. Cottonmouth78

    The DRUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Subwoofer Dildo

    That's a thought.

  10. matthew gill

    Demonic was intended to be a different band but in the end just became another testament album.

    James LeClair

    matthew gill It was supposed to be released under Dog Faced Gods name but.....

  11. TheForbiddenZone

    but with Lou Reed and a harmonica.

  12. beastlysk8r22

    if metallica stayed on the path of thrash after AJFA i feel like it woulda sounded something like this

  13. burning255

    Chuck sounds like good old James Hetfield.This song kicks ass

    Brian Georgr

    Chuck is 100x better then James

    Todd Taylor

    He sounds nothing like hetfield lmao

  14. Deadman_Inc86

    Agreed, no one has a right to judge others for their music choices.

  15. Thales Lagonegro P.

    I don't really like this album (Low, Demonic and The Gathering are the only albums from Testament that I don't like), but I'll admit that this song kicks ass. I mean, try to listen to that drum intro without headbanging, it's fuckin' impossible!

    There is no chill

    The Gathering is top tier

    Marco Ramírez

    Maybe because of the lost Skolnick factor hehe. These albums were way more about riffing rather than long and melodic solos

  16. Scipiuz


  17. Jeff's Big Guitars

    I've killed 2 Kenwood CD players with this.

  18. givemeajackson

    that is called sound, guys!

  19. TheHeavyMetalStew

    @98DESTRUCTION I love pretty much everything TestAmenT ever did, yet still this is my favorite...

  20. TheHeavyMetalStew

    @DethManZero hahahahahaha!!!

  21. Christian Vega

    this guy is beast WOW

  22. TheBasura666

    tempestas best work man..

  23. Vaginaattori

    @98DESTRUCTION i agree! legacy and new order are great thrash, but i think low aint a bad attempt in the 90's. im not a big fan of practice what a preach which is their most selling album

  24. jony ge

    @falseprophecy666 NO. Drowning shit "vocalist" sounds like CHUCK.

  25. joeyjoejoe1967

    Oh, fuck yeah.


    @TAH6969 Your an idiot if this is your favorite song have you not listened to any of their older shit? I bet you like metallica death magnetic too


    @coffinfeeder2007 Wow dude if your such a fan call it what it is THRASH METAL..its not just any metal!

  28. Michael Frey

    For some reason, when Chuck says Ride on through, he sounds kind of like Drowning pool's vocalist.

  29. Neongelb94

    the beginning is soooooo asskicking :D

  30. themisfitsrule11

    @Cinemysteria I think they have their own sound like i dont think either band has as powerful vocals as chuck but i see where you get slayer from the drums have a heavy slayer souund, but thats because paul bostoph was in slayer

  31. Awel Enriquez

    amazing drummer!

  32. ozzy4ever666

    Someone the other day asked me what Testament song kicks ass
    I told him What Testament song DOESN'T kick ass
    The Legacy lives on!

  33. Failhaid

    well, they are just a great band- wtih or wihtout Alex...so we always can expect badass stuff...

  34. Keith may

    John Tempesta is an awesome drummer!!

  35. Todd Hayden

    my fav of testament

  36. fishguru73

    Does Testament make a song that doesn't kick ass?

    vincent ciaramaglia

    fishguru73 umm hell no lol