Terror Squad - Yeah Yeah Yeah Lyrics

[Remy Martin]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Check it

[Verse One: Remy Martin]
You see the girl get it popping like no other
Now they call me Streets cause I, be on the block and I'm so gutter
My flow a butter; see Rem got a whole lot of game
but none of y'all lame dudes going to fuck her
I'm on some chill shit
But if you fronting then I will flip
I'll give it to a little chick real quick
Oh you a real bitch? You ain't a bit real
You got little tits and your face looks like Emmitt Till
First I'm a get it hot, then I'm a get a deal
My budget none stop, mine paying 10 mills
And when I'm not in the hood, I'm rocking the hood
smoke Vanilla dutches and stuff on Holly-a-wood
And if I, pollyin the dick it's got to be good
I tell him I could change his life just like the lottery could
And now I got him good, he believes me and he should
Some dudes won't go down but a lot of them would
I know this nigga name, Eat-it-out, he like to eat it out
I just cooked in the crib and he still want to eat it out (Damn!)
Oh God its Remy Martin
In a hot pink Porsche with the purple carpets

[Hook: Remy Martin]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Oh God!

[Verse Two: Fat Joe]
Hot enough swinging Crack, who could believe he's in the cockpit (cockpit)
Overseas moving ki's like a locksmith (yeah)
Rocks from Witsick in the sits of neck (ok)
All I do is warn cause that's the big boy jet (ok)
Uh, you never rocked with the R in Chicago (noo!)
I picked up a bad bitch in a Marcielago (noo!)
I got cribs better year estates man (man)
I'm in L.A. with Atlanta plates fam (fam)
Still niggaz wanna go against Crack (Crack!)
But that's like ??? going against Shaq (Shaq!)
And that's too much diesel, I got too much people (people)
Motherfuckers, you crazy I'll leave you (leave you!)
And I ain't got to tell how many sets I trip
But you can find me on the woods now that's a testament
Or maybe at a lounge with an extra bitch
Eyecandy of the month, God damn she sick!
She got a problem, I can help her with that
Tell her man that she's fuckin with Crack
Bet he won't do nothin (nope)
Frontin like he gon' do somethin (nope)
Quick to tell you that his whole crew stunting (talk to him!)
Talk to me, c'mon

[Hook: Remy Martin]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah


[Fat Joe]
Yeah, feel that right there
Nod your head to this shit right here, that real hip-hop right there
It's Cook Coke Crack, TS, Remy Mar
Album coming, summer's ours cocksuckers
True Story, BX Burough, Uh!

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Terror Squad Yeah Yeah Yeah Comments
  1. Bruce Santiago

    Remy ma is sexy

  2. Fabiano Ferrara

    Remy is life!


    rem looks mad good in them chanel shades

  4. Rocco Vazquez

    I want this on Apple Music!

  5. NPC #34254334 Response:

    I HATE vevo, censoring pieces of shit!!

  6. yoshito9412

    Jlo's Dress💚

  7. Bronx-Cali Zoo

    ♥️ #JLo recently used this song for her recent Versace Jungle Dress remake! Yes!!! #RemyMa 🙌 #FatJoe

  8. A5T01F

    I'm here for the jlo green dress

  9. Onur Bb

    who came from Jlo's green dress XDXD luv Remy <3

  10. Joe Guy

    I love Kellys Heroes,this song, and sample. Burning bridges

  11. Nae

    Best years for Ma 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  12. Cheryl Glover

    2019 anybody?

  13. Lavar Baldwin

    That beat so mean

  14. steven patterson


  15. Quincy

    This is back when Fat Joe stole Pun's rhyme book.

  16. JMAN Certi

    This why I miss New York

  17. kareem brown

    But she is in a dumper, that wasn't dead president style at all.

  18. Ancient Wisdom

    "...your face looks like Emmitt Till" is such a disrespectful line.

  19. Michael Lemon II

    1:12 Is that Charlemagne da God standing on the side?

  20. John Lakewood

    Remy Ma from da X 2 da Nwz

  21. Christine Askins

    I knew my bitch was bad she got them bars

  22. Kim KarTRASHian sToP mAkInG StUpiD pEople FamouS

    Classic remy I love it

  23. Thomas Crawford

    Joe fucked this song up.. Remy had it!!!!!

