Tessanne Chin - Tumbling Down Lyrics

You started it
You never quit
I'm starting to think that you wanted it
Just let it out
Just let it out

The elephant that's in the room
Is tired of listening to you
You started it
You started it
You started it

I never wanted to say it
But maybe I wasn't meant for you
Feels like we're watching and waiting
For one of us to just tell the truth
Maybe are we overthinking
We're only humans after all
Instead of fighting and drinking
Maybe you and me should have a talk

When it all comes tumbling down
Know that I'll still want you around
When our hearts are crushed
And we come undone
I'll believe in us
Cause you're still the one
When it all comes tumbling down

Don't hold it in
And overthink
Cause nobody knows what is happening
When I destroy
Just making noise

I know I'm lost
And you are too
I love the commotion when I'm with you
You started it
You started it
You started it

When it all comes tumbling down
Know that I'll still want you around
When our hearts are crushed
And we come undone
I believe in us
Cause you're still the one
When it all comes tumbling down
I want you around

And if these hearts will beat again
You never know
You never know
And if these words are sinking in
You never know
You never know

I never wanted to say this
But baby I'll take the fall
When it all comes tumbling down
Know that I'll still want you around
When our hearts are crushed and we come undone
I believe in us
Cause you're still the one
When it all comes tumbling down
I want you around

Baby tumble down with me
Baby tumble down with me

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Tessanne Chin Tumbling Down Comments
  1. Alexandra Linares

    2020 and I'm still listening this song♡♡

  2. Mhz Chris

    2020 and am still listening

  3. Zandrix Funesto

    Love this song and also tessanne chin😍💖

  4. TJ MY BRO Awesome

    2019 and I am listening to this ❤❤❤❤

  5. Theresa Anew


  6. Mil Jr

    Who listen 2019 ??

  7. Nam Hii Official

    05/07/2019. I’am from Việt Nam! 😘😘

  8. Guadayo Tan

    Who’s listening to this in 2019

  9. Trishawna Mitchell

    My fave 😍😍😍

  10. Robert McIntyre

    Go, Tessanne! Tell Him, girl! What a voice! You sing with such emotion!

  11. sebreena james

    Tessane is really and humbly awesome she deserves all the recognition and success in the world. She is so underated and it is hard for me as a big fan to see her music not reaching the highest of heights. We as her fans should do all in our power to get her on the map and far exceeding because she more than deserves it. Buy albums, inform ur friends, watch and like her videos do anything u possibly can to push our queen forward.

  12. Sophia Faulknor

    Tessanne Chin is one of the most underrated singer in Jamaica.THIS GIRL CAN SING. 2019

  13. Who is listening in 2018 December?

  14. Crystal Thomas

    Still listening in 2018


    2018 anyone??

  16. king master

    2018 baby👅💖👅💖

  17. Jabari Mosi Jerimiah Alexander Wellington

    2018 November! LOVE THIS SONG!!!!

  18. Monifa Hinds

    Who listening 2018

  19. hurtkid French

    2018 anyone???

  20. Sanica Bennett


  21. kemi kay

    So my bf just broke up with me like 2 days ago and this song was just ringing in my ear and I just had to look up the lyrics. Yes the tears are streaming down my face cz I can totally relate to every line of this song. Great song Tess.

    When it all comes tumbling down
    Know that I'll still want you around
    B.D.J.B love you always

  22. lauren walker

    I love it Tessanne

  23. noami richards

    Who is listening in 2018

  24. Sanya Halstead


  25. Tiffany Campbell

    2018 anyone?

  26. Kayon Keene

    2018 🔥

  27. Roma Paul

    love the lyris..

  28. Alyia Ferril


  29. Shan Niece

    Still jamming to this I’m 2018!

  30. Shushanna DaCosta

    Who's listening in 2018?

  31. Kerry Brown

    Love it so nice💖💖💖💖

  32. Jodiann Richards

    2018?? Who here??
    Tessanne is still so underated and I wonder why😞

  33. Rennae Daley

    love love tessane💜💜❤💚

  34. Okiki 9Keyz

    I'm listening in 2017

  35. Deon Griffin

    I believe in us, cause you're still the one 💯😏

  36. Rianna Austin

    I love this song so much and she's so pretty

  37. Marcellus Grimmond

    You is not bothered about the errors cause when the song is so AMAZING??????

  38. Aegon Targaryen

    I wasn't expecting this tumbling down. I was expecting the one usually accompanied by letting oneself down as a consequence of all returning to nothing

  39. Britonia Elliott

    who's listening this in 2017?

