Tenacious D - TAKE US INTO SPACE Lyrics

You gotta take us into space
We gotta save the human race
But first you gotta let us say goodbye

Goodbye mother earth, you've served us well
Your rolling hills, your gorgeous lakes
You have been swell
Your fucking flowers, your fresh breeze
Your blue skies all day
Your twinkling stars, your northern lights
It's time to go away

Me and KG are going into space
And we are never coming home again
We're gonna miss you, we'll never kiss you
We're gonna go have lots of sex in space
Sex in space

Farewell my friend
We're talking to the earth again
We're gonna party with Elon Musk in space
Ah-ah-ha yeah
Richard Branson partying hard
We're gonna kick it with him
We're gonna drink some space juice mixed with gin
Oh yeah

We're partying in space to save the human race
We're gonna have to shoot some goo
We're coming in space
We're cumming inside of you

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Tenacious D TAKE US INTO SPACE Comments
  1. 1207Hugo

    I love this song so much. So proud

  2. Ismael Molina

    This is my favorite D song now thanks for the lovely experience it wipes away my depression and bipolar anger with easy thanks D your my dream

  3. ThanatosTM

    I, fucking love this band, they are the best band ever PERIOD!

  4. Castle Factory

    The far superior earth loving song released by a comedy band in the last year song to Lil Dicky’s Earth

  5. Rebecca Ruiz

    Imma play this at my funeral

  6. Anderson Bram

    Cummin in space
    Cummin inside of you!!

  7. Musta Krackish

    twas written in the stones that one day a band would come. Well that band has come, and now they are here to cum again, in your ear pussies

  8. Benjabola

    Space is the ultimate frontier.

  9. Henry

    REM vibes

  10. Sinceridade Sempre

    Yes, it is the best band of the world.

  11. justin rodriguez

    Bro fuck yes

  12. joshg1233

    I LEGIT freaked out when you said you were never coming home again..

  13. ITMPro


  14. Cameron Kok

    I just love this song so much

  15. Ashley Armato

    *We're talking to the Earth again*


  16. Seth green having a Vietnam flashback J

    Elon-the musk

  17. SirKitAlot

    You know it's a good song when jack hitting them high notes.

  18. Sick Randy

    My only problem with the D is their tendency to give us a 20 track album with 7 or 8 actual songs & tons of skits & short songs.

    Either way. Love these dudes.

  19. Darwin Garcia

    gracias por existir en mi vida

  20. OU81TWOZ 46

    Obvious Dave Ghroul wrote this for them.


    No he didn't. He only comes up with the drum parts.

  21. Between The Grooves

    This song is beautiful..."your fucking flowers"🎶🎶🎶🎶

  22. Ryan Reed

    Thank you for existing in my lifetime...

  23. nolan landry

    Everyone get the fuck outta America we’re all going to get nuked be forwarnd.... goodluck god bless

  24. Jet Skull

    Is dave playing drums on this album


    Of course, he's always their album drummer.

  25. spud w

    Will there be another Tenscious D movie we need another like POD!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    Jet Skull

    I think they will or in the middle of another D movie

  26. Austin Hale

    Ill be son of a bitch another d song ill be fucking spamming till I know the exact lyrics

  27. alon fridman

    OMG i love this band

  28. Liam G

    Love it

  29. Tyree Webster

    These are some of the nicest songs they’ve made.

  30. Caramel Coke

    "Your fuggin flowers" is how i will now and forever acknowledge flowers

  31. CalebHughMarsh

    This guys really is a JACK of all trades


  32. Child of Artem

    Im not a huge rock fan but I can't get this outta my head.

  33. UnknownHumanoid

    this is quite a Creedence Clearwater Revival style.

  34. UnknownHumanoid

    your fucking flowers

  35. Tim Montgomery

    This uh next band asked me not to read this
    But, goddammit, I'm going to read it anyway
    Because I wrote it, and it's the truth
    I fucking love this band
    They're the best band ever, period

    Jazz Webster

    And he bows to them 😂


    "me and KG wrote this song five minutes ago"


    Wait a minute! I accidently thru my pick, it's a CLEAR pick, it's a special pick, can I get that back?

