Terror Squad - Pass The Glock Lyrics

Pass the glock word up
Pass the glock (T-Squaders) uh ha, (T-Squaders)

[whispering in background]
You can't stop T-Squad
You can't stop T-Squad
Can't stop it, can't stop it

[Chorus x2: Armageaddon]
Somebody call the cops
For us to stop'll take all of they got
Uptown and the Bronx, my Squad is legends off of the block (Terror Squad!)
Deep in the borough where the corners is smoldering hot
My team is known for smokin the glock
To the hole in your rock (Terror Squad!)

[Triple Seis]
I murder men wit the poisonous flow, my pen
Hurt em for they dough and they GM's wit Mac 10
No relaxin, straight action when it's on
Call up Pun and The Don, come up heavily armed
Niggas better be calm or I'ma set the alarm
And a hundred strong'll form in shape of a bomb
My squads'll forever bomb wit a war like Lebanon
And we hardcore till we dead and gone so go ahead and mourn

[Cuban Link]
Aiyyo Seis I'm pacin back and forth
Wit thoughts of bein trapped up north
But after I come off wit it y'all can push em out the door
So cock the four pound (four pound)
Lock the fort down (fort down)
From New York to Georgetown (Georgetown)
Knockin off clowns that ?clap em off rounds?
It's war now so toss the nine ? cuz I'ma floss and shine
You lost your mind if you thought your rhymes was comin close to mine
Eyes that drop signs like Einstein
Applyin the iron to your spine
And find you dyin on primetime

[Chorus x2]

Aiyyo we break barriers, we recipe holders and cake carriers
That dominate the devil tryin to make the fake marry us
Hilarious how we mute crews, and nigga this is true news
Dudes'll blow you outta ya two shoes
Who chose to front it, they don't really want it
Yo I stay Philly blunted, Prospect wit the nine milly gun it
I leave you dented by the way glock pop
Take a hot shot, push ya knot back like a drop top

Freeze like coke in the drop or ya float when I'm totin the glock
I'm blast any feelings you catch from this to emotional stop
Host it on top, label the worst to the topic
Worshippin violence, push you back
Like a cursor does the words by the silence
HUSH, slow up before you blow ya clutch
Hold my forty-four wit lust, an then I'll take your soul like a holy touch
The tat on my arm's like the rhymes I write
Cuz Armageaddon rivals life
Give my hype I might bust it tonight

[Chorus x2]

[Big Punisher]
My shit bang like a clock
I pull your chain till it pop
Put one in your brain for fuckin wit the creme of the crop
Sayin I'm hot, while you playin I'm blazin the spot
Makin you bop, makin my way to the top
Breakin the lock, takin a shot at the title
Ready to rock at my rivals
Like Pac everything I drop is the Bible
Cop it on vinyl, there's just a little cursing
If you want ya head to burst
Play it in reverse, you'll hear the devil's version

[Fat Joe]
Hear the metal's burstin, there's a terror lurkin
It's a certain, whoever searchin to find God when my clips inserted
Words are blurted when we bust guns, you heard it
Left ya *gun shot* murdered
I know ya *scream* was stunned by the verdict
I'm a free man, kill your free lance for only three grand
Makin an examp for my other workers and cut off each hand
You greedy mothafuckas I'll see you in hell
Jealous niggas wanna see me in jail fiendin to tell

[Chorus x2]

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Terror Squad Pass The Glock Comments
  1. Fabiano Ferrara

    Miss these times
    This is the shit

  2. Poppy Kneegrow


  3. Juan A

    This shit will make a monk snuff somebody

  4. Adam Jensen

    I wanna fuck shit up now!

  5. Manuel Rojas

    This beat is fucking awesome!!

  6. 1sunstyle

    I like the part where the Glock spits and hollers.

  7. S W

    Big Pun killed this track. 1 of the best verses of all time

  8. Gianni Bleya

    It's best you be a gentleman and you watch what you say 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Ray Hernandez

    Super Classic Album

  10. Timeadavid Antalek

    2019 🔥🔥🔥


    JESUS.. Just found another classic 🎧🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌎


    Classic !!!!

