Terror Squad - Lean Back (Hispanic Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Tego Calderon]
Macaracachimba Ma

[Tego Calderon]
Hey Tego Calderon se pone la bota
Cuando yo te fluyo a lo
Picandolo pequeno como pa sopa
Dejandote pegao come "Vida Loca"
Lean back, hah hah
Aguanta esa boca
te van a the uno poco por motherfucker
hecha te patra changuetada
gente mala
levanta tu bandera con gana HOLLA!
Yo tambien tengo Pistola
y tambien pierdo la chola
como pica
se juntaron los boricuas
si no te mueres ahora te mueres horita
este nigger ya no es para cacarita
lean back, hah hah, lean back mami rica
dame de lo que te sobres umbe eh
lean back, lean back calderon..

Said my niggaz don't dance we just pull up our pants
And do the rockaway, now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back
I said my niggaz don't dance we just pull up our pants
And do the rockaway, now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back
(Come on!)

R to the Ezzy, M to the Yzzy
My arms stay breezy, the Don stay flizzy
Got a date at 8, I'm in the 7-4-fizzive
And I just bought a bike so I can ride till I die
With a matchin jacket, 'bout to cop me a mansion
My niggaz in the club, but you know they not dancin
We gangsta, and gangstas don't dance with boogies
So never mind how we got in here with burners and hoodies
Listen we don't pay admission and the bouncers don't check us
And we - walk around the metal detectors
And there really ain't a need for a VIP section
In the middle of the dance floor reckless, check it
Said he - liked my necklace, started relaxin
Now that's what the fuck I call a chain reaction
See "Money Ain't a Thing" nigga, we still the same niggaz
Flows just changed now we bout to change the game nigga


[Fat Joe]
I don't give a fuck about your faults or mishappens nigga
We from the Bronx, New York, shit happens
Kids clappin, love to spark the place
Half the niggaz in the squad got a scar on their face
It's a cold world and this is ice
Half a mill for the charm, nigga this is life
Got the Phantom in front of the buildin, Trinity Ave
Ten years been legit, they still figure me bad
As a young'n - was too much to cope with
Why you think – mu'fuckers nicknamed me Cook Coke shit
Shoulda been called Armed Robbery
Extortion, or maybe Grand Larceny
I did it all, I put the pieces to the puzzle
Just as long, I knew me and my peoples was 'gon bubble
Came out the gate on some Flow Joe shit
Fat nigga with the shotty was the logo kid!


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Terror Squad Lean Back (Hispanic Remix) Comments
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