Tenacious D - Rivers Of Brown Lyrics

Rivers of brown
All flowin' down
I like to say caca

Rivers of gold
Flowin' from us all
I like to say Cuervo

Rivers of white
Blastin' through the night
I like to say coco

Rivers of brown
Now they're rainin' down
On your phoney crown
Your phoney crown of brown
Fuck yeah yeah

I like to caca
And I like to pee pee

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Tenacious D Rivers Of Brown Comments
  1. Amarok

    One of the best acoustic riffs ever and it's on a song about shitting...

  2. dogpetdog

    what the fuck dude! should have been on the album!

  3. Tom Mendes

    Anyone knows why this music isn't on Spotify?

    hell raiser

    Because it didnt land on the actual album

  4. Kyle Sarti

    this song sux

    Tony Jo

    To you maybe

    E Sn

    Tenacious D is a national treasure

  5. ThePowerOfEquality432

    VERSES (rivers of gold...)
    SECOND PART (I like say coca...)

    Robbie 10

    instead of Bflat i'm pretty sure its a Gminor :)

    Adrian Apaza Flores

    It`s no coca, is caca.

  6. Jacob Godwin

    My soul

  7. ligbou

    best song of the album!


    the more I listen to it the more I have to agree with you, it's epic!

  8. Kiriakos Siluok

    The official shitting song


    +Kiriakos Siluok I like say caca

  9. Adam Múdry

    kinda ouch :D

  10. sparkshadowtiger

    Why doss the fenixes body look like a penis XD

    Thomas Goude

    sparkshadowtiger It’s intentional 😂

  11. Rob Brown

    Are you trying to fucking preach or what? I have seen this as your comment on this whole playlist and its stupid. Stop being so vague about what you are advertising.

  12. Vinicius Fachola

    The lyrics are just shit, literally
    but the music is fucking beautiful man *-----*

  13. klimaszeiro29

    well, thankfully it's gone.

  14. klimaszeiro29

    not as awkward as your face ;x sorry, you were just begging for it

  15. klimaszeiro29

    hahahahaahha no it isn't, because I did not watch anything even similar to this little shit... hahahaah

  16. APBradley

    Anyone figure out a tab or chords for this song?

  17. coconuthunterlemons

    The Videos on the side are suggested on the side because you have watched similar videos......... Sooo.... yeah... awkward for you telling us that.

  18. ItzikOfficial

    what is wrong with you?

  19. GamerOfPower

    fuck you too, so simple.

  20. ItzikOfficial

    fuck you

  21. GamerOfPower

    no,you were born there.(and i fed no troll)

  22. ItzikOfficial

    they wrote it in the bathroom?

  23. Polotska

    fucking genius lyrics

  24. rockndancenroll

    hahaha so true!

  25. Gregorio Zanin


  26. JohnTheJoint

    This is my favorite song now.

  27. Dean Power

    no, its the fenix..who may kinda look like a cape and septre

  28. Emil

    thats a fucking Penis man!

  29. Lucas Paul

    hahahaha I haven't heard of that since I didn't get the deluxe edition. Thanks for the upload!

  30. GreenPageProduction

    and this song is also the shit c; <3

  31. spliter227

    This would be a great song for eastbound and down

  32. ImaWanderer

    1 person is constipated :/

  33. MyKidron


  34. sloobis

    lovely melody despite the content :P anyone know of any similar songs?

  35. EpicRenegade777

    o dear, someone did it D:

  36. Colby Brewer

    rivers of brown=poo
    rivers of gold=pee pee
    rivers of white=cum
    long live the d!

    Anonymous of Holland

    This is quite possibly my favorite comment on all of YouTube just because it showcases so perfectly the average YouTube comment writer. "I CRACKED THE CODE GUYS, HERE'S WHAT IT IS IN CASE YOU DIDN'T GET IT"


    Long may they reign

  37. Sakura Mirage

    I just realized that the Phoenix is a penis and balls.... 'Rise of the Phoenix'.....

  38. John O

    God dammit, I should have bought the Deluxe Edition. I bought the CD version of the regular album from Amazon because I couldn't find it after going to three stores. I WISH I HAD KNOWN!

  39. Shaun Ince

    Had the CD since 1st day of release and only just found this, quantum leap and 5 things today thanks for the upload. Silly lyrics per usual but love the guitar track

  40. LookItsSully

    I like to caca, and i like to pee pee.

  41. klimaszeiro29

    hahahha, you're right, didn't thought about it =)

  42. peronkop

    hahaha spot on.

  43. Leor .Anderson

    oh good :D no dislike keep it like that

  44. TenaciousDPolska

    Cause he is a shit. And this song is about shit.

  45. klimaszeiro29

    wtf is Justin Bieber doing on the 'recomended' side???

  46. Giovanni bertolotto

    if you pre order the limited edition on EMP you can get an extra emp's video for rize of the fenix.

  47. sad snake

    lol I thought the vinyl would have these but i was obviously wrong

  48. Tehtog

    Deluxe album only.