Tenacious D - HOPE Lyrics

Hope is a doggy
A sweet doggy
Standing next to a rose
A flower grows in the soil
There's still hope for life to exist
For us to survive
To thrive and survive
And find a way to live our lives
And live through this nuclear holocaust
Let's get it on

How will we survive?
With a little luck
And patience
And know-how
And love
We will survive
The nuclear holocaust
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

We will survive
And we will thrive
Must stay alive and we will strive
To make it to the top of the mountain
There shall be dragons and there shall be gorgons
There shall be many beasts with no name
Our trusty doggy will be there to save the day
Hope will find a way
Hope will find a way

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Tenacious D HOPE Comments
  1. solen18

    his music is so so underrated. I found out about jack black through his music, not his acting back in the day. That, and always will be, the best way to discover him. What an amazing dude.

  2. Jay Cee Productions

    Not long enough :(

  3. surfwaxbum

    This was posted on my birthday!!

  4. Darren R

    i suspect i will be listening to this for the next few years lol. beauutiful vocals guitar etc.e tc. etc.

  5. Kathy Darlene Shadrix

    Seeing them in Dallas excited!!!!!

  6. Charlie Sidrov

    Jack Black tem uma voz incrível, além de ser um ótimo ator é um ótimo cantor, parabéns JB

  7. Rosalind

    Omg the first 0:00 to 0:02 sounds like a familiar song, but I can't remember which. Help me!

  8. gerald the_science_guy

    1:07 - 1:20 absolutely delicious!! ❤👍👍

  9. Benjabola

    Thank you Tenacious D for showing us the power of rock.

  10. Maxwell Fullerton

    tenacious D is awesome! if you guys liked this then check out my trailer here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2qSKghjuVs

  11. Thomas Yelton

    This is the same instrumental as fuck her gently but higher ??
    Still love it

  12. Silent Shrimp

    I don't care if people think they're too jokey. I love the humour and great music!


    I dedicated this song to my late dog Lisa, who died on December 9, 2018 at age 13. I sang the whole cover except changed "Hope" to "Lisa."

    #RIPLisa (September 10, 2005 - December 9, 2018)

  14. Andressa Ferro

    Hope is my favorite track from the album. Saw the D live last week and the guys are just amazing. Jack's voice is almost unreal, he's just too good.

  15. Nak le Rôliste

    It's good to see you back :')

  16. dmck121

    My dog named hope, passed away 3 days before this came out! ❤️

  17. Gigø Gardø

    my puppy died yesterday
    this song reminds me of him

  18. peronkop

    This is the best song of the entire series.

  19. Tom Leach

    Love the D. they really need a new movie.


    I am torn between hoping you guys keep making albums till one or both of you die...and hoping you die very soon.

  21. bendeasy1

    Hey guys i love the new stuff. Jack. Im dig dig. Digging the next level of who you are as a man a rock star and a comedian. Your truly unique af. Hey of you do read these mesaages. My girlfriend lobes you guys. Pick of destiny is by far her favorite movie of all time. Since i am like always fucking up. Mam if you could semd her a letter. A pick. Gave her a call or text literally anything that would save my ass. Man i would be so thankful. Hey. Its worth a shot to ask. Man hit me up. And please come to Albuquerque on tour and for the awesome beer im gumna buy you.

  22. Ananasnymousmusic AMAP

    HOPE (Guitar Cover Tuto)

  23. Ashton Fitness

    Beautiful song!

  24. Samuel Turner

    I literally wake up every morning with this in my head. Well done TO THE D! 🤘

  25. AK reaper

    my favourite song for now.... but... its so short Y_Y

  26. Robert Turrentine

    Got this on repeat its sooo good!

  27. Ruan Engelbrecht

    Strangely, in a weird way, this song is helping me through a tough time at the moment

  28. Chemist4271

    For us to survive, to thriiiiive, and survive

  29. Adam Hawkins

    and we will be called tenac

  30. eaglezfan2093

    The imagery they create in this song is just plain amazing. They really paint a picture.

  31. Anthony Osuna

    Hope is A dawgee a sweet DAWGEE! Hell yes!

  32. Lord Skeletor

    I imagine God has JB's voice it's so holy and majestic

  33. Steven Corral

    This song fucking ROCKS MY COCK OFF!!

  34. Jack Fury


  35. npedroza711

    Holy Shit the D is Back fucking AWESOME!! Been way to long!!

  36. ARC NoNo

    can you give us rock on dio's  level again? I want it so bad... Love you guys!~

  37. SirKitAlot

    hope will find a way

  38. Decepticon King

    My favourite so far let's go long live the two kings!

  39. Scythe Dev Team - Scythe Saga Records

    Let's get it on

    (And get a new Tenacious D tattoo)

  40. epiphone red


  41. Darric P.L.

    Tenacious D ROCKS

  42. Twilit Saenguani

    Jack Black is almost 50, Kyle Gass is almost 60, and none of this matters...the D's here to splooge.

