Testament - Hatreds Rise Lyrics

Slashing through the fight
Before him dressed in the armor of the dead

Crossed fists
Can't deny
The swift sword
Getting closer to their lair

Follow me and I'll give you a king
Singing over talking
Fight with me and kill for your king

Hatred was a man out to seek
Vengeance for the death of his father
For he is the one bears the mark
Of the great warrior king and
No one can stop him

For tonight
The ax swings
Into battle on the wall

Blows from life
For my king
Deathly victim of the blade

Stabbing and slashing
When night falls
They all must die...
Beating and bashing
With blood lust
From hatred's rise

The high priest
Blessed the blood shed
Of defeat
The smell of death roams
Through the air

Flames of war
Shine through the night
Until the dawn the troopers storm

Stabbing and slashing
The nights gone
No one alive...
Beating and bashing
With blood lust
From hatred's rise

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Testament Hatreds Rise Comments
  1. Jeremy Freeman

    Written and played by Chris Kontos Drummer of Machine Head (formerly). I remember reading about it when this was released. Chris should write more!

    Jeremy Freeman

    Chris Kontos (former Machine Head Drummer) wrote this, plays drums and guitar on it as well. Look it up on google. ;)

  2. Dick Navies

    Fuck those 7 people who dislike this shit🖕🏼


    Finally! A genuinely good song on the album!

    James LeClair

    The whole album is good.

  4. Arthur Garibaldi

    the absolute finest thrash metal on this earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. King Diamond

    Best song in album, i didnt like this album then this came out but now i changed my mind, i keep this better than the gathering, alot actually better! In the gathering, Chuck's voice is terrible, that is only problem, really terrible in my ears.

    James LeClair

    No way, Chuck's style is perfect for the music.

  6. unfraterned Jack Bow demolishing Club

    Power-thrash from Sacramento beat a defectness of all thrash-pop fitchies'! :D

  7. gringochucha

    Kick-ass song from an underrated album.

  8. Slayer Dkuban


    King Diamond

    Slayer Dkuban no.

  9. TheWehrwolfe

    Definitely has traces of Sails of Charon in it's vocal phrasing style.


    +TheWehrwolfe  I noticed that right away too

  10. McGARVEY

    really hope they play at bloodstock next year be awesome

  11. TheWehrwolfe

    Yup. Good spot.

  12. Lisa Jacobs

    Truly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!


    The verses are similar with Sails of Charon's verses when it comes to the vocals. Testament have covered sails of charon, check it out

  14. SynphamyOfficial

    Great band!!! Well, apart from the Blaze Bailey era :\

  15. Srdjan jovanovic

    Damn, this kicks my kidney`s so hard for the past hour!!!


    They have made a cover of that song, check it out

  17. SeptimusCain

    I use to really like testament, until I heard this album. Now i fuckin love Testament. This album and The Gathering are my personal favorites. Low is badass too.

    Tyler Dees

    SeptimusCain the gathering is brutal.

    King Diamond

    SeptimusCain low is alot a better than none of those what you mention.

    That Guitar Guy

    king diamond I agree, Low is my personal favorite, but Demonic and The Gathering are epic too! Testament has no bad albums in my opinion.

    King Diamond

    That Guitar Guy this is for me mostly disappointment, i dont say really bad album, this is only song what i like. Then this came out first time and i bought this digipack cd, it was disappointment, also this feel some lazy trying to be death metal? Musically i pretty much also hate this album. low blow my head away, still low blow my head, thanks for John Tempesta with drums!

    King Diamond

    That Guitar Guy the gathering, musically better than demonic but in the gathering, Chuck's voice is terrible, in some songs, i dont say really epic, what i like those albums but low is different thing so saying, new beginning for testament and Chuck's voice is epic!

  18. 78jpeg

    you can hardly fine it in stores and that bull shit

  19. uome20bukz

    I was just going to say that. lol

  20. PorkChopsLittleDitty

    this album is completely underrated!

  21. Cody Byas

    that's #133 from SLIPKNOT on the album cover lols. jk. but it is the same kinda mask

  22. slavi stoyanov

    @saul77 yep definitely :)

  23. Ginnungagap418

    Demonic is a Testament to the genius guitar talent of Eric Peterson.

  24. Mike Chavez


    best fucking lyric ever. song makes me want to murder a village

  25. Viktor

    this song reminds me of Disturbed, just badass! \nn/

  26. Gerrie Hendriks

    I think this is one of the best albums they have made! I like the powerfull vocal of Chuck Billy.

  27. Christkiller Chris


  28. Agoraphobic

    One of the testament's finest \m/