Tessanne Chin - Love Suicide Lyrics

Do you mind if I take my time
And show you all the things that I've been thinking of,
It's better when the curtains come undone.
I know sometimes you feel uninvited in my space
I pull away, still we get tangled up
But that's what happens when your in love

There's nobody else I'd rather be stuck with
You are the seams to all of my dreams and nonsense (nonsense)
I swear if you're the ledge then I'm jumping
Don't catch me if I fall just let me plummet, (just let me plummet)

Cause oh baby I wanna dive right into you, right into you
It's a love suicide.
Foot on the gas let me drive right into you, right into you
It's a love suicide.

We're surrounded, no way around this barricade
It's too big to ever fade away
Boy you know you fill my empty place
Like a river that overflows sometimes it gets too hard
To hold in everything we own
But I'm never letting go

Cause there's nobody else I'd rather be stuck with
You are the seams to all of my dreams and nonsense (nonsense)
I swear if you're the ledge then I'm jumping
Don't catch me if I fall just let me plummet, (just let me plummet)

Cause oh baby I wanna dive right into you, right into you
It's a love suicide.
Foot on the gas let me drive right into you, right into you
It's a love suicide.

All my cares you undress
No need to stress cause you love me the best
You reach me at my depths
You are my strength so different from the rest

Cause oh baby I wanna dive right into you, right into you
It's a love suicide.
Foot on the gas let me drive right into you, right into you
It's a love suicide.

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Tessanne Chin Love Suicide Comments
  1. Aurelia Petty-Owens

    Why am just hearing this song! On repeat! ❣🕺🏾💃🏾❣

  2. Joan Rain

    You're fantastic, and all your songs are JUST......I've stumbled on to you a week ago, looking on all things Jamaica, and my goodness, I'm hooked. I've watched every single one of your Voice vids, Tour vids, interview vids, everything I could get my hands on, in order to get to know you better. Thus far, I'm impressed with my discovery, and looking forward to support my new Talented, Beautiful, Exotic Artist. I love your sense of style too. Great job me Dear.

  3. Jessica griffiths

    This song is underrated . 🥺

  4. maria miller

    Pull up selecta!!! 2019!! I am impressed with this song by far!! Best wedding song!!

  5. Shalanda Harvey

    Lit !!!!!

  6. Russ Gee

    I feel like this song wasn't promoted well enough because it's up there with Beyoncé, Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson, and yet it only has 200k views? Nah sah! Da song yah shat!

  7. Tania Stephenson

    This song though, so deep
    Tess you’re so talented. I love it.

  8. Jevona Binns

    Love love loveeeeeeeeee this song💯💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙

  9. Dylan Dylan

    There's nobody else I'd rather be stuck with. You are the seams to all of my dreams and nonsense. I swear if you're the ledge then I'm jumping. Don't catch if I fall just let me plummet. Oh, baby, I wanna dive right into. It's a Love Suicide.

    All my cares you undress, no need to stress cause you love me the best. You reach me at my depths. You are my strength so different from the rest. TESSANE YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Your voice is so beautiful. I LOVEEEEE THIS SONG!!....

  10. Lioness Promotions

    I wondered what happened to her after the voice..... this song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 go head boo #caribbeangirl

  11. A. A.

    So in love with you to this day

  12. Jengta

    Big up Tessane, this is 🔥🔥

  13. Mel Bowen

    Love this song.

  14. Kerry-ann Mclean

    Love this song

  15. Roger Radcliff

    You have not peaked as yet , there is a huge reward awaiting you in the gospel arena , that's your true calling , that's where your glory is.

  16. StereoJevo

    Loving this in 2018

  17. Tesanee Michaela

    When you find a artist who has just about the same name as you ! 😍 gosh I love her voice & she is so gorgeous

  18. shamma denord

    I'm starting to realize something. Has any of the Voice winners hit stardom? Why haven't I heard any of them on the radio? Why aren't they getting any good publicity? I know it isn't their voices that are broken.

  19. gillycake

    Fabulous Tessie! xxx

  20. The Jacobs

    She not blowing up because she is asian i beleive. Most singers in RnB are either white black or Hispanic.

    Black Beauty

    Chinese/Jamaican ..actually

  21. The Jacobs

    Beautiful voice

  22. Laura Williams

    Big up ur self girl

  23. Latisha Mitchell


  24. luhan's nipples

    I feel so bad for not knowing this some earlier

  25. Peanut-202

    This joint still hot!!!

  26. Valerie Carre

    Just finding this Why

  27. Stacy Jackson

    Love this song 💖💓💗💕

  28. YoBYoung 04

    Such an underrated artist she should be big in the industry

  29. BlackPearlP!

    Beautiful song!

  30. J K

    2018 ❤️ Love you Tessanne!

  31. shaina small

    have always been a Tessanne Chin fan but dis right here just proves the reason why I'll continue to be a fan/supporter

  32. wesskolnus

    Such a great song!

  33. Antoinette Lashelle

    Still bumping this in 2018

  34. Germaine Ranglin

    I support this woman 1000%...YOU ROCK

  35. Shea Quiamno

    OMGGGGG!!! love this song!!

  36. wilsonsmanz

    This reminds me of 90's R and B. The good days of music

  37. Shal Har

    JUST LET ME PLUMMET!!! Its a Love suicide... Dammmm!!!!