  24. Kimberly Sakwa

    yeah yeah yeah

  25. Sophia Smith

    love that mouth remy

  26. Cheryl Glover

    My 💩! Tuff

  27. なまこ


  28. Ancient Wisdom

    That beat sounds like some old Diamond D shit.

  29. Michael Flagler

    Nicki who?..cardi who?...Remy ma is the general.. salute queeny, grrrrllast

    Cheryl Glover

    Michael Stephen FACTZ

  30. Eldridge Martin

    Wow straight fire


    Remy 1st lady of Terror Squad BX NYC

  32. Bravo Tells It All

    Jada ripped this beat like he bought it.

  33. Antonio Flores

    Remy definitely in the top 10 of female lyricists 🔥

  34. AJ121

    Never knew there was a video for this

  35. Yesitsherrr

    1:26 always felt some type of way about ALL THAT SALIVA.

  36. Tone Deaf

    it heals my soul xD

  37. shelby1kenobi 73

    Shout out to the Smack DVD 📀 days 🙌💯

  38. Tone Deaf

    nicki minaj "remy ma use my name to get famous"nah i dont want to hear this to have her mixtape album as her debut to say this

  39. Tone Deaf

    fuck nicki minaj to steal this instrument on her mixtape dirty money and use it to diss remy ma. guess she cant come up with sonething so good like this

  40. Tone Deaf

    i prefer this version over nicki's dirty money. wow nicki is like a remy wannabe now. before i watched this i dont know. at least remy is positive, not ablut hating:/

  41. Leshell Thomas

    She had pretty teeth, I hate she messed it up

  42. NUKE

    good tho Nicky murdered this beat yall

  43. texan boy

    Still my shit even today

  44. laimont36

    This was my shit..1st time ive seen this video

  45. KamelStar2

    Love that Write our own rhymes message,apparently Drake n Nicki didn't get that msg lol 😂

  46. Gabriel Daniels Productions

    Never heard this track before , it probably didn't get much airplay on the radio , much less the video itself on tv .

  47. RCA Records

    Remy ma did she was the sister God yes ma'am yes we have the same God know one friend from family daughter got her mother just lil Kim get back home to hip hop

  48. ninosimone x


  49. Rebel Zoe 1804

    I been telling ppl Rem been hot

  50. あたりはずれ


  51. Felix John

    Nice one

  52. Pbonnet6970

    I still love this song so but Nicki can't touch remy

  53. Goosebumps #1 Wisconsin Fan

    that garbadge is remy's home

    Cheryl Glover

    Goosebumps #1 Wisconsin Fan Ya moms

  54. Chocolate Thunder Cherry

    Disgusting gutter rat lyrics. I hope if she were to hear these lyrics she would be deeply ashamed of herself. Her using Emmit Till's face as a punch line is just as disgusting as Nicki Minaj using an image of Malcolm X to sell her shit record and when Lil' Wayne used Emmit's name as well for his shit song.

  55. Keefy La


  56. Angelic Amnesty

    Nicki Minaj Dirty Money was better compared to remy tbh

  57. Winnie

    Remy Ma is everything, sexy and real talent!

    Jaye Santana

    She's the REAL thing

    yeshua sage

    Sexy? Lol

    She masculine and militant asf

  58. Shawn Rodriguez

    Fire!! 2017

  59. Sandra Connor


  60. Kareem Sanders_249

    0:21 Eckō 1:34 2:30 2:32

  61. thrifted dad hat

    that emmett till line -_______________-


    I think you're missing the point.It's about information not glorification.The new yorkers code their lyrics.What you think they mean they don't mean..

  62. Alicya Shakur

    Nicki copy this song

  63. Justin Cunningblam

    Remy > Nicki fakk u mean

    Daniel Araujo


  64. Dalyah Mone

    Nicki's is better


    Remy caught a body, Nicki bubble gum rap is dead!! and I'm from Queens

    K Desh

    Ariana Maraj obviously Nicki ain't better that you on a Remy old video that you were too young or not born to even know about . Stay in your kids place

    Eliana Yisra’el

    Ariana Maraj SHETHER

    Cheryl Glover

    Dalyah Mone Thats a dub. Fakeass bih


    You got jokes 😂

  65. TheLU83

    Never knew they made a video for this!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    You wasn't up on the Smack DVDs that's where I saw the snippet for it

    Joe King

    Me neither. This song was on a Terror Squad album so it should have been uploaded by a Terror Squad account.

