Tessanne Chin - Loving You Lyrics

Yeah yeah, (oooh) oooh, my lady, my love (my love).

Loving you (yeah), every moment, every day of my life, you know I'll be loving you, ohhh (oh).
Loving you, cause the way that we feel is so right, you know I'll be loving you, oooh yeah.

I can't help it no, don't know if I should laugh or I should cry, yeah,
Because you loved me like no other but you hurt me deep inside,
I know, you are, the one for me, cause your my baby and I'm your lady,
Come over here let me show you, I can't let you go and babe you should know, no matter anytime anywhere I'll be.

Loving you, every moment, every day of my life, you know I'll be loving you, ohhh (oh).
Loving you, cause the way that we feel is so right, you know I'll be loving you, anything you want

Your everything I dreamed of come to life, my one and only, without you I'd go crazy, yeah,
Want you to have my babies, and even if we argue fuss and fight and we're losing our way, remember baby, you're everything to me.

So I wont let you go, I thought you should know, anytime anywhere I'll still be, loving you,
Every moment, every day of my life, you know I'll be loving you, ohhhh, oh.
Loving you, cause the way that we feel is so right, you know I'll be loving you, anything you want

I gotta chain, anything you need you know seh mi lock it,
I love you like my favorite game your love turn a rocket,
I just wanna please you, I know that I'll reach you when I say I'll never give you up for the world

(on the first time I sight you girl) it changed my world it seemed so much brighter girl, you'll be the one that I'm missing

(I love all the kissing)

And I never wanna do this without you yeah I'll be yeah,
Loving you, baby, oh, every moment, every day of my life, you know I'll be loving you, baby, yeah.
Loving you, cause the way that you feel is so right, you know I'll be loving you, anything you want.



Baby (baby)

I'll make love to you (every moment every day of my life)
You know I'll be loving you.
I'll be loving you (yeah, yeah) you know I'll be loving you
I'll never leave your side yeah, (you know I'll be loving you)
Oh girl, (oh boy) Your side baby, yeah.

Oooh, (my girl) my boy, (my girl)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, loving you, yeah, yeah, yeah

La, da, da, da, da, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oooh
Loving, loving, loving, got what I need (yeah yeah) got what I want, I'll never leave, I'll never leave, (yeah) leave your side


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Tessanne Chin Loving You Comments
  1. Sabrina Garcia

    2020 anyone ?

  2. cinnamonstar808

    lol 2:22 that is still funny😆even now

  3. Jon Joints

    Anyone bumpin this jam in 2020???

  4. Kristy Giselle

    Here in 2020

  5. Tameika Bruce

    They would make a perfect couple

  6. Atelfiiia revolutionary

    still loving this 😍

  7. Hazel Tenia

    Listening in 2019 and it still wicked

  8. Joan Rain

    This is the BOSS!

  9. Karen B

    Love Kes...with Tessanne it's a perfect harmony! Beautiful song

  10. Perry Thompson

    Happy for you Tes but you shouldn't left you're husband still

  11. Riya Gopaul

    Love this song so much still watching in 2019..💓

  12. Mckayla Theophilus

    When massy was hilo and bags were free.

  13. Afeisha Sterling

    2019 who still love this song😍😍

  14. Nyla Poonsingh


  15. Kvng Smiley

    Back Wen Port Of Spain And The Whole Country Was Better Than How It Is Now💯 I Miss These Days😢

  16. Kevienne Williams

    OF course they are so beautiful together

  17. Jen NY Fer perrine

    Best de best 😚😚😍😍😍😍

  18. Adaluz Gonzalez

    Siempre ❤️✌️

  19. Alcina Hamlet

    2019 anybody??

  20. Shamar Morris

    Year: 2010

  21. warahoonapache

    Still jamming

  22. Elena Dick

    Trinidad meets Jamaica and magic happens... Proud Caribbean duo.. When Kes was a Rasta send Massy stores was Hi-Lo

  23. freedom marongere

    i just love dis kinda reggae lovers go 2 lovers carnival sail away

  24. Stacy Sampath

    It's 2018 and I'm still loving this song tbh✋🔥👏💯❤

  25. Nikki Paul

    love dis song everyday of my life💏💑

  26. Amen Quashie


  27. Marta sofia

    They make such a beautiful couple together ( sorry just saying ) 😉

  28. Monica 2903

    Their voices 💜💜

  29. Kay Scott

    Kes this amazing trini!🔥❤️❤️❤️

  30. Nikki Paul

    Hot song love it wow in love with dis song watch it everyday😘😍😘😍

  31. Dinesh Maharaj

    WHO HERE IN 2018!!!!

  32. Marsha l Ramjattan

    still listening 5/2018 will always be my fav of KES

  33. Jersey Williams

    2018 still listening♥

  34. Johnisha Calliste

    great song,real life 2k18

  35. O. DNIsh

    grat piece of Music from Jamaica Tessane and the vidoe is belivable great

  36. Nadia Ramdass

    Hes to die for. 💞 shes. Queen 💕

  37. Abe Ragoonanan

    Love dis song

  38. Animoremania

    "My girl , my boy , my girl" that part was very sweet <3

  39. Nadia Ramdass

    gosh he must be handmade 👐 😍

  40. Dineille Arrindell

    Kees representing Trinidad beautifuly...proud Trini here🇹🇹🇹🇹😍

  41. crystal beauty


  42. TheChóngLăoshī

    They need to do another one! Lovee it simplyuniquee.weebly.com/reggae-ladies

  43. ꧁༺ŁÝŁÝ༻꧂ ༺90༻

    Il est obliger de ciyer

  44. Majo Delgado

    I cant sitio to lisent this song

  45. Uche Chiemeke

    The harmony in this song was FIRE!!!!

