Tender - Slow Love Lyrics

Spend a little too much time together
Forgotten how to be all by ourselves
Could be worse, yeah, it could be better
Stay inside beyond all others

Help won't get me out of bed
Stop the voices in my head
Waste away with you instead alone, alone

The great inside and fortitude
Safely home alone with you
Wasting time but what a view you are

Nobody told me when you love someone for real
That your mind's on hold and your heart's behind the wheel

I'm so caught up with you
Slow love in solitude
Don't eat and we drink too much
Four walls and that one room love

We'll drift away again
You give me something to numb the pain
We don't talk and we keep the door shut
We're together just a little too much

I'll lay awake in the middle of the night thinking about home
Feel so alone though I'm with you

Not the same as I used to be
My friends all lost touch with me
And there's nobody to blame but myself

Nobody told me when you love someone for real
That your mind's on hold and your heart's behind the wheel

I'm so caught up with you
Slow love in solitude
Don't eat and we drink too much
Four walls and that one room love

We'll drift away again
You give me something to numb the pain
We don't talk and we keep the door shut
We're together just a little too much

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Tender Slow Love Comments
  1. Desperado Marwat

    within first 5 secs this song earned a subscribe like and a click on the notifications button

  2. Revoked Chant Label & Gadboa

    good work :) LOVE

  3. Lemonnn Citric flame

    Any music recommendations like this song i have been listening to this somg for 3 days straight i need a change but with thr same vibe

  4. Sofia Catalina Tobar Torres

    It feel like I'm ......

  5. Sam

    Oii fãs do Brasil, estou traduzindo algumas músicas de Tender pq gostaria que fossem mais conhecidos no meu país, quem quiser dar uma passadinha no canal pra dar uma força. Faço totalmente de hobby e pq amo essa banda d+++ e eles merecem reconhecimento 💗

  6. Sungeun Shin

    PLEASE come to munich!!!!!!!!!! Your music is just mesmerizing

  7. Yıkık Le croissant

    I love a boy and he doesn't even know me. I see him today after a long time and I felt like shit.

    Martin Magaña

    Try to talk to him, so he notices you, but remember that you have to put yourself before anyone needs, always =) (on a healthy manner)

    Yıkık Le croissant

    Martin Magaña I doesn’t matter anymore he got back to his ex.

  8. MegaMissfitz

    I’m taking my tender lil self off to bed.. sweet dreams 😘😘😘

  9. Victorііa Free

    Космічно! Прекрасне, божественне звучання!

  10. TheTARANISh

    Cool video.

  11. pauleth Gomez Rodriguez


  12. Eva

    I feel like marrying his voice and cheating with the lyrics..

  13. TheGrumpyPanda 101

    I think of milesdespair when I listen to this I need to stop crushing on ig boys like fr.

  14. Earthling Ellis

    listen to it with speed 1.25
    you're welcome :)

  15. Juuzou

    i heart froze when the music went like "dhung dhung dhung"

  16. Christina Prach

    My favourite song of Tender ♥️ Happy New Year!

  17. Kiara Blouin

    y’all are AMAZING

  18. EXO'S personal hoe

    This video is just the best vibe I've ever seen wow

  19. Buket G

    This song must be popular. I dont understand, why 4 million views??? I listen every dayy i fell in love with this song!❤️❤️❤️

  20. Sarah Jaweedi

    please upload them on apple music<33

  21. le_dr

    Youtube algorithm knows what's good for me

  22. durgahed waliid

    You deserve millions of subscribers,you're music are lit,deserve more than this.

  23. Lamousse Bleue Motocyclette

    j'aime bien le clip

  24. Miss Independent

    This song exudes sex.

  25. Rotten Potato

    This is the most addicting dong ever... Took me almost a whole year to find though because yt is shit.


    Is YT shit because gives you the opportunity to listen to music for free?
    Do you even think?

  26. Aislyn Jeter

    To be in love with a photo.

  27. Mark

    Took me a while to realize I was looking at a gyrating bed

  28. Neyyire Ayse


  29. Myungsoo's dimples

    Love at first hear

  30. Ashlyn Singh

    Recommend 1.5x speed

  31. Santiago

    Noting better than stumbling into gold

  32. Tulsi Patel

    This gives me "getting high with a lover in a cheap hotel room" vibes

    Prateek Minhas

    hell yeahh

  33. Aziza AA

    Today I'm fucking happiest bee, thankyou for allowing me to live today from my heart.❤🌏
    And this music is making me more alive just wowowowowowowowwo.😁😇

  34. Matthew A

    you know you listening to this song while you fu...so good


    listen to mild orange - stranger

  35. Agustín Acuña


  36. Petre 1234

    Dzaaan mevasaaaa

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  38. Raul Ontiveros

    THought they were called: TINDER

  39. Isabela F

    this song is also a bop in 1,25 speed

  40. Vibin' Out

    Smoking a cigarette flirting with so many boys at 4Am~
    Feels so good but it's so bad! How can I explain it to him ?

  41. büssy

    this is amazing

  42. Blue Sawako

    I discovered this song before but now i feel so much the lyrics 💫

  43. Jagoda Tomczak

    Me and my s/o are obsessed with this song

  44. Leandra Loves Roses

    My tender escape!!! Love all your songs!!! Make more please....