    Andrew Rabbage

    They cant cum unless they are in love.


    Thats Y They R Tha Best

  43. goublu king show

    Im your biguest fan

  44. El Guitarrero

    Go check my guitar cover of « HOPE » Tenacious D —> https://youtu.be/Vj5ZCcBHWZE

  45. Delusional Tom

    Love it the d is here

  46. David Green

    Really nice song. Long live the D 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  47. epiphone red

    the eagle with the serpent , they copied to our national simbol LOL

  48. Jerikoh O'Cru

    I liked that!!!!

  49. Free Play

    this is actually a great song, can't wait to hear the rest of the album

  50. Szymon Górski

    2 Week'a ago i think about why the D dont create new song's and i think a god hear this

  51. John Daker


  52. sniffitsblog

    Ah yes good another D album to memorize

  53. Shiteux

    So I downloaded this track, and the title changed to 'I HOPE YOU DIE' . interesting


    @Chalo Arévalo via a youtube converter site, this may be the reason why.

    Uncle Hunty

    That's wild I wanna see it for myself now

    Jay Cee Productions

    IF they made the song so that the title would change if you downloaded it via a converter that is beyond awesome.


    because thats pirating

    Uncle Hunty

    @gormie no shit

  54. thirdeyed

    This brings tears of joy to my eyes.. the D is back once again🤘❤️

  55. Comrade Seanski

    I'm still humming this days after listening- safe to say the rest of the album will be rock hard tasy abs

  56. cool breeze

    Hey Jack Black. God told me to pray for you. I'm not kidding.

    So, I've been praying for you. Jesus wants you on His team.

  57. It's not fat, dude. It's power.

    I mean, Jack Black's voice is just incredible

    alex lowry

    He does not get the credit he's due. Absolutely amazing.

    Jimmy Neutron

    What about kyle hes a good guitar player.


    It truly is

  58. Accidental Coleslaw

    Short n sweet

  59. Joel Wallenius

    Bon Jovi impressions here and there???

  60. BluWorks

    This song is a amazingngngn can't wait for the whole album

  61. Ifrit X

    Tenacious'D 🇧🇷

  62. gaedikus

    i can get the fuck behind this.

  63. Dave G

    Monster momma jam....


    love you guys. run for President

  65. Max Fonseca

    The D is alive!

  66. Russell Francis Jr.

    Check out the devil dick.....ball gazers

  67. Jr Q

    Awesome ...great job

  68. Tyler Durden Games

    We are the D

  69. Stalker do Ohara

    Cade os brs carai???

  70. Metz

    They are Gods
    They are The D.

  71. Joshua Hamby

    I like it, reminds me of their old stuff. THE FUCKING D IS BACCCKKKK!!

  72. Lord Tachankulous

    when i found out tenacious D is back i nearly cried XD they are sooooo daym good

  73. gargantua 117

    We're The D!!

  74. Krielle2012

    Wooohooo... D is back!!!! ❤

  75. Camino04

    Here I am, just minding my own business and BAM! New song from the D

  76. Puddin

    Waiiit, waiiiiiiit, waiiiiiit you mother fuckeeeerr

  77. VindictionTV

    This is actually fucking nice wtf

  78. D G K B

    Waiting for the new Album 😍

  79. TrueBeast

    +TenaciousD I doubt you're reading this but i'm a musician too, i know youve heard this a lot but man i wish i could be as good at guitar as you guys are, and i would just die to meet you guys in person or to spend a day with you two
    my twitch.tv is realtruebeast, i do guitar livestreams, i know you probably wont check it out but woah that would be crazy if you did haha, anyway, i love you guys, i hope you never stop being the best

  80. FarTooEasy Gaming

    Hope HAS found a way.....

  81. Jarid Phillips

    Man that there jacky always given all us a piece of his soul! ...what a bastard of city hall with his bunker 20 stories below sea level!

  82. Aaron Ramirez

    Why did you get rid of the lyric video for this song?!!!!!!!!

  83. gypsyleeboy

    Whoever gets this for someone one christmas, can say "Guess what i got you?, It's a D in a box!"

  84. Sun Ken


  85. Miguel Gallardo

    Es como ver a los dioses volver al olimpo sas

  86. sagement Def

    Merci pour ce voyage dans le temps ce fût parfait .

  87. Lacey Rowe

    just beautiful

  88. bryon29able

    It's not the same without kile gast I hate it

  89. John Lennon

    Kings are back!!!!!

  90. SirKitAlot


  91. Marta Michalak

    HELL YEAH!!!!!! <3

  92. Bolastwo

    Good message Jack.

  93. Ad fi

    fuck yeah!!!!!!!!111 jb !!!!

  94. Jakub Gorka


  95. Matias ts

    Majestic!! A lot without listen that out else tthe movie, wonderfully