Tender - Vow Lyrics

Sleep beneath the stars
Honey, I have all I need right in front of me
Waiting in the car
Burning all my money on the dashboard for the record

Don't need it where I'm going
And I can't admit, no way of knowing
Is it cold outside? No way of knowing
Will you be my guide?

I'm gonna need you tonight
Tell me everything is alright
You wouldn't do it but I just might
So, show me how you made the vow
I'm gonna need you tonight
Walking miles in the moonlight
Got myself into the wrong
So, show me where to make amends

Watching Summer fall
Baby, make my heart beat, liking what I see
Meet me in the bar
Drinking like it's almost Friday, we're doing my way

Don't need it where I'm going
And I can't admit, no way of knowing
Is it cold outside? No way of knowing
Will you be my guide?

I'm gonna need you tonight
Tell me everything is alright
You wouldn't do it but I just might
So, show me how you made the vow
I'm gonna need you tonight
Walking miles in the moonlight
Got myself into the wrong
So, show me where to make amends

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Tender Vow Comments
  1. Pratha Gautam

    Favorite song❤️

  2. Phương Anh Nguyễn

    "i'm gonna need you tonight
    Tell me everything is alright"

  3. jane

    thanks spotify for this amazing recomendation, i'm in love, TENDER is amazing and the world must know them

  4. Aïcha H

    Wow,this song is amazing! I found it in my spotify recommendations and i love it

  5. Petar

    yee yee :)

  6. kareem yaqout

    did anyone hear that facebook message alert?!!.. its driving me crazy...or am i really crazy??

  7. Tolunay ZİHNİ

    I love all the people that who like the alternative music. We re the best.

  8. Lfeldj Min

    Aaahhh yeah
    I really REALLY LOVE THIS song 💜✨💕

  9. AboutThatTime420

    If you make it back to Nashville again I'll be there! If Dan or James want to smoke a j or something hmu lmao

  10. Amira Rada_akil

    esto es lo mas original que he escuchado

  11. Stajyerin Seyir Defteri

    my heart is bleeding , damnnn mate. AWESOME

  12. F123

    love the sample! any more songs of yours with one similar? My favorite part, takes it to new heights of imagination

  13. Rosas Románticas

    mucho me gusta este tipo de música

  14. Jameson Sahariah

    I'm getting bit of a Indian Vibe here. Beautifull song & music.

  15. Paul

    my ear should thank me for playing this

  16. Buket Akşahin


  17. uwu


  18. Veronica Lynn

    No matter how many years and how loud I turn it up, it is never loud enough nor heard enough.

  19. Masters League

    verry good )) I like music sum this one

  20. Nzhune Gooday

    Omg, I couldn't find you guys for a while, almost lost you!...glad I found yall again, fucking love this 🥰😍😍

  21. Heather Riede

    Love your flowing easy going music!! So sensual!!

  22. Mira Izzaty

    superb..😍 melting while listening 💞

  23. Lord Skara

    My crush gave me this song...
    Listening to TENDER is one of the many reasons she's my crush.

  24. Shivani Satpathy

    Original fan here!

  25. Rogue

    Stuck in the holy trinity: Vow - Erode - Smoke

  26. Sterling Dee

    Tender with their love making music 💕💕🎶🎶

  27. mono J

    Is there any Pakistani here ? 🇵🇰 I wanna see how far this band has reached 😍

    Laxminarayan Gupta

    haha..Indian though!

    mono J

    Neighbor ✌️

    Huda Irfan

    Ayee Pakistani here

  28. walaa abushaaban

    I know I might sound selfish but I really don't want ordinary people to listen to this masterpiece band

  29. merve sefa yılmaz

    listened this few days ago and finally found it,
    but i remember the lyrics like 'i'm gonna leave you tonight'
    and it was more beautiful in that way for me, sad.

  30. VENUS

    I love this!!

  31. ReDA Masarani

    *my drugs* ❤

  32. *Yessie Jeune Âme*

    Tender is an singer who not many people know of. But..... once they know him They don’t go back...😍😍😍

  33. may.trem.who

    hi salomé

  34. Karolina

    Just chill with this

  35. Jewels .T

    Can you make love to a song? Not with someone but with the song itself? That's how I feel when I listen to every single song by Tender, they're so good, just overall incredible. I want to wrap each song around me and just keep it forever, close my eyes and embrace the magical sensation it creates in my mind, the blissful feeling in my soul.

  36. Ramis Shabutdinov

    Тэндер респект все музоны и песни заебись

  37. Pau Lalaleo Rojeab

    march 2019, anyone?

  38. youssef boudaya

    how am i discovering this just now !!!

  39. hilaney

    Bless you all Tender listeners! I share your bliss.
    Love you Tender! Greatest band discovery this year ❤

  40. Keké Biacchi

    Love this music! Move Tender!

