Tenacious D - i've got to go Lyrics

[Scientist:] Wow! Um… I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Okay! Your lucky day Jack Black, you're getting on the ship. Kyle Gass, I'm sorry. You're not gonna make it too. We're not blaming you. We're gonna bring only half… and uh… that is the en-
[KG:] Wait… wait…
[Scientist:] I fucking shoot you now!
[KG:] No! Is there no room for two?
[Scientist:] You fucking… you fucking savage!
[KG:] No c'mon! We're a pair— team… we go together
[JB:] Dude! Fuck! This fucking sucks! He wants me, but not you? That's fucking bullshit!
[KG:] Wait… why would he just want one of us?
[JB:] Dude! Let me tell you something… let me tell you something right now
[KG:] Yeah, yeah?
[JB:] Fuck that guy. I'm gonna go, but here's…
[KG:] What!? You're gonna go?
[JB:] Now let me just tell you… let me tell you why I'm gonna go
[KG:] … and leave me down here? What am I supposed to do? With a fucking three-headed dog?
[JB:] Yeah, but I'm not fucking what he thinks I am. I'm going as a spy bro. I'm going in there. I'm gonna infiltrate— the revolush— the revolution starts from inside bro. I go in— hear me out. I go in. I fuckin' s-s-s-check out out the joint. I scope the joint. I figure out what makes them tick and then I fucking get you a ticket
[KG:] I don't like this plan
[JB:] I get you a ticket!
[KG:] Where are you gonna find me!? You're in space!
[JB:] Kage, I'm sorry. I've got to go!

[KG:] No! No! Don't go!
[KG:] Hope, come here boy. Hope… come here! Hope, where are you going?
[KG:] Hope, boy, come back! Come here! Hope!?
[KG:] I've lost Hope

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Tenacious D i've got to go Comments
  1. steven ross

    tenacious d are rock gods

  2. Portuguese Dudeman

    But... but... JB & KG are a team! And they are going to double team ; )

  3. greje656

    "let me tell you something, let me tell you something. Fuck that guy. I'm gonna go"

  4. RagingZen

    The revolution starts from insiiiiiide bro lmao

  5. Brian Baren

    “I’m gonna fuckin scope the fuckin thing out”

  6. Tony Young

    Dear Jables and Kage,
    i really, really, really love you because you are the reason I picked up the guitar 6 years ago. You also have been my best friends when I went through my darkest hours. When I heard that you are going to bring out a new album this year I went crazy and I couldnt believe that. Now the time is here and the album is out. I saw 21 tracks and I thought this is gonna be so AMAZING. Now that i have heard all the 21 tracks I can say one thing "sorry guys but I wont go with this album". We all have been waiting for 6 years and all we get is a shitty animation series and an album with 5 Songs whist last maximum 2 minutes? Yeahhh i know you will say this is a rock opera and things like that but I dont care. I really liked the songs ROBOT, HOPE AND TAKE US INTO SPACE but the rest is just talking and nothing more. I am also very curious about the tour that you are going to announce in the next months. How will you present those 2 Minutes Songs live? i will stick to the last three albums that really changed my life and I am gonna wait probably 6 more years to hear from you.
    With love and respect.


    Michael Cepeda

    Literally what are you trying to get at reposting this comment on literally every video? It was cute the first time, now you're just extremely obnoxious. No one cares.

    Lonely Ugly Man

    Antonis Athanasiou I completely agree with you, a lot of this album is pretty weak.

  7. Pedrogs

    Can't wait for 2nd season!!!! You guys somehow outdid yourselves, fcking keep rocking! \m/ Hugs from Spain <3

  8. Austin Harris

    Why is there no heavy on this album


    have you not heard daddy ding dong?


    Daddy Ding Dong? Woman Time?

  9. Steve Sherman

    Sorry, you guys sold out to the SJW Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd in your last video. You are now dead to me.

    Drew P. Weiner

    "SJW Trump Derangement Syndrome"

    Fucking Americans.

    Greg McThunderDick



    Cry somewhere else, ok? Thank you.


    I like how the alt-right Clinton Derangement Syndrome boys think that anyone would care about their hurt feelings.

    Bob Arctor

    "SJW Trump Derangement Syndrome" = an actual accounting of all the pathological lies, all the bullying and intimidation, all the pathetic, embarrassing ignorance, all the attempts to subvert democratic institutions and the rule of law, and all the blatantly racist and sexist statements and behaviors perpetuated by Trump on a near daily basis that can be backed up by hours of video and audio, and transcripts of his own words, which he convinces his slavish, boot-licking, brain-dead cultists don't really exist by simply calling it "fake news".

  10. Morgan Walker

    Late night D.

  11. Tsunauticus III

    I pooped my pants today

  12. Rachael Cease

    Seriously, this is so brilliant, stay young at heart everybody!🤓

  13. Captain Kriptonite

    I commented on everyone of these

  14. Level 99

    i hope you guys fucking live forever

  15. juju2143