Testament - Demonic Refusal Lyrics

You take my hand and sympathize
You felt the flesh you realized
You took my will now I'm deprived
Save myself just save myself

I cannot be taken unto
All that I have cannot be taken

She has ways mischievous
Takes your soul in pact
Demonic chants of manatu
Save your soul just save your soul

I cannot be taken unto
All that I have cannot be taken

A strong will is my defence
For my future and past

I feel what I feel
I seen what I've seen
I have what I have
All I have is from me

Yeah he feeds on innocence
Dreams the taste of war
Smells the fear that he has dreamt
Wake yourself just wake yourself

I cannot be taken unto
All that I have cannot be taken

The tarot cards on the table
He saw the future and past

I feel what I feel
I seen what I've seen
I have what I have
All I have is from me

I am a prisoner of fate
I'm refusing all hate
I will cast it away
I will not be a slave

You take my hand and sympathize
You felt the flesh you felt the flesh
You took my will now I'm deprived
Save myself just save myself

I cannot be taken unto
All that I have cannot be taken

The tarot cards on the table
He saw the future and past

I feel what I feel
I seen what I've seen
I have what I have
All I have is from me
In through out death I shall be
In through out death I shall be

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Testament Demonic Refusal Comments
  1. Doom Slayer

    I can rip and tear to this 👌

  2. Diabolic Demon

    play GTA

  3. Fernando San Lorenzo!

    Este discazo es una verdadera patada en el culo!!!!!!

  4. King Diamond

    I don't like this singing style, metal is better.

  5. gringochucha

    Man, Gene Hoglan is such a fucking beast. He takes the sound of any band he plays with to another level. So glad he's a permanent member now.

  6. Binx Pova

    FUCKIN 2019 AND THIS IS FUCKUNG BOSS MAN SHIT. Been around longer than Metallica, MORE albums and are EPIC. HOLY TRINITY....FILTH (cradle of filth) TESTAMENT and THE KNOT (slipknot). If they were smack...I'd be wacking this shit🤤

  7. Deathmetalmaniac96

    What's wrong with this album? testament got heavier than ever on this, everyone loved the ritual and that was their laid back album.

  8. Christopher Reeves

    Heard of Skrillex but never heard Skrillex. Please may they not be posing as metal fans.

  9. Ms. Saturday Knight

    This is real music

  10. Danny Chavis

    this song is how i feel right now !

  11. 314 Thiki

    One of the firsts songs that i start to listen metal with extreme and brutal vocals when i was 12 years old. I begun to listen metal with 'wild' vocals with opeth, carcass death, at the gates, arch enemy, rotting christ and this song(but the first song who i liked was master apprentice s by opeth. Before i listened metal with normal vocals iron maiden megadeth metallica anthrax slayer , judas priest, iced earth, firewind, dream theater, tool manowar, accept and the most extreme was sepultura

  12. john doe

    any cunt slags this masterpiece should die !!!!

  13. john doe

    fuckin real fuckin good

  14. tommy fasthorse

    Fuck slipknot...there just some idiots wearing stupid masks

  15. Jeremy Freeman

    A big reason a LOT of modern Death Metal is around today. And Testament were THRASH. No one beats CHUCK!! Still absolutely have as shit. So many bands that have this sound today. FIRESPAWN being one of my favorites.

  16. Dantres

    Testament is/was always the best and greatest Thrash band in the world, no other band comes close.

  17. Dantres

    Testament fucking rules, no matter the album! This track in particular is a masterpiece!

  18. Ayaan Bret Mitchell

    NOT death metal you idiots.

    Jeremy Freeman

    YES DEATH METAL u idiot. Even heavier than a lot of them today. Listen to this next to Volturyon, Firespawn, Dyscanrnate, and many others. Chucks death metal growls are/were legendary back when they did this in 1997. So yeah he influenced today's Death Metal.

    Ayaan Bret Mitchell

    @Jeremy Freeman hmmm seeing as I have been a death metal fan close to 25 years I think I would have some basis. You DONT base a genre on someone's growls lmao omg. And even if his growls DID influence today's bands you can't label it death metal now if it wasn't released as that. This was released when Numetal was popular and Chuck and the boys decided to slightly change their sound. Death metal is classified NORMALY by beats per minute. They have to do this to differentiate between death, grindcore and all the others. Muppet.

    Jeremy Freeman

    @Ayaan Bret Mitchell I just turned 44 so yes i know all of this. It was my opinion, I've been listening to this stuff since the late 80's when it started. Also a drummer and a former member of two banda as well. ;o) It's thrash/death metal. They started doing it with LOW. The old stuff was/is classic, but when Chuck raised the bar with low guttural growls, people were like WTF. The Gathering, also brilliant. Then again Eric is the real Death Metal guy, if you recall Dragonlord. Brutal stuff.