  13. Louis IIX

    Favorite track on the album... Cuban went in on this shit

  14. DorrinPlay

    Эх..... ностальгия 😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Lepakko 666

    somebody call the cops

  16. Illus

    My favorite all time album still have it. Very underrated album.

  17. 1sunstyle

    Rappers say they slay MCs like breeze to the T it’s me crazy as fuck duck you out of luck to chuck firearm I got the wire long I do retire on this song quote the tong leader in wife beater two seater flew they fleet your drew complete crew slew just beat and who could compete it’s true never knew till the clueless just a spoon get wet on the set through them they jet tool send you bet I jewel in this like tech round pounds I clap clowns

  18. 100 Miles N Runnin

    When Pun spit its not lyrics its punishment

  19. Magnum Ilirikum

    This track hotter than South Africa!

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    Magnum Ilirikum MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado celofán

  20. Vankruze

    How did we go from this to lil pump? #RIPHIPHOP

    Adam Jensen

    Lil sum pump haha. I know though, TS is the way it should be these days.

  21. Reo Tuineau

    Found it!!!!!!!!👊

  22. JAYWAY2WEST youknow!

    Play it in reverse...and hear the devil's verse!!!.....da shit

  23. marlon fowler

    Southside Think Killers Kare Family gang !!!

  24. Santos Rodriguez

    2018 the real G's

  25. brownpunk

    dope track,would make a nun do a drive by,

  26. Ill El-Zorro

    Prospect <3

  27. Orlando

    I live in Yankee stadium

  28. Orlando

    Uptown browx

  29. Orlando

    Best song

  30. Hamza Khaliq

    Big Punisher was an artist.

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    Hamza Khaliq MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado celofán

  31. Sunni Boii

    That RAW shit!

  32. Brett Cook

    Greatest lyricism the entire album

  33. The Badass

    👌🔥straight fire yo!

  34. Ryan Wainscott

    What up TS!

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    Ryan Wainscott MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado celofán

  35. Eric Carter

    Pun a rap god nuff said 1!

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    Eric Carter MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado celofán

  36. BLAZEWON414

    Pun's verse tho!!!!Str8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    BLAZEWON414 MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado

  37. Eric Carter

    This shit crack pun was a legend TS all day dun 1!

  38. Jason Babilonia

    a very underated album

  39. Fontas Genave

    One of the most underrated Armageddon the legend.

    R. Alexander

    @MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante shut up

    DANIEL Parker

    Prospect the one that used to go bar for bar wit pun

    Tate Evans

    Prospect is dope AF , Cuban Link , Triple Seis they all nice


    Armageddons flow is incredible

    Adam Gordon

    DANIEL Parker : Prospect was the most underrated in TS 🔥

  40. Esther


  41. james green

    I really wish fat joe never got into the rap scene hes so shit ive always hated his music

  42. Artem Arutiunian

    2018 Respect from Ukraine


    Тема Туман Слава Украине

    Trent Stack

    Love brother nothin but love🤜🤛

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    Тема Туман MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado celofán

    R. Alexander

    @MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante shut up


    Hey sorry from all of us for our shitty ass president!!

  43. Fatjon Semanaj

    Super fast for ever respect punishment

  44. hexisabeast

    armageddons lyrics arent right wherever i look they seem off so this is what i think the beginning says .... "freeze like coke when it drop in your throat, when I'm totin' the glock...."

  45. Brad Richardson

    idgaf what anyone says,.... Big Pun was the BEST LYRICIST EVER!!,...hands down....

    R. Alexander

    @MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante shut up



    David Saez

    Even if he studdered he would still sh sh shit on em.


    Too many ill lyricists for there to be one best, but he was definitely up there

    Adam Gordon

    Brad Richardson : He was definitely one of them 🔥🔥

  46. Romanovss92 Романов

    Davidich M5 <3

  47. Dylan Nicolodi

    Pun goes hard as always but damn Fat Joe's bars are tight AF on this track

  48. LEO 1984

    this song makes me want to throw a 40oz bottle of Old English at someone

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    mr matthews MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado celofán

    Adam Jensen

    Makes me want to fuk shit up

    Ephilly 1010


  49. EFreezy716

    This album was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. Oliver Hernandez

    Can't lie song pretty good

  51. KewlkatNDahat

    I thought I was the only one that rocked this album when it was out... Good sh!t

  52. MuzReliz!


  53. James Howard

    Summer time shit

  54. Grizzlie Outdoors

    Play it in reverse and hear the devils version.._

  55. Number 1


  56. ChachinAKAChino

    Celtics' Isaiah Thomas on the left, I see.


