Tennis - In The Morning I'll Be Better Lyrics

I'll write your cares away
That I might spare you pain
Let everybody say that I'm gone for you
Say you're my baby
We're sublimating

I'll write a hymn again
(I'll write a hymn again)
I'll be your woman (woman)
Keep on believing it
I brought healing
Oh, baby

I'll wrap myself around
You where we can't be found
I'll hide you from the world
'Til we're forgotten
Say you're my baby
We're sublimating

I'll write a hymn again
(I'll write a hymn again)
I'll be your woman (woman)
Keep on believing it
I brought healing
Oh, baby

In the morning, I'll be
All better, better, yeah
In the morning, I'll be
All better, better, yeah
Our bodies have betrayed us
In a million different ways
Oh, in the morning, I'll be
All better, better, yeah

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Tennis In The Morning I'll Be Better Comments
  1. Jo Right

    Someone slow dance with me

  2. Benedictus Anindityo

    So, how did this fly under my radar in the past decade? Who’s been hiding this beautiful sound from me? How did I miss it? Well I’m sure as heck gonna have a fun time going deep into their discography

  3. Kelly Empson

    It's weird... every video, I Just can't Stop Looking ar Her.

  4. day light

    Streisand and Minogue's love child

  5. Ben Garcia

    rip kobe

  6. Biggles Bob


  7. InstantChildBirth

    they sound just as great live, saw them a few years back :)

  8. Nikolas SoDiant

    Magnifique ☀️☀️☀️☀️

  9. Jeremy Holmes

    No sweater thing in life to witness than a woman who knows herself.

  10. zalias driezas

    her hair is like wet noodles lol!!!!

  11. Johnpaul Coffin

    Im sorry Hannah, im so sorry...

  12. Kate H

    Are you angels?

  13. Austin Hagele

    My wife and i are super jealous of those fly ass outfits they where in all their videos.

  14. hugs2003

    I can't understand a damn thing she's saying.

    Petrus Delassio

    It's just an emotion taking you over

  15. Andrea Coelho

    current favorite <3

  16. Zenxymes

    I love this 😍

  17. Pinot Grigio Girl

    Write that hymn baby girl 😪😭

  18. Deeno the dino

    I'm into it

  19. DayoftheDead

    Why does everyone from Colorado look alike?

  20. Ango Gablogian

    Come to Florida?

  21. Sena Redd

    Nobody puts baby in the corner

  22. Flowershows

    this is modern vintage

  23. Miljana Mily

    I thought she was saying I'll write you a hemingway

  24. Ross Knodel

    I just watched a 2nd video to verify if that hair was real. Impressive

  25. Kamila Vaz

    I am in love with you!

  26. GENRE 710420

    be on the radio and win a grammy? or barley get by and make a song that will leave its mark.?

  27. Patrick Pitts

    Just recently discovered these guys. Great sound. A gem.

  28. MainishWolf

    Baby, from Dirty Dancing

  29. Joshuca

    1:20 is my family's entire aesthetic. My mom's side of the family. Quite nostalgic.

  30. Diobon Fulkmat

    Her face makes me hurt inside. Too familiar, too nice, reminds me of something terrible.

  31. Bliss

    The look, sound, vibe🤙🏽💗🧞‍♂️🧘‍♀️🤯💣💦🍒💅🏾

  32. Bliss


  33. Seok Jin


  34. Stephen Oni

    I see hipsters are making good music again.

    Ango Gablogian

    I haven't been this excited since I saw zoey Deschanel at lapalazaloolablah

  35. Hoze 123

    ferris buller's elder sister

  36. day light

    Love her! Visually - Streisand. Audio - Bush and Minogue vibes A dash of Carpenters and something completely new!

  37. madelyn anderson


  38. T-bone opossum

    Been listening to tennis since 2012

  39. roberto carlos paulin

    Estas bien hermosa.

    Cry Joy

    Habla inglés aparte hoy en día ya es mas adulta :v

  40. pajamash

    I never thought i would be into a chick with an afro

  41. Hoze 123

    ferris buller day off ??

  42. bigmarkdarula

    360p video quality is the way to watch this

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    وأبــغــى أبـشـركـم🥳 أنــي حــصــلــت عــلــى مــعــلــومــات مـفـيـدة🤩 هــتــنــفــعــكــم كــثــيــر ومـجـربـهـا كـمـان ونــفــعــتــنــي✅
    تـواصـل مــعــي🙋‍♂️ وأنـا بــشــرح لـك ســر الــوصــفــة😉 الـواتـس اب *00212645760441*

  44. fay sawarin

    I really love this

  45. Danny Agama

    This is my aesthetic

  46. Richi Camacho

    Her hair. Her voice, her 80s style 😍😍😍

  47. Johnathan Rodriguez

    Love it, this is so good. Never stop please.

