Tenacious D - desolation Lyrics

[JB:] Desolation
[JB:] Dude… Oh my god…
[KG:] Where are we?
[JB:] Oh my god… what have we done do Mother Earth?
[KG:] Well we didn't do anything, did we?
[JB:] Humanity Kage… humanity. What have we done to Mother Earth?
[KG:] Oh the horror…
[JB:] The what?
[KG:] Oh the horruh
[JB:] What?
[KG:] The horruh-huh-huh
[JB:] Are you doing…
[KG:] Marlon Brando… from Apocaly-
[JB:] This is no time for fucking imitations
[KG:] Sorry
[KG:] What did we get into?
[JB:] We will survive
[KG:] We will?
[JB:] Yeah… with our wits… and our friendship… and our Rock. We will find a way… we will survive. Whoa look at that… it's a cute little two-headed doggy
[KG:] Oh-ho, can we keep him? Look how cute…
[JB:] Of course we can. We will name him… Hope

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Tenacious D desolation Comments
  1. The Madness and The MadMan

    Fucking Awesomeness!!!

    Free Metal Record...if you like badass metal. (Not a bot a real dude just trying to get his music out there)



  2. Barbaric Music Group

    how's it going guys, I'm a young music producer and I would be so grateful if you can take a minute to check out my latest beat and give this a thumbs up so other good people can see this 🙌

  3. Your Go-to Guy

    This is my favourite, the boys are hilarious XD plus Hope!

  4. Alex

    Apocalypto sounds amazing, I love it. The D is finally back!!

  5. Guillz


  6. RDKtutorials

    No time for imitations

  7. Glass Monty

    Thuh Hurreh 😬

  8. Kyle Medford-Hawkins

    Hey could you guys release a podcast! I think everyone would love to hear you guys on tenacious d adventures on a regular. You guys kick dragon balls, ☮️

  9. DissTrackt

    Let there be Rock!

  10. Евгений 1982

    Я ничего не понял,но они крутые😉

  11. juan mancilla

    <3 Oh my god! (Tenacious D; D is from DIO?)

    Daddy Ding Dong

    No Destiny......

    Cintia Spataro

    Its actually tenacious defence its a sports term

  12. Rachael Cease

    Ooopsie poopsie

  13. Jason Walker

    Friendship is rare.


    Could U Hand Me That Shotgun Buddy Also That Chair

    rob gordon

    @EZG EZG we're fighting a bear, now your life's in great danger and you dont even care

  14. David Davis

    TD Time!

  15. Lavender-Cat

    This is so great ♥️😭

  16. EddieMachetti

    The D spills love sauce in my earballs

  17. UnKnwnError

    Also I love you guys Tenacious D your both awesome!!