  41. Justina Nnamani

    Been here since 2017 ❤️❤️

  42. rai

    aaaaa que obra!!!!

  43. J B

    Great muusic, thanks! Greets from Germany

  44. Nudziarz

    I'm gonna need you tonight
    Walking miles in the moonlight
    Got myself into the wrong fight

  45. Leiriane Souza

    Que sonzera, carai! Eu tava precisando ouvir um som novo e o youtube me trouxe essa preciosidade.

  46. Kwapich Henri Jean

    We used to listen this with my ex while we do some hot things. I thought we were special. But after all, your music was the only thing special.

  47. Watch to Help


  48. Simge Yıldız

    I don't know why I couldn't find a Turkish comment. Cause we like those kind of songs😅 and I'm still waiting others to discover Tender 😂

    Javid Mahmudov

    We have already done

    Simge Yıldız

    @Javid Mahmudov güzel

    Javid Mahmudov

    congrats you for having good taste of music 😂👏

    Simge Yıldız

    @Javid Mahmudov ahahaha thanks

    Saida Murtazali

    Hidden treasure as its written above)

  49. cj idk

    marvels runaways?

  50. Ayari

    ahhhhhhhh this is a masterpiece.

  51. Otfexo


  52. dp Amok

    Such a sensual song. Any similar recommendations from Tender ?

    Lauren H

    Oracle, Afternoon, and Design!

    dp Amok

    @Lauren H thanks. Merry xmas!!

  53. candi

    i can’t wait to see you guys in kansas city in march! 🖤

  54. Simran Gogia

    It's the most precious, beautiful sad void I have ever fallen into.
    It's just amazingggg. Makes my eternal melancholy happy:)))))

  55. yeol ;

    how are all of their songs gold

  56. sushil thapa

    Nice song

  57. Shay M

    jesus how does music like this even live without beautifully destroying us

  58. FIN

    Nice view 🤟🕺💃🤯🙃🐉🌌💜🧡💛❤💚💙

  59. Victória Cardoso

    O ruim dessa música é que ela acaba

  60. KK Espadaz

    love this song so much

  61. Sami Moline

    Is that the sound of billiard balls clackin in the background?

  62. trina

    this song makes and then breaks my heart, over and over again <333

  63. Meyra Taha

    Addicted !!!

  64. yoli marxfem

    They have identity, that's awesome!

  65. medusa oy3

    It has such an Indian intro


    KEEP ON ! Your music is so good

  67. Meta KI Qinetics

    Tender ......seriously your sound is insanely sexy, thank you!

  68. Ryno Jacobs

    This song is so relaxing , peace in both my mind and heart. Finally 😌

  69. Anita Yeeter

    Play it at twice speed Thank me later

  70. Ropedintoyour Tropes

    I discovered the secret that is Tender. Blessed be.

  71. Ieva Jachimaviciute

    Ohhh found my new favorite :D

  72. Pal Éa

    I feel so selfish and protective towards tender's music

  73. SLIECE

    This type of music should be in movies! In a very intense/to be continued moment

  74. Areesha Bhurgri

    Love this song!

  75. Alena

    my favorite

  76. Who Da Fook Is That Guy

    Best one so far

  77. Annsee Parra

    Los amo con todo mi corazón😻

  78. IccarusArtz

    flume vibes...

  79. StefanieAnn78

    Tender is masterfully created soul crushing lyrics and absolutely makes me melt...

  80. Matias Woiciechowski

    What music genre is this?

  81. Pillfurd

    Just waiting on that next damn upload... Tender!!?

  82. Chriss

    Take care of what you're doing cause you are artists with huge potential and I predict that you will be famous in the nearest future , I love the songs Vow and Violence !
    Good Luck Guys and Greetings from Romania !

  83. Llelle Magaña

    Perfecta 😍 💕 💞 📢

  84. A T

    Skam Austin

  85. B B

    Tender... A gem I didn't know existed till a lil while back ....it speaks to my soul.... It illuminates the best part of my core... Kinda like the ocean does. Tender... If you read this, I simply adore your music... Lyrics and flow are superb! The sound.... Intensely enveloping;) kudos!

  86. spnbr

    Man every song is so cool just the way I like ...and dam I found you today ...downloading all of your songs✌

  87. Caio Mario

    Great song!!! From brazil!!! Tks spotify!!!

  88. Berker Balkarlı

    Zeus Kabadayı'dan gelenler + lasın asdadkadadsa

  89. clint bizkit

    I want to make love to this song so bad.... so sexy.

  90. Srinivas A

    0:17 Dat vocal sample 💥

  91. Andreza

    Cada música, um orgasmo

  92. Lasc Sancoli

    Addicted ❤❤

  93. whisper of the heart


  94. Fernanda Ávila

    Listen to 1.25x

  95. Amal Shiyas

    Got to be my favourite from the album <3

  96. Hermsnn

    Кто от Юли Никольской?)