Tenacious D - They Fucked Our Asses Lyrics

They fucked our asses
They fucked 'em hard
But we kept our indie cred
For the whole nine yards

They blocked our album
They fucked our show
But we marched through hill and dale
Through the ice and snow

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Tenacious D They Fucked Our Asses Comments
  1. SANDWICHshuriken

    I wonder if this is going to be used as the AEW's theme for their debut.

  2. Mr. Sir

    I legit thought this was 'When by Megadeth' by the Intro.. Give it a Listen too they sound Exactly the same!😯

    Kaleb Morrow

    Almost the exact same riff! Influenced by the best

  3. Courage Is Standing Up Alone

    And that's how JB has stayed on top of many things throughout Hollywood!

  4. Bryan Moreno

    another great song that needed to be longer especially the ending