  45. Cathy Nuttall

    Loving this ❤

  46. Kirtnite on Mobile

    Where are you little girl ? I have a gift for you.

  47. Kirtnite on Mobile

    Where are you little girl ? I have a gift for you.

  48. Makai Evetke

    every time I listen this I am washed away with my feelings

  49. meg oduogi

    is any of you single? I'd like to be caught up with any of you

  50. David Rossy Jr

    @Tender How do I liscense this song to put in my film! thank you again Ill be sending you a message thank you again.

  51. не яд, не бархат

    как возможно сделать настолько хорошо? обожаю эту песню, да и группу в целом. как же я люблю вас. спасибо

  52. Juan pablo Suárez

    TINDER - Fast Love

    Hina Jain

    Haha.. thats some humour !!
    But anyway.. i feel blessed to have heard this song.. Thank you Youtube !!

  53. lala marie

    i need to hear tender in movies or shows ❤️🔥

  54. Cat Pode


  55. Shirazel

    The clip is me when I'm using to much the liquify tool in photoshop

  56. Manya

    Loving the whirlpool like situation of the unmade bed.

  57. Stephanie Moreira

    oooo this shit is groovy af

  58. Julia Yulia .S

    хорошего голос

  59. Leon

    I can't tell if I'm on acid or the video is at this point.

  60. Archil Arjevanidze

    Where was this song all this time... still can't believe how close this is to real and specific feelings most of us have. Can't stop listening... really needed this

  61. Janna BJ

    I saw this video by accident.
    I have no words, I was enchanted!
    I would listen to it endlessly ...
    It's fantastic, it's amazing!!!

  62. Oscar Gons

    Like si eres Mexicano y escuchas a Tender <3

  63. Anna Yaroshenco

    под эту песню хочется пить шампанское и бегать по песчаному пляжу

  64. a tugão

    stop the music is in my head

  65. NoLimitMuzic [beats & instrumentals]


  66. Lilly Neyanah

    This song is perfect for rainy days ❤️
    This song + rain + thunder = 🙌

  67. Katya Barteneva

    Just love this music so much///

  68. André Milagres

    Fifa 20 ❤️


    Chills down my spine

  70. Mannon

    am still jamming to this lool

  71. unexpectedtimes

    You're my drug to heal all the time Tender ♥️ I'm so lucky for meeting you twice. Go back to Turkey

  72. ich nicht

    I felt like i listened to this song forever

  73. Charlotte Wilbraham

    Am I high or am I the only one seeing a weird alien face in the middle 😂


    we're all high

  74. Abhishri Shetty

    Here I am, minding my business, being happily single. Then I come across TENDER. This was the first song I heard of theirs and I had just finished watching 9½ Weeks. Now, I am relating to relationship issues I had never once experienced in my life. :D The music is almost transcendental, with that 80s vibe. Love them!

  75. TheFunkyMrFox

    took a minute before I saw the bed

  76. не яд, не бархат


  77. syikinitis

    I am obsessed with this song.

  78. Moumita Sarkar

    It's just a "huge-high" song to get you high without getting high.

  79. ichibanmegami

    Bit my lip listening to this one....


    Ulcers are the worst

  80. Rick Cai

    play this at 1.25, it changes into something totally different

    In Real Life

    And same with it at 1.5X haha It's almost upbeat at 1.5... like sounds like a dance song.

  81. Cezara Olteanu


  82. daisy rose

    love this song soooo much omg

  83. Berna Akyol

    - wasting time but what a view you are ❤️

  84. TBag de chilling

    this got me a erection.

  85. ainsworth

    the neighborhood vibe ~

  86. TheAwesomeKidWhoDied

    Thank you Youtube for finally recommending something that was worth my time...

  87. M E L R O S E

    they are so amazing live!

  88. EM ME

    I listened 3 seconds of the song and my head was already moving to the sound.....

  89. Minigamer :D

    Я нечего не понимаю в этом мире

  90. RouRou

    I like to believe this song is about being alone at home and in love with someone inside your head. An obsession that you can't fulfill outside your imagination, a desire strong enough to drive you to the point of seclusion. Something to keep your urges in check but not enough to make you feel less lonely.
    The lyrics make perfect sense in this instance.

    Luna sea

    I've felt like that, I thought I was alone...

    Mr_BiggSmoke 420

    Well coming from someone who can relate entirely to the song every word every letter I can say your very much on the same page as me but i have to say this song shocks me how accurate it is to times in my life

    Sofia Catalina Tobar Torres

    Tell me more please!

    Ashley Cx

    I love how you worded this ty

  91. Ki DeLeon

    good god this makes my soul ache
    “safely home alone with you...”
    being apart from someone who brings you such peace and happiness is the hardest thing, just want to be alone with her again

    mr Bangobombz

    Hope that time comes soon!

    Felix 888

    Then write that to her.. gosh 😴

  92. Ngoc Ng.H

    I just did a smoke and automatic play this song... 💨 blow*


    wow... in love with this song 💘

  94. Lita lsumu


  95. Natan Gniazdowski

    fucking love!

  96. Lost Gems

    why do comments have to make everything cringe

  97. Zein Ma

    I'm melting...