End of the world
Searching for that special girl
She's the last one in the world


End of the line
This is our time to shine
Tenacious D has got to shine

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  1. knownchild

    where is the bong of destiny?

  2. Daniel Luna

    Saw them live for the first time yesterday fucking rocked it

  3. wictor do Rock

    Lets go tenacious D e thank you for live in Brazil the rock in Rio

  4. John Doe

    I have some d for all you pansies

  5. Jammythewerewolf

    I'm definitely reminded of Lisa: The Painful right now.

  6. Deja Blue 82

    Best 40 seconds of my life. A little bit like sex

  7. mika


  8. Firth Laist

    That cheeky “Afuckalyptooooo” 😆👌🏼

  9. Dean Fish

    Saw this live in wembley and it was the best thing in the world! Tenacious D has certainly shined

  10. Thomas Davis

    Yo Kg and jables reanimate this album on the cartoon put some promo in to it I would be the best album of 2018

  11. BizarreSide


  12. Lemon FX


  13. Jojo Crazy Cat

    Came from First WE Feast.

  14. The egg


  15. Texas Dad

    Why are they so damn good. This is what we've all been needing in a world of mumbling rap and fake singers.. LONG LIVE THE D!!!

  16. Chrisie Palmer

    Saw your post Facebook that ya wanna get the special plaque... so I skedaddled on over and subscribed! Love ya long time! ✌🏻 🎸 🎶

  17. Carnivorous- Creature

    The lord has blessed us

  18. FoxhoundVnzla

    we need a full song!

  19. EZG EZG

    Fukin Fight To prevail

  20. Level3Lifestyle

    This album is like a modern day "war of the worlds" but so very D

  21. Paul Animations And Gameplays

    Imagine This With The Reprise Theme

  22. Roger Provan

    Really feels like there are...2/3 seconds missing at the beginning of the song. I love the epic vibe, but feels rushed somehow.

  23. damian nancavil

    Dammn they cut it in the best part

  24. Puppet Yoda

    This is too fucking short!

  25. usoap141

    The only good song in this album... sorry JB KG...

  26. Koty Wilkinson


  27. cocklord

    Long time fan here. I have to say that I don't lke the latest album. Where's the rock? All about saving earth and leaving earth and shit. What happened to the "we don't give a damn" attitude?

  28. Esteban Canul

    And the metal? :(

  29. koma uan

    yesterday when i heard a new d album was out i was excited, after i've went through the 21 tracks.. felt empty, disappointed, this could be a funny jam session but u cant call it an album, 30 mins of sketches but not more.. there are 4 songs more or less that sound all the same, the Ds lost their path..

  30. Capn Smashem

    This theme song needs a full 3+ minute version! I love it so much!

  31. Alfredo de jesus Carrera mireles

    Ufffff perfect

  32. SunnySangria

    Holy fuck

  33. Cayley Smith

    I think mhi mind is blownn

  34. osiris292

    This reminds me of "Pain for Pleasure" by Sum41 - in other words it NEEDS a 3-5 minute long version cause it's freaking awesome.

  35. Zach Smith


  36. meff

    I need to hear the whole damn thing. This is too much of a cock tease

  37. Pheonixflamez

    Like most people have said before, this needs to be a full 3-5 minute song. Can't just have a 40 second theme and leave us all hanging for the next 6-7 years for more epic music

  38. VIGIL

    Fuck this is awesome.

  39. Vassild

    LOVING new series BUT WHEN WILL THIS FULL SONG COME OUT! so far the sickest song yet!

  40. Luca Vincent

    it's already better than rize of the fenix

  41. Deadly-One

    Total Pick-Me-Up even after coffee has failed. Gets the inner rock going. You know what I mean?...

  42. Dougie G

    Can you please make it long ?

  43. danferra torrosel

    God please make an extended version of this

  44. MrRoomerz

    Oh god, finally!

  45. Mountain Timbs

    A longer version of this would be heavenly

  46. x Force of One x

    I love the theme song

  47. Billy Fusco Jr.

    Already a month old? Time flies way too fast.

  48. Misael Piero

    This si so great. Maybe it's me but this kind of remind me about the yellow submarine movie.

