Testament - Eyes Of Wrath Lyrics

Eyes of wrath
The beast is on your back
Razorblade slice your neck
Slowly tear you down
Takes another life
To feed his bloody lust
Random crime spree attack
There's no random at all

Dead city nights
Another daughter's done
Another victim of circumstance
Took the wrong way home
Can you hear the screams
The music of the dead
A ritual of broken flesh
Anoints the silver blade

No one lives forever
There is no forever
And I'll tell you why
Rage, Rage soothes the pain
Pain, Pain soothes the rage
Lash out in anger
that never will chance
I can never escape
Rage, Rage Soothes the pain
Pain, Pain Soothes the rage
Rage, Pain

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Testament Eyes Of Wrath Comments
  1. Cliff Farhang

    One of the best but most underrated thrash albums of all time.

    Anyone know for sure if the guitar solo at the end is the work of Eric or James Murphy?

  2. Binx Pova

    Any one care for a Stack hat and golf club.

  3. 300IQ Wizard

    Holy fuck!

  4. derekobs

    Boring as shit

    Binx Pova

    REALLY ???? mate you should of been a blow job....how fuckin old are you???

  5. Jorge Belo

    Powerful, Love it!

  6. sandman

    One of the best songs they have made in their long career!


    Lmfao its one of the worst and most boring song on the album

  7. JT Grogan

    Sounds a bit like early Meshuggah

    Chris Brown

    No. Messugah sounds like earlier Testament.

    Chris Brown

    @Rushtallica no. Messugah not b4 Testament. Yall need ck your shit.

    Chris Brown

    Also..messugah is meter.

    Chris Brown

    @Rushtallica also..messugah is meter.

    Peter Gosinya

    No meshuga sounds like this

  8. Knight-Sgt. Reyes

    This shit makes me want to go shooting with night vision.

  9. mmancilla

    The lyrics are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. mmancilla

    Testament rules forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Thomas Riggins

    can anyone link me this on bass tab?

  12. Rodney Trindade

    Ouço sem parar... p mim melhor álbum. . Tudo perfeito. ..

  13. I love the Gathering album

  14. SightLess Wisdom

    Hands down the best Testament album. I saw them on this tour and to me is the best lineup. I will take James Murphy over Skolnick any day as well as Lombardo over Hogland. And even though DiGorgio is an asshole in real life he is an awesome bass player.

    That Guitar Guy

    I would honestly take any lineup from Testament. They’ve always been badass! Always will be!

  15. Chibcha Kogui

    Me encanta!!!

  16. Emily Ronson

    If there was ever a time i began a massacre, this song would be playing in my headphones !

  17. Anubis The Jackal

    A lost metal gem

  18. Axl H.

    So fucking nasty and heavy

  19. Anita King

    Alex Skulnick 😎🤘

    riccardo ferrari

    Anita King not on this album


    James Murphy on the leads on this album

    That Guitar Guy

    Eric occasionally did leads too

  20. Ziggy Rocka

    two spiritual forces collide

    beyond the veil

    Ziggy Rocka you make an excellent point. I know they are both alive and well within me.

  21. Duban Castillo Cárdenas

    this song remmind me when i played Prince of persia warrior within

  22. Anthony Q

    this is the song is when you're pissed off and want to destroy everything in your house

    Knight-Sgt. Reyes

    Damn straight

  23. Geyza

    Amazing album !

  24. Elder Pojara


  25. Karavin Rajah

    this is really good

  26. Comrade Bornath

    Dave fucking Lombardo!

  27. Pajgubb3

    3:56 MOOOSH! \m/

    Dimos T.

    What? lol...

  28. Jason Smith

    Eric Peterson bombs.

  29. Mikey Che


  30. MindFury

    Needed a dose of heavy tonight....

  31. Logan Gallie

    best album imo

  32. Krasnij222

    I only wish I could like this comment more than once.

  33. will dalley

    what is it of

  34. GodForbid

    360p--->480p Makes a HUGE difference :)

  35. Neil Thomas

    This is also my favorite TESTAMENT Album...

  36. cellphone424

    Puridity has some good fucking gory covers :D

  37. Matt Weismiller

    Try Puridity or Kraanium

  38. cellphone424

    No album has made me grossed out.

  39. MajorPwnage96

    Alex is a great guitarist, but I couldn't imagine how much different this masterpiece would've been. Just be glad that we have him back now! I believe there are live videos where Alex plays his version of solos from albums he wasn't on though.

    jack wang

    MajorPwnage96 James Murphy did the killer solos on this, I believe he was on deaths spiritual healing album.

    That Guitar Guy

    He was on Spiritual Healing. Kicked ass on that album! And his work with Testament is remarkable!

  40. SuperVegeta25Returns

    is this anyone elses favorite album by testament? I love it

  41. kashsoldier

    Eric Peterson is god !! most underrated guitar player ever !!


    it s glenn tipton!!

    That Guitar Guy

    THIRST N what? Glenn Tipton is up there man. Judas Priest is gospel to a lot of metalheads.


    Rage heals my Pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. sky77walker

    smashed souls moshing to this at the whiskey a gogo.get the beast of ur backget the razorblade and slice his neck!be strong.

  44. Shachar Sagui

    This and Demonic like WTF?~!

  45. Kingnaz x



    @DeepSabbath1 I was thinkin the same fuckin thing!!!

  47. DeepSabbath1

    that album cover is fuckin disturbing man!!

  48. Allen Ooi

    this song is beautifully constructed

  49. Patrick Wallace

    The solo at the end is great. Testament is one of very few bands that stuck to their roots AND continue to make better albums each time. I saw this tour in 1999 with Dave Lombardo on the drums, James Murphy on guitar, Steve DiGiorgio on bass. Of the dozen or so times that I've seen this band... THIS is probably the best line-up. This album is so fricken spot-on.

  50. Carlos Manzano

    yeah that right

  51. Chuloloc

    Awesome. Eyes of thrash and wrath. Hail Testament.