Terror Squad - '99 Live Lyrics

Don't be scared of this
(Terror Sqaud)
Don't be scared of this
(That's right, that's right)
Follow me here now

Throw your hands up
My live niggas in the cut, put your triggers up
If you got love say, "Nigga, nigga what"
(Nigga what) Like you don't give a fuck
Bitches playin niggas just to get a buck
Get a buck (Yeah, we hit em up) [x2]

[VERSE 1: Prospect]
Yo, it's the P-r-o-s-p-e-c-t
I'm a thug you can't ph.d. me
Catch me in the back of the club switchin it up
Type of nigga to get drunk and piss in your cup
Listen up to what it is, know a lotta mamis lovin the triz
And some, they tryin to pull it off right in front of the kids
Before I think about coming to cribs
I be lugging my glitz so big, on the waist it be rubbing my ribs
It's very dangerous fuckin with this
I been doublin chips holdin my own with the chrome double-grips
Up in the mix, caught a couple of vics
When I used to fight, but I ain't been scufflin since
This is as tough as it gets, never leave nothin with prints
Or you get blast and you're chopped up and stuffed in the fridge
They not playin me, I perfected this game from A to Z
The ones I don't know will need ropes to hands and knees


[VERSE 2: Prospect]
This shit'll never stop, as long as I live, I'ma forever rock
And stop niggas right where they standin when the baretta pop
My moms said I better not, but knew I had to
I said, "I'm bustin mines, and ain't nobody movin at you"
She laughed too, like I was jokin, when I'm chrome-totin
I have a nigga in his home hopin I don't blow his dome open
I stay stoned, smokin while I'm on the low, I'm copin
A cool guy, but at times you catch me Tone-Locin
Been through a lotta shit, but never had a bone broken
It's tragic how I rap shit with my own potion
From here to Hoboken I was hoppin trains with no token
Now I'm on stage, they say I'm show-boatin
My flow potent, cause it's mixed in raw
Spell it backwards, it's 'war'
The gat spits, you backflip through the door
I kill em all, Terror Squadian style
I only get down with the crown, only partyin wild
Ya heard


Now everybody from B-K, throw em up
Now everybody from New Jerz, throw em up
Now everybody from Q-B, throw em up
Now everybody from the B-X, throw em up
Now everybody from Staten Island, throw em up
To all my partners from Westside, throw em up
Now everybody from the East Coast, throw em up
If you Dirty like the South, throw em up
You better throw em up

My man Big Pun, hit em up
My man Joey Crack, hit em up
The whole Terror Squad hit em up
The Thoroughbreds, we hit em up
It's almost over, baby

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Terror Squad '99 Live Comments
  1. True IxI Alpha

    Summer of 2019 and still throwing this on

  2. charles briggs

    3:07 👍


    Sounds like Hurrican G

  3. marlon fowler

    Southside Think Killers Kare Family gang !!!

  4. Slowburn Raloh

    I love that everybody had a crew in the late 90s

  5. Color Money Situation

    Really 5 people don't love this 🔥. Mmmmhm. Mmmm mmmm mmmmmmm.

  6. R H.

    Bandana, bototos celestes argollas gigantes

  7. Ronald Somerville

    Can't front..... I was banging this song crazy in 99..... Bring back memories.

  8. Nice Stuff

    One of my favorite rapper all time, this tracks proofs why



  9. Al Sky Dr0

    prospect is ill !

  10. Jay Paradise

    man this shit is hard😉

  11. Lou Diamonds


  12. Lou Diamonds


  13. Jesse Morrison

    Jess tha gambino 1 love


    Prospect been slept on hard.. this nigga goes hard... especially on the hidden hand.. classic shit

    Dee Dee

    For real outside of pun he was my favourite in TS without a doubt, his flow and delivery is scorching, tbh he might have even been my favourite if he had had more solo material.

    Charlie Gorostiza

    Dee Dee I think Cuban was better though Cuban & pun was a dual, list to that terror squadian joint cube shitted on that track

  15. Harry Barbosa

    my nigga ripped this joint

  16. Surge Álvez

    wicked tune fa'real

  17. tucsonhiphop

    . been in a lot shit but never had a bone broken. !!!!!!!!

  18. BrooklYN

    Its the ALC kid

  19. Matt Salamone

    The Exorcist!

  20. overstand87

    beat sound like a tubular bells (exorcist theme) mash up

    Matt Salamone

    @overstand87 because it is

  21. Joe Caine

    Freshman year 1999-2000 !!!!! constant repeat with my discman back in the day

  22. gamblerpuma

    Alchemist en la casa!!!
    F*cking Legend!!!

  23. canibusnj

    There was a video for this back in 99. Anybody remember?? Waiting for someone to put it up!!!!


    @***** He might have. It's been a long time since I've seen it.

  24. hrlmqnsbk

    this has slowly become one of my fav songs the beat is melodic and smooth

  25. BR1AN21


  26. Miroslav Balcakovic

    thats why i stuck in '99

  27. Rico Flex

    Still Luv it!!