    ChachinAKAChino 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m dead 💀

  57. jehizkiel78

    This would be a great GTA mission song!

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    jehizkiel78 MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado celofán

  58. Regimantas Adomaitis

    хуй знает о чем поют. но музон крутой!

  59. IceveinsProductions

    This shit is so hard.

  60. duparcg

    cuban link

  61. don't mock me I'm your Dad

    Hard tune

  62. Maks Takano

    Aze 2016

  63. tokivanbeuller

    Taking a shot at the title
    Ready to rock at my rivals
    Like Pac everything I drop is the Bible
    Cop it on vynil
    There's just a little cursin
    If you want your head to burst
    You'll play it in reverse
    And hear the Devil's version

    Actually one of the best rap verses I've ever heard. His masterful manipulation of the bars seriously made everyone else on this song sound like an amateur. Rest in Peace Big Pun, your talent is missed among us random hip-hop enthusiasts

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    tokivanbeuller MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado celofán

  64. alkey man

    everybody killed this shit

  65. Enzo Noneya

    This is the real terror squad..after pun died it didn't take fat Joe long to destroy it..smh....rip big pun

    MMA AllDay

    Enzo Noneya fucking facts right here, but we know Joey maybe sacrificed pun to get that invite to the next level

    Mauga biongo

    MMA ALLDay U retarded if u really believe that.By haters lean back came out in 2004 in Pun died 2000

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    Enzo Noneya MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado celofán

  66. Soled Out Kicks

    the summer jam terror squad reunion brought me here

    Charlie Gorostiza

    to bad the terror squad wasn't there

    Soled Out Kicks

    +Charlie Gorostiza glad you got my joke.


    my first concert ever was SummerJam 2000 whenI was 14


    I was born in lincoln hospital

    Henry Thillet

    rzarectot7 me to!

  68. Marie Chantal

    BIG PUN!

  69. naiskolben

    any1 noticed they buried tehmselfs in the picture;D but nice tune though

  70. Z3RO /ZERO


  71. John Deluca

    P. Diddy already punched Drake in his face. Pun would've ate Drake, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    John Deluca MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado celofán

  72. The Real Gatsby

    psycho M5 Russian dude brought me here

    Alberto Cohen de Franceschi

    Hahahahhahahahaha me too🤣


    hahaha me too

    MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante

    The Real Gatsby MCesike ldch tfpt cd original jewel box papel prepicado celofán

    R. Alexander

    @MCesike MCes ! Vargas Bustamante shut up

    The Don

    Ahahhahahahaha))) smotraTV is his channel))

  73. shaolinskunks88

    Put down the glock pass the love. Stop the violence stupid idiots

    Mattias Tapper

    +BORI 40CAL don´t you have a cousin to fuck?

    40 cal

    @Mattias Tapper nah I rather fuck your mothers face fuckboii!!

    Marshall Street

    Go click on a Drake video or something.

  74. Kali West


  75. Jim Heckel

    Every time I hear this song, I imagine myself booking down I-95 in an Aston Martin DB9 doing 150MPH.  Anyone else have the same fantasy?  Maybe a similar one?

    Jim Heckel

    @Marshall Street Darnit; I forgot those.  Will a suitcase full of cocaine in the trunk and a full-auto AK-47 under the backseat make up for it?  XD

    jose luis vicioso marte

    im thinking like being a bad cop duing justice like a hardcore devil (like dante of DMC) with a nissan skyline r-34 Vspec modified by me (in black obiously ) XD


    What about me driving a Nissan GT-R down Santa Monica Freeway doing 159MPH overtaking cars and kissing a girl while driving? That's my fantasy.

    oochie wally

    not me i imagine myself with a machine gun chpping ppl in half

    Tech Binder

    Yeah but is was an oldsmoble alero i flew in

  76. Paul Samions


    I love you so 4⃣s

  77. Ryan Wainscott

    why you do me like that. well see

  78. Ryan Wainscott

    oh yeah girl i love your fat joe

  79. Ryan Wainscott


  80. Marcelo Moreira

    wonderfull song ,brazil love you fat .big punisher ,saudades.

