Tenacious D - To Be The Best Lyrics

To be the best, we gotta pass the test
We gotta make it all the way
To the top of the mountain!
We can do it again!

To feel the high, we got to learn to fly
We got to take it to the sky
On the wings of an eagle!
You're the best in the world!

You are the best, but you say you don't know
You've got the touch, now come on let it show
You call the shots
But you know that you gots to believe in
The things that you dream in
You search for the meaning
Is very revealin'
The power of bein'
Is what you're feelin'
You gotta believe!

That you're simply the best!

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Tenacious D To Be The Best Comments
  1. Dametri Watson

    Why is Kyle always getting bailed on?? 😂

  2. Paws Pawlisko

    Valee Kilmer is my siiiiit ;D

  3. Richard Tharp

    Loved "The Pick of Destiny" and Want a Sequel

  4. burntd0uun agenda

    This is awesome, hahaha

  5. 4TheFun !

    TenaciousD..They are Beyond Kings and Gods

  6. Dr Crimsoniam

    How’ve I not gotten more into tenacious D before now?

  7. RedRUM 25

    Jake 4 eva hahah.

  8. Cameraman

    I forgot this was a music video

  9. Beaner Dreamer

    black and cage must just ask these random famous people if they wanna hang out and they just like yee aight lol

  10. Nate Park

    Who else completely lost their shit when Kage ripped off his beard?

  11. andrewmeadows78

    I give this video a 4.92 out of 5. I never give a perfect 5. Got to leave room for improvement

  12. Soy Boy

    Jack somehow willed his hair line back with his pure will power

  13. SZEAG

    Gtfo Grohl

  14. Ned Kelly

    I like the "Fear" tribute in there

  15. Joshua Calimar

    I’m sorry but after watching a second time I can’t help but notice that the girls are still at 3:01

  16. Hitsu Ray

    0:47 is that yoshiki ? haha

  17. gypsieladie

    I swear the is the prequel to The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and Rage Kage

  18. Jugger naut

    3:57 the deee is back! we betta than befow....sounds like a star nowadays without autotune

  19. The Scheming Skeleton

    "Creaming Jeans" for idiots. LOL

  20. Mike CorLeoné

    Tenacious d is one of my favorite movies.. hands down

  21. PillCosby

    The problem with Pick was the script succumbed to formulaic BS. Could have been great if they followed their gut. First scene singing with Dio was great then it bombed when Script-Formula kicked in.

  22. NickNackPadyWak

    Seeing Dave Grohl in this video makes me happy!

  23. RicePanda

    Post Apocalypto in a nutshell 5:35

  24. argaen21

    Val kilmer literally died after this lole

  25. Trench Goat

    This is Epic! is there an 8 hour version of the song?

  26. METTI1986LA

    Dave grohl would be a great actor - atleast for comedies

  27. Tyler

    To be the best (comment)

  28. Shane Ostrowski

    There making another tenacious D

  29. forbidden cheese

    Lol hugging for 2 weeks

  30. Games met Wouter en Thijs

    Why and how did KG have a gun?

    Meme Iselfaneye

    It's America, you can get a gun at any school in the country.

  31. Jesse Gordon

    “Marijuana is now legal” lmao

  32. Paulie

    I get it. Val's first movie is called "Top Secret" lmao

  33. Casey Pilarczyk

    So cool

  34. Vladiz T

    Jack! It's me, Moses!

  35. Theodore Mello

    Can we just talk about how disturbing 1:04 - 1:17 is...

  36. TheWereparadox

    Wow a Superboy prime reference and doing drugs with monks and kind of making fun of your daily lives! Wow!
    (Also Val Kilmer is pretty cool)

  37. matt mclean

    LOVE, that's all. these guys..... LLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEE!!!! Pick of Destiny was amazing, a rock opera that was way underrated, the critics can kiss JB's, KG's, and my ass!!! That movie Dominated!! if you didn't feel moved in the first 15 minutes of that film, you're dead.

  38. masterzombie161

    Val took a Bullet for me
    now I got to Rock for three
    Kg and Me and don’t forget about Tenacious D.

  39. ArneBoB Flutschkopf

    oh gott i love you

  40. StarStatus Villarreal

    2k19? Like

  41. McGunther

    Is that dave grohl teaching you guys guitar

  42. Ismael Molina

    Bro I died when he said then there was no more Kyle only rage cage

  43. A.C. B. ART


  44. PotatoMan

    Hahaha i loved the part where you squeezed in the legalization part...

  45. Iam Frognabox

    Bells Bells....wait ..Bells Bells.....etc...

  46. Marge

    Oh i thought this was in today's year...

  47. Aquabone 81

    I can't believe Val lost all that weight.

