Tenacious D - reunion/not so fast Lyrics

[KG:] Yeah, I'm gonna commit suicide! In five, four, three, two…
[JB:] Don't even think about it bro
[KG:] Jack?
[JB:] Step away from the cliff
[KG:] You're back
[JB:] Yeah, lemme tell you something. That space station was pretty rad except for one thing. I was missing my bro
[KG:] You were?
[JB:] When we… started Tenacious D… we formed a bond… that's to the death…
[KG:] You did…
[JB:] I love you bro!
[JB:] A bond! Hug me and hold me!
[KG:] OK, I will. I will
[JB:] Kiss me on the lips...
[Daddy Ding Dong:] Not so fast!
[JB & KG:] Ahh!
[Daddy Ding Dong:] Great, now I have you all in my tentacles. Ahh, I'll begin with you and your little doggy. You are the one who killed my beloved daughter, Crackalacka Ding Dong. And now, you shall pay with your life. But first, I'm gonna sing you a song. It go a little bit something like this…

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Tenacious D reunion/not so fast Comments
  1. HeyItsNoah

    This is like the second reunion in their whole f***ing careers...

  2. steven ross

    far out dude

  3. Hans Solheim

    So I was listening to this today (haven't heard it before yet as I just recently got it), playlist shuffling on my PC. It went straight from "it go a little bit something like this"
    into https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgLvTtYS-nk

    Perfectly smooth transition (no gap), didn't even notice it was a completely different song to begin with :P

  4. Portuguese Dudeman

    "You shall pay with your life... but first... I'm gonna sing you a song... it goes a little something like this: "😂
    How generous of the Octupus to sing a song before killing Hope the 2 headed dog! 😂

  5. Portuguese Dudeman

    These guys are fucking awesome

  6. Joel Wallenius

    Voice acting top notch!!

  7. about the Metal

    Wicked I love it as much as I love trump.

  8. kurdtkobayne

    I just tried to killed myself today from the balcony. My father looks a lot like hollywood jack. haha and something like this song happened. I just wish if you come to colombia, south america i have a chance to see you. We are the R with a friend. A Colombian Tenac. We are called Rainbort and made our film by ourselves just like you. called " mago y aktor" . i totally love 39 and it meant a lot for us cause at the end of the song it says "diamond ring" but it sounds so much like diamond rain. and RainBort. comes from the mix of the word rain and an imperfect diamond, the one used in oil drilling. and the fight with the flutes and trombones in that album happens all the time in here with my friend. This album is so much the symbol of a global hope deterred. You are awesome. I wont ask for a third movie, thats right, but i would ask even if you never come to colombia, south america that you someday collab with the second greatest band in the world, an epithet that suits more my band but im not asking for a collab with us this time but a collab with Electric Six. Both your juicies would make the sprucing goosing the hope that this world needs. Spruce goosing as the second verse of The Best. To be the best. You gotta past the test. An anagram in spanish for tenacious D: Tu Dios Nace. Your god birthes

  9. Muxufo

    Very good sound ! Very good work to you too !

  10. Tony Young

    Dear Jables and Kage,
    i really, really, really love you because you are the reason I picked up the guitar 6 years ago. You also have been my best friends when I went through my darkest hours. When I heard that you are going to bring out a new album this year I went crazy and I couldnt believe that. Now the time is here and the album is out. I saw 21 tracks and I thought this is gonna be so AMAZING. Now that i have heard all the 21 tracks I can say one thing "sorry guys but I wont go with this album". We all have been waiting for 6 years and all we get is a shitty animation series and an album with 5 Songs whist last maximum 2 minutes? Yeahhh i know you will say this is a rock opera and things like that but I dont care. I really liked the songs ROBOT, HOPE AND TAKE US INTO SPACE but the rest is just talking and nothing more. I am also very curious about the tour that you are going to announce in the next months. How will you present those 2 Minutes Songs live? i will stick to the last three albums that really changed my life and I am gonna wait probably 6 more years to hear from you.
    With love and respect.


  11. Kyle Medford-Hawkins

    Hey could you guys release a podcast! I think everyone would love to hear you guys on tenacious d adventures on a regular. You guys kick dragon balls, ☮️

  12. Inhumanbog

    Lol got to say this was absolutely my favorite part.

  13. Captain Kriptonite

    Amazing as always

  14. DrS Xperimentis

    🤘😠🤘 even though this is not really
    🎸 a song, you guys still rock!

  15. UnKnwnError

    2nd u guys are awesome!

  16. Zoey Sanchez5638

    I love tenacious d