  66. Dwayne6864894e

    she looks cute. in a street way

  67. Shawn Johnson



    aka Planet Rock 🌏

  68. Музыка души


  69. MMA AllDay

    I just wanted the whole shit to be Remy man, she took everyone else's heart on this beat

  70. Princess. Tamaraa

    I LOVE REMY...the rulers back!! now yall real female rap is backkkkkk #RemyMartin #Remy

    Stinga Vanity

    Yep their ass beta lean back lol

  71. Nik Rus

    love it!!!!

  72. yosimty bred

    now this bitch is a beast

  73. Larosa Orellana

    Nicki killed this beat too

  74. sneakyfatsos

    Moving keys like a locksmith

  75. Mr E

    Spit that ish Remy, fiyah!!


    Rem dat nigga!
    ...and they Grammy nominated!

  76. skyizdalimit6539

    remy ma spit that fire!

  77. Jeremy Bennett

    again shawty, nice goddamn. nice flow thank you.

  78. Jeremy Bennett

    glad she free had been years when I heard dat mess. she good.

  79. Bb King

    I always felt this should have just had Remy on it. Her verse had you wanting to hear another 16 bars. Real shit I always felt a couple of them lines was a shot at my bitch Lil Kim but the song is still hot.


    Bb King facts

    Urban Qid

    Bb King Yeah I felt that she was talking about Kim too. Especially with that Emmit till line

    Klion Smith

    Bb King Yeah it or she just talking greasy lol


    I think Remy thinks of artist when she spits, but she don't necessarily talk about them or have beef with them. But if she has an issue she will say your name like nothing.

  80. derek nesbeth

    Bronx shit. Where hip hop was born.

  81. DaRealBr00klyn

    The sanitation worker like.. i should flip her ass in this truck since she want to be in garbage containers and shit.

  82. hustlaave

    Y'all really waited 10 years to feel disrespected with that Emmett Till bar?

    lauryn Jones

    Lil Wayne disrespected emmett till aswell, just like nicki minaj had disrespected malcolm x legacy with that looking ass foolishness... What do you have to say about that?


    When Wayne and Nicki "disrespected" them, people were swift to outrage. The focus is Remy and the length of time for this disgust with the Emmett line. When this song and video came out, where was the outrage then? Why watch a video ten years later and get upset and ready to boycott?

    Budget Nudist

    @hustlaave I took me 10 years to understand it. :| Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah... yeah.


    Cause back then the avg. dumb ass didn't know who the fuck was an Emmett till. Lmao/smh


    Right lol, its was a analogy people.

  83. Nickey Black

    I love Remy Ma but the Emmett Till line was disrespectful. Hopefully she'll apologize for that one-day.

    Most battle rappers are very disrespectful. You have to be, but some lines you can't cross.

    Lux had the Aaliyah line. That was cold to. Especially to the family.


    Trust me in hardcore land it was all about rhymin first, she wasn't after feelings she was after money n respect even though yeah today it makes more sense. After the 90s early 00s it's like a reset button was pressed (morally and every which way) on the industry mainly due to the new age garbage.

    Klion Smith

    Nickey Black I think Remy of today would not say that Emmett Line. As a verse that sh...was crazy but disrespectful a hell


    Yet this is forgotten but the Lil Wayne line is remembered. I don't get it!

  84. 4nationmusic

    Welcome home Remy Ma

  85. IG: MrAhkAnt

    Free Remy



  87. Hiro Sai



    Hiro Sai 言葉のマジック

  88. benfica1rox552

    Fat Joe = Terror Squad?


    👸🎀🚺✨💄 somthin bout Remy

  90. Intelligent Hoodlum

    Correction , your 9 years late

  91. Bianca Ruiz

    idcc she may be in jail but she got it,,,she even rap battled niggas in the rap gmaeee...she will murder kim nicki and foxy

  92. blacktee31

    She been got released.

  93. blacktee31

    "Still I rip a nigga beat like i bought it."

  94. IVYmalc

    she locked up...

  95. Shawn Johnson

    On my MP3 right now. Jam to it while at work.

  96. Bozo Clowns

    this joint still hot!