Tenacious D - turd whistle Lyrics

[JB:] You fucking did it Kage
[KG:] Damn
[PB:] You used that green... that thing
[KG:] This crystal if fucking rad
[JB:] I'm a little scared of the power of it
[KG:] Well, we need it though
[JB:] Yeah. Okay Donald Jr, we're gonna have to uh, we're gonna have to take off now. We're taking the green thing and we're going to save the world. You're a piece of shit and you can go fuck yourself. Good luck surviving here without any of your Nazi's or any of your KKK. You fuckin' turd whistle
[Donald Trump Jr:] No, you guys. Don't leave me here. If you leave me here, I'm gonna fucking die. Before you guys go, I just wanna fuckin' sing you one song...

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