  36. RareWarington

    Best so far imo! Keep it up, D! ;)

  37. FYM Rocket

    We gonna party with Elon Musk in sPAAAAceeeeeeeH

  38. Jinzen

    But I miss the Fenix

  39. Elena La Loca

    I have loved JB/KD=TD way back since their early days with their show, then their movie came out. To this day I love introducing people to their awesome talent and their harmonics OMG! I listen to a ton of their tracks when I am on my long-distance motorcycling rallies, and it must be hilarious for someone to see my just belting out in my helmet their songs. Tenacious D... WE REIGN!!!! (and smoke a bigass bowl of weed... with me.... tenacious D)I am so glad I found this channel, never thought to look for it, glad that YT knew to 'recommend' it to me. (guess they saw how much of TD I have watched in the past XD.)
    Jack is my hero, but I have a serious soft spot for Kyle <3 ... he can come and be my bitch. (I know he would love it)

  40. Soggy - Alan Dawson

    Sex In space!!!! 😊😊

  41. James Jo

    OK NERDS ! / BANDWAGON FANS !!!!! - AND IM SORRY IF I OFFEND THE HARDCORE FANS - //// BUT !!!!!!!! look at the classics .... wonder boy / tribute / rise of the finx/ kickapoo.maaster exploder........ look at the views...... guess what....................!!!! those songs was not cringe songs about sex or fuking ...... sorry but this album is for the kids . the D had funny songs about sex and ect but it was classy ....only some of them .... every song i heard from this new album is made for kids ...HAHAH SEX... GET IT... ITS FUNNY HE SAID SEX AND HE WANTS TO FUCK ...HAHAH GET IT............! - this is not the true D-.


    Rise of Finix isn't classic, that whole album sucks.

  42. Nick Weidner

    We’re gonna have to shoot some goo..

  43. K-Man Reborn

    Having your album consist of solely of audio clips and musical interludes is completely underwhelming.


    That's what their first album was and it was great

  44. James del Nilo


  45. Fink Ployd

    best track so far

  46. Jere Tulimäki

    I like how these songs are released one at a time! Always really excited to open Youtube :P

  47. Block Dude

    Dude I love this album!

  48. RadiantBurrito

    Dude, that was TNT.

  49. Two Dumb Guys

    Sex in space...that really is the dream.

  50. Rick Kroening

    Love this songs

  51. JasonVoorhees10100

    open your eyes , things have never been better , earth is an amazing ball of recycling power.

  52. onthe edge


  53. Peely

    why is it so short? this could easily be like 8 minutes


    That's what she said!

    Natasha RotaGómez

    MrParkerman6 lmao

  54. Digital Musician

    Jack black is my butter on toast

  55. Beez

    I am so damn happy! Thank you for bringing back the pure joy of music and your both great talents to the world! THANK YOU!!!

  56. samo Shaddixx

    jack black's voice is getting better with age :0


    @EL Davey Thank you so much o__o

    EL Davey

    @NationalVideoWatcher https://youtu.be/voLlASiqLOE and your welcome ...enjoy

    EL Davey

    @NationalVideoWatcher https://youtu.be/xj5VI9KEpbM last one for now...

    EL Davey

    ​@NationalVideoWatcher sozz dude i LOVE Jack Black


    @EL Davey Here here! Thanks for the choonz!

  57. RedYellow Blue

    The HBO series was obviously written around pre-existing songs. The songs didn't need the show to be great.
    This time around, its pretty obvious the songs were written around the plot of the series, they almost feel like an afterthought.


    well, it is a rock opera

    RedYellow Blue

    So was the beginning (kickapoo) and end (beezelboss) of The Pick of Destiny, and those two songs are among the band's best stuff. Even people I know who don't like that movie love those songs. Quality shines, excuses don't.


    The songs for the HBO special were NOT pre-written.

    Josh Duque

    The songs were actually written around the HBO show

  58. The Beard Dream

    So good. This just shows the true talent of the Tenaciously Tenacious D!

  59. Miguel Gallardo

    The power of D :)

  60. khairowensullivan

    This is epic as a song, even more epic with the Apocalypto story

  61. Aria Strwn

    So good

  62. lolpato xd

    Hermoso 🤘

  63. Asguard Agash

    Before 1 trillion

  64. II-50_Shades_Of_ Swift-II

    Please Make A Post Apocalyptic Movie :)

  65. Pizza Games Funtimes


  66. Gabriel Portilho


  67. high elf

    those dislikes are from bad aliens

  68. Dynamo


  69. John Lennon

    All you need is D!!!!!!

  70. Leandro Salvino


  71. Traj

    Were they inspired by David Bowie?