    Ayaan Bret Mitchell

    @Jeremy Freeman cool. Yep I remember when this came out. They alienated a few of their original fans and never really made headway with the new direction. As a metalcore and death metal fan I liked the bass heavy riffs tbh but the whole Numetal genre was (at the time) milling the scene. Hence machine heads transformation at the time. Whoaa? As they weren't gaining any new fanbase they decided to say fuck it and they went another direction as in the gathering. And what an album. Everything post Demonic is awesome and Chuck is by far the best thrash or vocalist period. Due to his range.

    Jeremy Freeman

    @Ayaan Bret Mitchell Amen, yeah The Gathering was ....loss for words.


    The legendary gene hoglan on drums

  20. MudSlanger

    To me this is what death metal should sound like.

  21. Harold Degand

    Terrafirma 4 https://youtu.be/TMYIfqqT95Y#=24m01

  22. Kheldaurus

    One day on the year of 2001 I went to the library and this cd cover art spoke to me. I got it, and been a Testament fan from there on.

  23. Kip Sullivan

    Im a fan from the mid 80s. This us by far the best album they put out! I love the other Testament albums but this one (without Alex Skolnick)is the heaviest shit they did! Fkn love it!!

  24. Николай Лазарев

    Крутой альбом))

  25. TheDemonicInc

    Saw them 3 times, and they didn't play anything from this album, kinda messed up, even when I met the band , they didn't play it, even when I met Chuck Billy in person in a downtown Restaurant in Minneapolis, kinda sad, but still TestAmenT !!!!!!!!!! HELL YEA..............

  26. Adrian Becerra


  27. Richard Burns

    This song cured my constipation. Just wished I could have made it to the bathroom

  28. MabreyMachine

    You need Brass Balls to appreciate this album.

  29. carlos henrique

    can i say a unpopular opnion?
    i actually think that testament should be in be in big four instead of Metallica or slayer.

  30. Torvan CZ

    LoL, didnt expect this from testament, but sounds good as hell !

  31. Jonny catt

    Terrifirma and metz!🤘

  32. Henrique Rabelo


  33. Daniel Paez

    While Metallica was doing grunge and hard rock with Load and Reload, Megadeth was doing sort of Pop Metal and Slayer was thinking about doing Nu Metal, Testament made a real Death Metal album. They experimented but they didn't changed their roots. Respect for this great record.

  34. Evžen Vargaa

    Testament death metal? Pretty cool

  35. Common Sense

    Been listening to these guys since 1987, chuck voice not used to this sort of singing so angry haha

  36. Yus Hulu Langat

    Gene Hoglan🤘🤘🤘

  37. Shay Mathiesson

    Fucking heavy as shit!! I've Loved these guys for a long time, too.😎

  38. The4cylinder

    my favorite album from Testament

  39. J. Hinson

    This is a damn heavy CD

  40. Chris MacDowell

    The world wasn't ready for this in '97. And now, this shit makes perfect sense. Glad it's  FINALLY getting it's due. \mmmmmmm/

  41. Thrash Machine

    Great song... terrible comment section

  42. К В

    Это не пьеса, это зомби-программа!! Не могу остановить прослушивание этой темы)))

  43. vapor dreams 翁萎円

    It's hard to believe that this is the same band that released The Legacy.

  44. Kenn Skn

    Skrillex the same please , rock rock rock

  45. Mario Marin

    Brutal uno de mis favoritos albun

  46. Stax Sun Beale Street

    I came here because up until this album, I thought Testament was a very good thrash band but not quite on the level of the top thrash bands. This was the first song on the album and I remember thinking, "This is my favorite Testament album" as soon as I heard Chuck's growl vocals. If I remember right, he had some health issues that made his singing style change for this one album. They're still my favorite thrash band and it's all because of the first time I heard this song. What the hell is a Skrillex?

  47. somarriba333

    LOVE this album.

  48. Marijan Desin

    Beavis n Buthead
    in Do you

  49. Marijan Desin

    Slipknot guys must love them some testament.
    Took the mask from the cover and Intro for the Heretic anthem

    Todd Taylor

    And slipknot thought they were original lol

  50. thenaturegurl

    Why did everyone call this death? Just some really good thrash.

  51. Hector Lopez

    Beavis and Butthead

    Mr. Snake

    Do U, right?

  52. Chris Brown

    The Talent in TestamenT exceeds some in the big 4. JuzzaYn. WtF

  53. Chris Brown

    TestamenT shouldve been in the BIGGER-5 !!!!!!! HELLFUKYES!!!!!!

    Sean T.

    Agreed 🤘

  54. Infidel

    What has this got to do with Skrillex?

  55. AxCxVevo F

    I had no idea Skrillex used in a video, until now. Skrillex is a great guy ;) and fuck all of you poser "purists". After all, "Skrillex" (Sonny's the name) used to be in a post-hardcore band (rock-related stuff).

  56. TheRokunana

    Jesus Christ talk about a change of pace. Just finished the first 6 albums and I was not expecting this.

    Martin Van Buren

    Great comment!!!!!!!!!