  48. Jeroen Prins

    lol, How could I see this only just now.........


    the D iS BeCk....WeRRR BettER THAN bEForrrr~~

  50. Joshonwhatever

    Jack black be looking like Elton John

  51. Christian Olson

    Kage: I'm sorry I tried to kill you. I'm sorry I killed Val Kilmer.

    Jables: That's not important!!

  52. inceptional

    Ya know, I would love for these guys to be in the new Bill & Ted movie and actually help them write the song that will bring peace to all of humanity. :D

  53. E J


  54. Slowest Drummer

    Dang i wish dave grohl was my rock trainer

  55. Guilherme da Costa Ribeiro

    Man, there should be a second D movie! JB pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  56. LouisCypher1976

    One of THE MOST!!!..FUNNIEST 6minutes of ALL TIMES &....4 EVAAAAA!!!!...the...D's!!!...on a wings of an eagle HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!!!!....

  57. q Kosyl


  58. peter richmond

    Obama isn't the president though ,the might don is ,I feel these guys are libtards,but reasonably entertaining

  59. Anna Sólya

    Random Yoshiki cameo :D

  60. OverdosE DjLost

    This is so touching 😢... THE D!! You are the greatest rock band ever! long live the tenacious d.. and thanks for this song, it makes me powerfull... to be THE best 🤘

  61. Gamers Sanctuary

    jack blacks game of thrones theme better than majority of radio. thats not opinion. thats facts

  62. Gamers Sanctuary

    literally the best

  63. Berserker Cookie

    We need a full version of "To be the Best" Song or at least some more songs about the progress of Tenacious D becoming the greatest Band in the World. Which they are....

  64. Bram Janssen-Ros

    Love the D

  65. Koraurau Kingi

    "Thats not opinion, thats facts"

  66. Chupa Chups

    F... me that was good... 😎🤯👑

  67. makharov

    Came here from GQ Tenacious d undercover because I forgot Val Kilmer had a cameo haha

  68. i420x Gaming

    God Jack black is such a talented singer! And Kyle style of guitar is so in tune with jb they are a match made in heaven haha

  69. The Goat Got Milked

    0:48 is that Yoshiki from X Japan?


    That moment when you try to say Dave Growl but you say Josh Groban and next cut Josh Groban appears...trippy

  71. RaafaelRzz _

    The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Ragekage history

  72. Serena Tsukino

    4:35 so extra. 😂 Got to love them.

  73. NinjaDag1

    That's not oppinion, that's fact!

  74. Matthias Krug

    4:35 the song starts 😉 but the whole video is hilarious 🤣

  75. T1000AX

    4:36 reminds me of a dvda song

  76. cakeitdown

    Freaking Dave Grohl <3

  77. Joshua Rogers

    Is this the sacrifice scene where the Death of Loki scene came from in Thor Ragnarok?? I swear that's pretty much the same scene!

  78. Matt

    At least Dave Grohl was in it. Not for any vocals, he was just there.

  79. densch123

    who was that ugly guy that Jables was talking with?

  80. Ceja Chavarín Yaotl

    4:42, oh shit, dave <3

  81. David McGee

    yes their back.........

  82. Spandex Commenter

    This should be the Pokemon theme song.

  83. Wil McDowell


  84. NoobMeister

    Everything these two does is hilarious 😂😂 Jables as the suave , successful , cocky Hollywood star is just too much 😂😂 esp his running ! Val did an amazing job here

  85. Johnnie Lambert

    Be cool to see the bong of Destiny common that was obviously what should of happened haha

  86. TyTyger 626

    1:04 "Now let's check in with Mario who's rocking out on the set of a new Selena Gomez music video."

  87. Ricardo Manuel Arana

    Remember that movie "Now I Pronounce You... Chuck & Larry" starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James?. Well, these dudes could have made it better. They'd make a cute gay couple. Not kidding, I never saw two dudes getting along so good. Bad thing is... I sort of envy them, LOL.

  88. Basilisk Frenzy

    I like how Dave and Jack are good friends and he’s willing to be in his weird music videos with him.

  89. Jake Black

    Most of the women in the back are manicans 3.00 +

  90. Jonny 616-999-6669

    Butt stuff

  91. Sam Senft

    This dude really looks like jablinski, who agrees?

  92. Milos Ostojic

    It's the best when you're high and watch their spots

  93. Pedro R

    80's movie montage scene :D

  94. Lefteris raptopoulos

    4:25 For some reason this song inspires me to be the best..

  95. MingotheMetalMango 646260

    You gotta have a montage!

  96. Slappy Boi

    “Lots of drugs”

    In his next jablinski games video I will tell him that

  97. Orlando G.

    Pemberton, could you please escort this riffraff from the premises.