  49. Ceceli

    This should be a full song! Where is it?

  50. MrHairyGoat

    _>right click_

  51. Tomás Olivera Sala

    I may be late to the party I have one question is this the Pick of Destiny sequel they mentioned in back may ? or is there a live action in the works?

  52. Maliniacz

    w8ing for full song !!

  53. Vidiots

    I really want a full song version of this

  54. Matt Buglo

    I've listened to this song 40 times in one sitting

  55. thirdeyed

    This is epic. Been waiting for the D to come and release new music all over my face.

  56. kcwacw1

    Can this be a full song?

  57. Connor r

    The d rise again with this great track well done JB and kg!😉😁🙂🤗😎

  58. Stephen Reed

    *_Top 10 Anime Theme Songs_*

  59. Jonathan Carmo

    Tell me when we get a extended version of this please!


    tell me as well please.

  60. Asguard Agash


  61. Asguard Agash


  62. Gericke Nel

    Wish this was a full song! This fucking riiiiiippppppps

  63. Mateo Ricardo Ortega Cuenca

    New and eternal ring tone!! <3

  64. southweststrangla420

    i want this song

  65. dvcreservations

    This should have been a full length song - it has a fantastic beat.

  66. Old School Radical Gamer Dude

    Pfft...you call this a song? No, seriously...is that what this is called?

  67. leadbones

    Nice, D.

  68. Simon aus Berlin

    Tenacious D have got to shine!

  69. MaL

    yes the D IS BACK

  70. Alejandro Garcia

    Needs a longer version

  71. Constillate

    Part of what makes these awesome is seeing JB and Cage's expressions as they smash through the song. Hope this is on the album in full.

  72. Karol Karpiński

    This really needs to be 3-5 minutes long.

    James Ruppert

    The gods being the "D" jackass. And secondly you bet your ass I can cum in 40 seconds I know how to run my Johnny. Plus my girl ain't half bad.

    James Ruppert

    Y'all are just ungrateful dick squeezers... the length is perfect #Trump2020


    UncleShreksBBQ love your name

    QualityKaijuMan 75

    Actually this song needs to be three hours long...

    Carl Gray

    agreed !

  73. GLADwhenUwin

    Wish there was a full version..

  74. Giannis Koutsikos

    damn, need a full song!

  75. 갓큐레

    잭블랙 나를 가져요 ㅠㅠㅠ

  76. Thydro Zach

    Started 200'6', '6' years later they came back and another '6' years they came back over again.

    Taylor Kane

    That's the beauty of Tenacious D. They've got the power of Hell by the scrot via the Bong of Destiny.

  77. Beetle Juice

    If this is any indication on how the new album is, I'm very excited.

  78. Joshua Gerber


  79. Lo0py

    My favorite kind of D.

  80. Travis Gardner

    Oh, you've got a butt tattoo too!

  81. globalgourmand

    Dave Grohl belongs on drums and nowhere else. You get on drums and stay on drums, Grohl!

  82. BeauDG

    The D is back, but the D never really left. Right? My hard rocking amigos?

  83. Tropical Dookie

    I like how KG is drawn like Mermaid Man.

  84. Chevy Mayner FRESH

    Comeith down upon us d

  85. Christopher Blue

    I wish this was longer, damnit!

  86. Alex Davis

    Omg you way to tease us guys

  87. densch123

    Jables and Cage are on it again! :'-)

  88. densch123

    god has spoken to us again! :O

  89. Dimitrije6500 :D

    Nice teaser for the upcoming movie!

  90. T Rump

    Forced add for 40sec video. Wow yt

  91. Heart1783

    Just like the phoinex, We'll Ri-e-i-e-iseeee again!!!!

  92. just some asshole who loves tenacious d


  93. Michael Tozzi

    Jack & Kage, friendship is truly rare!

  94. MANtana Bruce

    designed to make my DCK hard

  95. Pedro

    God has joined the server

  96. Complexik

    i hope this new deal isnt fkn animated.... how lame would that be.

  97. Mr Guy

    If this doesn't shine now, it will shine in the near future as more people listen to this. Jack and KG, I love what you do and what you stand for. Keep that fire in you burning.

  98. Nicholas Mckay