  72. Inside Max’s Head

    Who’s the one jack ass who disliked. This is art

  73. La Secta Del Ekuipo

    Muy bueno...🤘🤘🤘

  74. Adam Hawkins

    that was awesome had a bit of a country sound with a little Elton John flavor but it was most definitely the D

  75. Kaina Kuneho

    I didn't know this existed until recently and I'm glad that I did. :)

  76. Traj

    Jack fucked Grimes

  77. BryFry OG

    Good Bye Mother Earth

  78. Connor r

    The d will rise again next month!🤗🤗🤗😎 Great track the d!🤗🤗🤗😎

  79. Curtis Parker

    OMG KG JB y’all the cream of the mothafucking tittie’nipple crop your lyrical/tonal/rhythmic beauty has sung some of the best sole ruching songs and I would like y’all to know that even if y’all don’t see this

  80. Tony Young

    We all must punish that one motherfucker who clicked the dislike button.

  81. Delusional Tom

    Damn I love this song bring a tear to my eye

  82. Erik Van Der Waal

    So far it does sound like every song has been recorded right after another with mostly the same instruments. Will we see some songs like Tribute, Master Exploder or Depth Star on this album?

    Seth Taylor

    Erik Van Der Waal no those songs are on a different album silly erik


    this is the stupidest comment i have ever read erik

  83. Screamin Mime


    out of A HUNDRED!

    These songs better get better or I'm going to return my prep-order!

  84. DefMettle


  85. Tony Young

    I really love Fridays more than anything. What great a feeling to get up on Friday morning and to know that your favourite band has brought out a new song+episode. LONG LIVE THE D MOTHAFACKAAS


    Before I never knew, how long a week can be. Even getting up way sooner than the other days to be online when the new episode is uploaded.


    They release the post A. on Thursdays, not Friday. They been uploading a day early ever since the first episode.

    Tony Young

    i do live in Germany and I see the episodes on Fridays.

  86. Manuel Castro

    You guys are brilliant!!!!

  87. romabdwjn


  88. Doc2Nerd

    Finally you’re back at any media again! Go on TENACIOUS D!!!

  89. Jordan Fayd'herbe


  90. Angel Investor MUSIC

    I really like what I've heard from this album so far. My only complaint is that the songs are too short.


    that's one song in the bank.



    wouldn't surprise me if they put some of the dialogue from the episodes on to the album. reminds me alot of their first album


    @Alexandroid yeah that's confirmed on the tracklist on the website. Inbetween pretty much every capital letters song is a lowercase skit

    Scythe Dev Team - Scythe Saga Records

    This song would have worked longer, they did the piano ballad version when KG stayed on Earth.

    I want to hear a 4 minute version of the theme song, too. The whole album, every song had more legs for sure. They really crushed it this album, but they always do. It's the fuckin' D.

    Dom Campbell

    Why you gotta complain ya big wuss love and peace this is what jammin is

  91. Myles

    Thank you for being the greatest band ever.

  92. Michael O Callaghan

    Tenacious D - beards, vulgar rock and MS paint. 😈

  93. donoroko

    Slowly in time, you guys became my favorite band in the world. You are fresh and beautiful as day 1, you are pretty much like two new born babies with a guitar an a microphone in their hands for the first time. Wait, what?


    *sniff * Yes. What donoroko said.

  94. UkeliDokeli

    I like this series and the songs... But honestly so far if these are going to be the songs on the new album it's not exactly as epic as the previous albums... Not even close... Without them being in context of the episodes themselves they're just not songs I'd listen to individually like I do with almost all of their previous songs

    suhail latiff

    Completely disagree

    Andreas Nordvall

    They might be less "epic" but to me it's the most entertaining material they've put out since their debut album. I feel a lot of the other albums just repeated the same jokes. Not to say they aren't fun, but this is turning out to be really original and fresh so far. I'd say you should give it a chance and see if it grows on you.


    Didn't get any notifications for this until now... Interesting to see all the different viewpoints


    Ride of The P Sucked! This album isn't gonna be as good as their first two, but is defiantly better than Rize.


    I'd listen to this song all the time. It's awesome.

  95. Ame' McCormick

    Tenacious D ..."Rocks"🤘 Love you two SO Much💓

  96. Joe Kovacs

    I'm gonna have to shoot some goo. Thanks for coming in space (and me) Tenacious D !