    Sean Giron

    I hope you've checked out the other four after this as well.

    James LeClair

    It’s a great album, although from what I understand this album wasn’t supposed to be released under the Testament name but it was originally going to be a side project and release under the name Dogface God or something like that. I’m not 1 who minds when a group change it up a bit.

  57. Holo Rania

    Beavis and butthead brought me here

  58. MsCarrionswarm


  59. Dgene Rgene

    Testament has been a solid performing band in terms of live and album product for nearly fourty years yet they don't get the audience, play or respect of a Slayer, Megadeth or obviously a Metallica whom in my humble opinion has jump the shark last couple of albums and aged poorly. Yet Testament seems to be getting better with time.

  60. Billy Reeves

    What the fuck is a skrillex?

  61. Federico Belvedere

    Same place SKRILLEX

  62. badbirdkc

    The little 666 introduction is so brilliant it's hard to believe no one else did it first.

    Spencer Robinson

    badbirdkc ...for it is a human number. It’s number is 666-Number of the Beast, Iron Maiden

  63. Chroma-Wolf

    Can all the Skrillex fans fuck off?

  64. james

    Wtf is skrillex?

  65. This song is so good. Haven't heard it in ages.

  66. King Diamond

    This song always sound some boring, second song is even more boring yet, also then this came out already, i heard and listen this first time, boring felt then and still same thing, some mistake feel album, i like only, hatreds rise!

  67. King Diamond

    Worst album.

    Thrash Machine

    It’s still good though

    Дмитрий Берсенев

    Stfu stupid kid

  68. That Guitar Guy

    Out of all the thrash bands, Testament just owned death metal. Chuck has the best voice for any metal. Best band ever.


    Bobby Blitz is a better vocalist

    That Guitar Guy

    I respectfully disagree. I never much cared for Overkill

    carlos henrique

    if you have name "chuck" and already do some kind of metal, you need at least try death metal

    tristan rodriguez

    Yeah he is really good, id say that max cavalera is pretty close buck Chuck Billy is just awesome :3

    -Uɴᴅᴇᴀᴅ Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ-

    Schuldiner is the god of death metal

  69. Chroma-Wolf

    Next the dubstep cunts will be saying skrillex will make testament big some day

    That Guitar Guy

    It would make more sense to say they made Skrillex big, even if it isn’t true lmao.

  70. Amy Kay

    came because of skrillex. stayed because the metals.

  71. Josue Garcia

    Why do people keep commenting that Skrillex sent them here?

  72. ElPistolero50

    Who the fuck is Skrillex?? I came here because I love Testament...

  73. Kris Kronos

    Gaylex skaylextrix rainbow warrior hail gaytan guarantee gaytan .new pork New York New pork .silly jock Jehovah satan polarity warrior.

  74. Timothy Jenson

    Terrafirma 4.

  75. LtMajorDude

    I came here from Beavis and Butthead. :|

  76. D Toy

    can someone explain what skrillex has to do with this

    That Guitar Guy

    He sampled the intro into a song of his

    Some Kind of Master


  77. ricard modo

    skrillex is fucking gay fuck off

  78. John Richardson

    Can't remember what movie it was but first time I heard this mike metzger was going sick aboard a 2 stroke kx 250...makes me want to go for a ride!

    Timothy Jenson

    John Richardson terrafirma 4

    John Richardson

    Timothy Jenson it was too, good work 👍

  79. LouiZ

    Are we in the same place?

  80. Rock-Riista-Reissumies

    Remember when bought this record new - Gene Hoglan on drums! Blackest Testament album. Though my favorites are LOW with John Tempesta and The Gathering with Lombardo.

  81. Fluffle Bear

    *ahem* Sonny

  82. G O D

    Fuck skrillex

  83. Erbisms

    Best intro ever

  84. Phil Macock

    Skrillex is for pussies. You posers need to go somewhere else.

  85. Siddhartha Khare

    hardcore Testament

  86. iamjuampi

    someone find the "i´m red" audio?

  87. lucasmegadeth

    Who is here not because of Skrillex, but because you are a true Testament fan?

    Gerardo Adrian Lozano

    Wtf Is Skrillex? Is that a band I should listen too?

    Schrrrumpl Metalhead

    Gerardo Adrian Lozano don't so it!!!!

    E.T.A. is NOW

    Been a year since my comment and I still don't know what a goddamn skrillex is hahaha

    nigina art

    here for gene hoglan

    Mitchell R. Edwards

    Dont push that crap into this band.These boys were playing ball while Skrillex was probably shitting green during this album.

  88. Daniel Azel


  89. Helidan The God


  90. Smit Patel


    Nicolas T

    fuck skrillex is shit

  91. Urska Canzutti

    Sonny 💕💕

  92. Siddhartha Khare


  93. German809-RD


  94. Alain Vargas

    this is a filtro os snapchat

  95. EDM Squad. Records

    SKRILLO da fuqq