  81. Real Name No Gimmics

    yo the piano chorus sounds like the instrumental to 50 cents gentleman!!! i wonder if the beef had something to do with this!!!

    sleepy dank

    beef began when fif dissed pun on how 2 rob a nigga

  82. Nick Dekker

    Pretty nice rhyming. Anymore stuff like this please, anyone?

    Chris Ch

    Peep the whole album b

    Scotian Slim

    Yo cuz ya gotta check out Pun' Capitol Punishment album if you haven't...IMO the best hip hop album EVER!!!


    well another of this album i like is triple threat. and as others have said the entire capitol punishment and yeeaah baby albums. new york giants and firewater are also my fav's.

    sleepy dank

    +Nick Dekker why you asking if anyone else can show u stuff like this if u found this why not do some research and find it yourslef

    David Saez

    @Scotian Slim or check out endagered species

  83. Vinny Verderosa


  84. Haroon Chaudhery

    But were the OutLawz?

  85. ecuaking87

    the whole squad went hard on this joint 
    special cuban and prospectoooo!

  86. Eric V.


  87. Alihan Alcatraz

    tupac better than terror squad 

    Chris Ch

    Boot it

    Madden Legend

    Hell no. All Pac had was charisma and subject matter. Pun kills him in flow, lyrics, multis, wordplay, you name it.

  88. kostas michas

    eeeep ti egineee ntaksei??

  89. toermalijn11

    fat joe

  90. Nick889999

    lol Pun clearly wrote Armageddon verse

    King Author

    No, the only one who had a ghostwriter was Joe through out his whole career including this song. Armageddon him self was actually a ghostwriter.

  91. William Konstantinidis

    Who cares who wrote for who... And if you reallly wanna talk, fat Joe wrote some of puns stuff... What now?

    Alles Rrrasssiert

    Keep on dreaming lol

    Rey Diego

    what?? you are crazy....big pun was a writing genious

    William Konstantinidis

    Thanks for informing me that i said he wasn't a writing genius. Thanks cuz I didn't know that .

    Rey Diego

    you are welcome...you said that fat joe wrote for big pun...thats impossible...

  92. 91Definite

    It seems that Fat Joe was lyrical during the time he was with Pun, Pun wrote his shit as you can see! 


    @AngelTheredStar29 Hell naw! Listen to "Jealous One's Envy"! That shit was real raw!


    you guys still have no proof. you can keep talking all that bullshit, but really im RIGHT AND YOUS ARE WRONG. thank you NOW FUCK OFF!!!!!!!


    I read an artlicle many years ago where fat joe met pun to hear a freestyle and he kicked the craziest shit it goes like this the man who snatched away the moon and blew away the sun...he kicked a similar rhyme on the don cartagena album.

    Bad Influence

    puna piki pun wrote nearly all joes hit tracks before that (95) a member of d.i.t.c was known to of been ghost writing for joe nobody will ever admit it but why would his whole style change completely? If you cannot tell don cartogena was pun you should probably not be on these kinda youtube vids 👍


    Joe always rapped the same. Puns flow could of influenced him some though.

  93. roo8888

    my shit bangs like a glock, i pull your chain 'til it pops, I'll put one in your brain, fucking with the créme of the crop.

  94. Anthony 911


  95. ggarcia713

    One of my favorite T Squad songs

  96. Joseph Velasquez

    Pun definitely wrote joes verse. But w.e this track is hard

    Dylan Nicolodi

    Joseph Velasquez Seems very plausible

  97. Omar Hernandez

    Not to mention Ill Fame (arsenal and ..can't recall the homie's aka name) but their music is dope, just look up the song "rules of engagement" among other bad azz songs.