  46. Laura Powell

    Kess from Trinidad love him

  47. Janice Marks

    still loving this in 2017!!!

  48. Veronica Morgan

    Who is listening in Dec 2017.uppp up upp

  49. Janice Tate

    Always love Tessanne great singer and a humble girl too.

  50. Real Ting

    Jamaican reggae going around the world Tessanne!

  51. impeessa andersson

    es bello ver este duo cantar

  52. impeessa andersson

    muy bella cancion

  53. Sainy Yaboi

    I love the song

  54. Michaila Riedewald

    He reminds me of maxi priest. Way back then.

  55. Michealla Newbold

    The end though

  56. summer days

    Nice sound

  57. Doppa mob Don

    I love that song

  58. Richard Schroeder

    Verry Good! Good Chemistry between these two! Tessann Rockin' with a verry 'Bob-' like Mr Kees!

  59. Charmaine Gomes

    dey both sweet

  60. Kareem Carberry

    Nice video. Subscribe

  61. I. B Eye

    great song to share with the new one of your life

  62. diamila sidime

    love ya😍😍

  63. A Mogent

    I'm still loving you ooooohhhhhhh💛💛💕💘💕❤️💚💛💜💖🤧🤧🤧💋💋💯💯💯🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲👸👑👑😘😍😘😍😍😘💙💙💙💙💙💙

  64. A Mogent

    I'm still rocking with you

  65. A Mogent

    💝💯💙💘😭😃💜😘💛🙌🏾👏😍👌🏾♨️❤️💋🎂💚💕🤧💖 I'll be loving you

  66. Brenda Worme

    this song reminds me of my jeriade I love u baby

  67. nikki vain

    i love this song

  68. Barrington Walker

    knock and it shall be open

  69. Marisha Pinas

    This song is still my jam

  70. jesse kuloba

    That first verse of Tenessa chin is pure heaven

  71. jesse kuloba

    God bless this woman

  72. Gabes Duda Uirab

    nice voices and a rare combination.

  73. Christopher Willian Riddim Riddim

    Lee's spoiled this song!!


    i don't think so...i love it

  74. Beverly Norvell

    love her music

  75. Kyle Headen

    slooooowwww jam!!!!! Yesssss

  76. Thunesite

    Lee's spoiled this song!!

  77. Msungeni N Salanje

    Tessanne voice is dope

  78. Janet Cousins

    Nice song but I don't like cheating and moreover that a dark-skinned black woman is used as the partner cheated on, implying that his preference is really for the light-skinned Tess-Ann. Yes, in this racist, morally declining world one tends to be sensitive to these things - even in something as seemingly harmless as a popular song


    Where in the video is it implied he cheated on her? :S

    Mika Tucker

    Janet Cousins I think it's more so implying they were old love and that they'll always love each other. Not cheating

  79. herve foucard

    le top !!

  80. Paula Lezama

    best ever♡♡♡♡

  81. Nalini Thomas

    this is my favourite sound🎤🎤🎤🎤💋💋🎤🎤

  82. Shana Hayles

    love this song

  83. Desford James

    this is de hardest trini song ever 😇👑🐰⚓

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    I'll kess's forehead jezuz

  85. missy atelfia robiin

    love this gosh

  86. Shawn Mangroo

    Jah cure

  87. sidonnie parrish

    tessi I love you!

  88. LaNiBabbii

    They are so cute!! The song is addictive🎶❤️🎶❤️

    Ishma Laurent


    Visy Visy TV

    I'm ashamed to say it does have that addictive quality.

  89. Michelle Pavon

    Lovely 😍

  90. Gabes Duda Uirab

    thats sweet regae vision.its soul shaking

  91. Shelly Marcano

    back when Massy stores was Hilo :v

    Sonita Boodhoo

    Enrique Iglesias


    Back when Kees was a rasta 🤣🙃

  92. vendetta queen

    baby loving you

  93. Basmattie Kowlessar

    i love this song 😍😍😍😍

  94. Jay Weekes


  95. Savitrie Sheuprashad

    Sweet Rasta!! Love him

  96. alicia fogarty

    I have no idea how Tessanne ended up singing with someone that's decently famous


    +Ali Oops ummm...she's sung with more famous people

  97. Grammer Natcis' hair are you're christmas present;

    How they get Port of Spain so empty is the real question.


    +ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt There are people cleaning up very early in the morning. I see them around Independence Sq...not sure about the other streets though...

    Makeda Jones

    +ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt that was a sunday

    Renzo Wi

    dey muzb pay dem to not com macko..ent yuh kno how Trini ppl is...never see com see kinda ppl...but true..it is a good question u ax dey

    Savitri Basdeo