Tenacious D - who's your daddy? Lyrics

[JB:] This has been in a really bad way like—
[KG:] I don't like this
[JB:] This isn't— this is probably gonna be our toughest challenge of all
[KG:] It's insane
[JB:] I have an idea. Robot, attack! Take back the crystal!
[Jables Jr:] Oh man! Did I call you a shit head already? Good lord, you don't think that's part of the programming? Of course. Yeah. Hey robot, who— who— who's your daddy?
[Terminator:] You are. I'm sorry guys. I really came to like you over the last couple of weeks, but eh— he's right. It's built into my program
[Jables Jr:] Shut your fuckin' trap!
[Terminator:] Sorry guys. I can do nothing
[JB:] Robot...
[KG:] I guess this it
[Jables Jr:] I'mma torture you. And then I'mma kill ya. But before I begin the torture death, I'm gonna sing you a rad song based upon this current situation. Drop a beat Terminator…

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Tenacious D who's your daddy? Comments
  1. warlock

    He is ?????

  2. The Lego Series

    Yayy im early

  3. Captain Kriptonite

    You guys are amazing!

  4. Banana Attack

    I have been listening to your music since I was in High School. Thank you for all the sweet tunes and good times. Keep rockin dudes

  5. Tim Montgomery

    Fuck yes 🤣

  6. Annie Wright


  7. Jovanny Flores

    Tenacius D 2