    Latoya Cunningham

    Britonia Elliott I am

  40. Tia Senior

    love this song

  41. Kathi Duncan

    I liked her before but I have to say the songs a bit generic. Her voice is too powerful for this "Hallmark Movie" sounding song. Ryan Fedder, you can do better than this too!

  42. mini McIntosh


  43. Martin Sinclair

    why this song don't reach millions yet? u ppl don't know good songs....u ppl give the worst songs millions of views

  44. trishana mikiel

    I love you tesanne

  45. ibhee boss lady sheika


  46. OrionoftheStar

    I'm sorry, but hearing "tumbling down", I can only think of
    "It all keeps tumbling down,
    Tumbling down,
    Tumbling down...
    It all returns to nothing..."

  47. Liberty Dancers

    I love her voice

  48. Sonya p P

    love it very nice

  49. Susana Martinez


  50. iklone

    Fuck this shit. I was looking for Eva, not autotune.

  51. Ben

    pewdiepie's viking simulator brought me here 😂😂

  52. Diana Gordon

    Love your music big fan

  53. Kylee Pullin

    Thanks Pewds for bringing me here XD

  54. Kydd Zico

    Whats PewDiePie, Thought that was a food. :/

  55. pyedoop

    ty pewds

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  57. Elizabeth Daramola

    Pewdiepie did this for me

  58. hentai gamer

    i am here because Pood 

  59. marniewings81

    Here because of pewdiepie! -brofists to fellow poods followers-

  60. Orlando bloom forever

    pewdiepie brought me here

  61. Just Say Three

    Anyone else from Pewdiepie? :D

    Gilbert Du Motier Marquis De Lafayette

    I did XD

  62. Baby H!ppoo

    How many people came here beacuse of pewdies vid New Viking Mc donalds?! XD

  63. lucius agus

    Thanks poods senpai for this song!!! Such senpai won't dissapoint us

  64. ExoticHuntress

    oh, pewds

  65. Carrissa N.

    nice song @Genelle McLean 

  66. Rissa Hughes

    Its "when are hearts are crushed and we come undone, not baby calm me down

  67. Cuthbert Melville

    398,000 + Views only!!??

  68. Felu Paleo

    Im proud of Tessanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Yakinie Mitchell

    The song is awesome and the singer is magnificent. I love it so much

  70. MBlake

    Tumbling Down - Tessanne Chin (Jamaican 2014 The Voice Winner)
    Love her from the get go, very talented chica.

    Deborah Hyatt

    @MBlake I love it!

    Craig Campbell

    @MBlake Tessanne was the 2013 Voice Winner

  71. Rebecca M Lynch

    i heard this song before and it literally just stared playing on the radio and i had to look it up 
    but i ddint know the title so i put it in piece of the lyrics
    i just love this so much i just cnt seem to remember where i heard it 


    nice song it make me remember di past

  73. Sabrina McCarthy

    Lovely song!!! Love it to the max!

  74. Jasmine Mohammed

    I know her she is from the same place that i live

  75. Brandon And Kathrixia Agpaoa

    Great song, love the music. Thanks for sharing. 

  76. tracybirmingham covington

    when it all it comes tumbling down . know .I still want you around......

  77. Paulos Bang

    Tess u song tun up 

  78. Danielle Cox

    i love her one of my many roll model

  79. Denise Bell

    Ron chip puh-lease the song is great you wish you could sing like her

  80. Michael Shaheed Molyneaux

    Her voice is magnificent. She represents us well. 

  81. They call me Shan

    Sooo damn good :D...GO Tessanne Chin :D

  82. Ava B

    I love her but I have noticed a trend on a lot of these shows the winner's opening song is full of auto-tune why she has such a beautiful voice!!

  83. Brianna Greene

    love the song

    Brianna Greene

    This a good song love it

  84. Janice Martin

    I love this song, beautiful!!!!

  85. Sophie 007

    I luv this song koòl

  86. Christine Hardie

    Song shottttt....keep up the good work

  87. StereoJevo

    Love this song n it's di best song ever n bigup yuh self tessanne n all who nuh like u a bay.

  88. Nicky D

    I'm totally loving this one.

  89. JA Sunshine

    I love this girl from the get go

  90. Kadii Minaj

    When it all comes tumbling down
     Know that I'll still want you around
     When our hearts are crushed and we've come undone
     I believe in us, cause you're still the one
     When it all comes tumbling  down ..<3 :3                                                                                                         Love this song soooooooo much         #LMS  if ya do tuu  <3

  91. Sheallakay Henlon

    i love this...........JA ROCKS

  92. Felicia Smith

    Love this song

  93. Shanice

    I LIKE IT big up yuhself tessanne

  94. Lauren Silvera

    Why isnt there a video yet ?