  48. Channel Chenes

    On the next album they'll go Sixties. And on the following album, it'll be the Fifties.

  49. Litty Lit

    Song was about Patrick's dad finding out that he had cancer. Alaina then wrote this song that tomorrow, it'll feel better

  50. Jose Juan Rivera Reyes

    Watching this at 240p to get a true 80's experience.

    I fell in love with this song. Is so chill and melancholic.

  51. Montelimarr

    She looks like Tia from Uncle Buck

  52. Shasta

    Ahhhh yes. Great for my ears.

  53. Dora Živulović


  54. Green Hair

    ❤❤❤ #freebritney

  55. Galactic Punt

    very simplistic music video

  56. Lavania Del Rey

    The fact that they’re married makes this song a million times more sentimental

    Jalex Seva

    Lavania Del Rey OMG

  57. Space Commander Fox

    She belongs in a Wes Anderson movie

  58. aina zain

    i'm very very late :/

  59. Jazz Croft


  60. bubble grass

    She must like The Carpenters

    A Banana 2

    Im curious to know what you mean? Are you referring to the vocal melody?

  61. Brandon Minikwu

    Listening to this on a coast ride down to San Diego was one of the greatest moments of my life.


    Ummm fucking post something Tennis, I miss you

  63. John Pino

    One time I was driving and I got a call from my mom, she told me my dog died. I hung up and turned on the radio. this song was playing and it was so beautiful and I reminisced about all my childhood with my puppy and I shed a single tear. thank you for that tennis. You'll always be in my heart bogart❤

    Scum Sucker

    Sounds fake to me

    Scum Sucker

    also bogart is a fucking stupid name jesus christ

  64. Paul Montero

    Damn this is good!

  65. Jon Garcia

    Billie eilish is not as good ripoff of Tennis. Billie wishes she was like this

  66. arsector

    I love you all.

  67. Skit Bit - Side Split

    The guitarist looks like my boyfriend from 19 years ago

  68. Jack Torborg

    Huh, interesting. These guys are pretty alright

  69. Ruasunev 117

    They are the cutest thing. And I am so jealous of her hair!

  70. Tanzanite Wolf

    Reminds me so much of MGMT's "The Youth" video directed by Tim Heidecker, excellent!!

  71. Chris

    Whoa... she got ass!

  72. Paul Alexander Villavicencio Cornejo

    basically sounds from 70´s and sounds awesome ... i like that

  73. Andy Lockwood

    This duo just oooooooze love with their music

  74. Hilal Abu Dzar

    Visually appealing

  75. Nick Diamond

    I first heard Tennis on NASA radio a few years ago. "Never Work for Free". And went on a Tennis binge. I was so captivated by her voice. Still am.

  76. lty

    Go girl !

  77. Yon Sire Liege

    I just can't wait to see that Sub count soar. You guys are phenomenal and I sincerely wish you the best!

  78. Just a Bruin

    Shailene Woodley's best role to date.

  79. Johnna Oliver

    Wowww she's beautiful in a very classic, ethereal way.

  80. That Jarrett

    You spin me right round, baby right round (LOVE IT)

  81. Hannah Mae

    I LOVE THIS BAND! There are easily my favorite band in the world. I finally get to see them in concert soon. There lyrics are so strong and I love how they formed a band together and sailed together! 😁❤️

  82. Salman Alkhaledi

    I love this song so much!!!!

  83. kaitlyn harvey


  84. SepBan

    Kate Bush 2018

  85. P-chan Lolly

    She sounds like Amber Coffman (Former Dirty Projectors member) at the beginning... Discovered this band on Spotify - Just BEAUTIFUL

  86. StayWoke

    Female singer version of Bob Ross

  87. Dora Živulović

    Soooooo goood ☺

  88. Cer Berus

    This deserves the 500M views pop songs have.

  89. catsick94

    these boys can't play their instruments

  90. Caleb Matheson

    I made a drum cover of this song, check it out!

  91. L F

    This is one of my favorite songs.

  92. Salman Alkhaledi

    So slept on. I keep playing this band all day long on weekends. Smoke that blunt and do my chores. Road trip

  93. El Pinshi Travis

    Alaina is a really precious woman ❤❤❤

  94. Jesus Ciprian

    Swear i had fucked her after she broke up wif her bf... she creeped me out. She said lets get married , she was so wasted

  95. tony sharp

    Awesome group 'it all started with me with marathon ,what a song

  96. Daffxter

    ABBA's vibe

  97. morgan neville

    woah she looks like tracy from isle of dogs