  38. Sasha Rowe

    I love this song!!! My lil songbird!!

  39. Herb Jones

    😍😍 Peace and blessings please come to New Orleans

  40. Cheryl Evans

    Big up tess!! 2018

  41. 108 shdu

    我好喜歡聽這一首歌 .. , 還沒死之前 我也想聽這一首歌

  42. 108 shdu

    I m gonna to lop u babe..Coz of this song.

  43. 108 shdu

    It's very touching my heart n my soul...

  44. 108 shdu

    I love ur songs very much babee

  45. kid sparks

    The song just pulls you in. Its awesome

  46. Rennae Daley

    my girl tessane xoxo🔊🔊

  47. Dr Shoes

    you are amazing we love you, this a great song no 1

  48. Carlos Vinicius

    I love tessanne

  49. kid sparks

    this song is awesome on so many different levels

  50. Kellon

    Damn........ Flawless!!!!!!!!!!! This song makes me find my clam, rather this artist

  51. Rennae Daley

    my favorite. person❤❤❤🎶💙💚

  52. hichem boulghens

    you're Amazing ..Respect cant say anything

  53. Tawanda Mitchell

    I love this song! Beautiful!

  54. Marsha Creary

    The hills of Jamaica (I'm super jealous right now)

  55. Susie Peddie

    You reach me at my depth

  56. Shanette Gordon

    chin Kimarly Orville Kerr bank at chase put some money on my account ty 4736 2282 0496 3342 link chicken on WhatsApp 631 820 5584

  57. Dreusel Roberts

    "cause nobody else I'd rather be stuck with" 🎧

  58. Adina Mitrea

    Such a great voice...

  59. Kumbirai Chimeramombe

    OMG what!!! How ma finding this talent now!!

  60. MrAkaalis

    Prodigy used the same sample as this song did on _Trials of Love_

  61. Shena Wray

    Love this soooooo bad😊

  62. Ester MontielC

    Tessanne!!!! Maravillosa

  63. vernice mcneil

    COZY this song is everything that voice i need to hear more

  64. Helen Lundgren

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  65. malu3184 lumbi

    tessanne chin...😍😍😍 I love you..

  66. This is Me

    Fell in love with this song!! yessssssssss!!!!!

  67. ThePhenom

    Way way too underrated!!!! One of the best voices in the entire music industry by far!!!!!

  68. GearrahHereMan

    You still have an amazing voice. Hope you do more Reggae Tracks soon. #Respect

  69. Michael B

    Tessanne is amazing! This song is incredible...

  70. Tiffany

    This song is so lit, definitely in my playlist from today, raw talent.

  71. eyecan8

    I agree, she has that kinda voice that touches the soul, like experience - Thanks for being her T.C and sharing your energy with us - you are appreciated!!! <3

  72. The One

    keep going Tess!!! Don't stop!!!

  73. The One

    I really like this

  74. Jt Simmons

    I love this lady's singing, what a beautiful voice.

  75. Lupe

    I love the hide away vibe this video has 😍😍😍 take me back Tessane!!!

  76. Kimberly Sam

    The Voice sucks! The didn't put their machine behind my girl!!!

  77. reggie carter

    Phenominal !!! Fabulous song and vocals! I love it

  78. hiloboy4life2002

    and not to mention shes very sexy and that silky voice =) she should be international.

  79. Kristina Lufo

    i love this song
    i love her

  80. vanila queen

    she deserve more views smh


    vanila queen I do agree with you

  81. DJ HiNRG

    My Baby Girl <3<3<3

  82. De fresh Prince

    This song blesses my soul anytime I listen to it! I melted at 2:48 to 2:54 she is better than Beyoncé and Rihanna ! Amazing lyrics! Life is unfair !! Why is she not known all over the world?

    Carter Attainment

    Answer to your question; she's not naked. Saw her in Orlando 02/12/17 and she looked so ladylike in her Navy blue sleeveless jumper. The woman can sing. Unfortunately, talent gets you nowhere. She needs major promotion.

  83. S Fry

    I absolutely love love love her delivery the lyrics the engineering. one of my favorite songs

  84. Asia W

    oh i heard this on the radio

  85. Aquapetal

    Can't understand why this is not blowing up the airways..... Who is her promoter and publicist...? Just saying. Raw unfiltered talent

    Lioness Promotions


  86. pietersite26

    Beautiful song,beautiful voice,beautiful girl...What more can U wish for?

  87. Otis wiggan

    Lovely Tessanne!!! Wicked R&B Tune!!!! All The Best!!!! Love It!!!

  88. Caitlyn Fryberger

    This is so beautiful ❤ she definetly doesn't get the credit she deserves.

  89. TuMNepHaceS

    This is great I got a video watching battle between sisters..... got #ICE? #OllyOxnFree!! #Lubu

  90. Donnica Mattis


  91. vernando campbell

    I'm a dude but this song makes me wet... no homo!

  92. Tank Jones


  93. Tank Jones


  94. Daqui Jay

    Girl doesn't get the promo she deserves smh

    Rae Anthony

    Damn shame. They should have released a single and video after her victory. They took so long! "Everything Reminds Me of You" was so good! Smh. She needs a new team.

  95. Renay Harris Faison

    when I first this song the mellowness of it mmmmm love it I call it think music

  96. William Smart

    am i the only one that likes her in short hair?

  97. Tracey St.Clair

    My favourite song . Good music 😍