Testament - New Eyes Of Old Lyrics

Psychological warfare
The first step in creating a situation
Dreams... of new... lies confused
Lies to you will truth shine through
What the rain won't wash away
The sun is black with shades of gray
Reflections of these stranger days
Live through new eyes
Die through old

New eyes... eyes... lies
Conflicting worlds upon your back
The weight will fate undo
Seen through eyes of new...
Crucify me sanctify me... now
Live through new eyes
Die through old

New... new eyes of old
Live... dream... die

Destined to repeat... doomed to forget...
Destined to repeat... doomed to forget...

Out with the old, in with the new
Naive and blind a curse for our time
We live our lives day by day
Our hearts bleed with fear... lies
It's not too late to make a change
We won't survive these strange days

Crucify me... sanctify me... now
Seen through new eyes die through old

New... new eyes of old...
New... new eyes of old...
Destined to repeat... doomed to forget...
Destined to repeat... doomed to forget...
New Eyes of Old
New Eyes of Old

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Testament New Eyes Of Old Comments
  1. Renzo Hurtado Marquez

    Strange days!!

  2. Kip Sullivan

    Definitely the most brutal album Testament ever realeased!

  3. Sean T.

    TESTAMENT went and took a bunch of P.E.D.'s and made an album!!🤘 Awesome!!!

  4. Todd Stewart

    This is one excellent disc

  5. William Minyard

    Ok they are in a Repentant stage of becoming Christians.

  6. Bill David

    Glen Alvelais guitar playing is awsum on this track.....why does he write the best riffs and solos in soo many bands then leave???? why????

  7. Kevin Carpenter

    true thrash,one of the few that never sold out.chuck is voice twins with a balrog.

    That Guitar Guy


    Still true to form. They may have gotten heavier but they’ve gotten more versatile in their playing. In my opinion they keep getting better too.

    Di ego

    @ALinkBetweenSouls...Death metal!!!???? THIS IS THRASHMETAL.


    ​@Di ego sounds more like Groove Metal to be honest


    But it doesn't matter the style, Testament is always great

    Definitely a George Soros funded bot

    @ALinkBetweenSouls some songs in this album could be considered death metal like Jun Jun, together as one, I would call it deathened thrash metal

  8. Santiago Pacheco

    Es muy bueno este discooo!!!!

  9. Van Malmsteen

    When Metallica got soft, Testament got HEAVIER!!

    Definitely a George Soros funded bot

    most thrash bands got soft around this time, except testament,slayer and overkill, we might be able to throw Exodus in there too

    Robert Preston


  10. kssdqa90

    They played this LIVE in the movie Strange Days! fuckin epic album too

  11. Pat_Orr2020

    Most consistent thrashers next to Overkill. Fucking love this music. \m/

    Sean T.

    Finally!!! Yes yes yes 🤘🤘!!! The true Big Four SLAYER , MEGADETH , TESTAMENT & OVERKILL !!!!🤘

  12. Michael Morgan

    I have no idea why Testament didn't get more attention, they DEFINATELY deserved it!


    Because many fell asleep on this stuff during the grunge days of the 90's but this is the REAL DEAL.

  13. mscubana

    @2taintme It's on the expanded score. If you don't have the song I could send it to you, or I could direct you where to download the full compiled original soundtrack/score.

  14. Gaston Galilea

    Fucking great

  15. Visuvh

    Like the beginning. Groovy as hell.

  16. Edward Yana

    Perfect!!!! This is brutal...fuck yeah!

  17. Lookin4aDime

    my new favorite band

  18. blitz811