Tenacious D - COLORS Lyrics

What was I thinking?
All this rage, it's the end of the world
Spreading my hatred
I must sound insane to every boy and every girl

Colors are the thing that make the world better
I've been seeing things in black and white
If we work together we can live forever
If we do it right tonight

Look at our oceans, the whales have gone away
Corporations run amok
Look at our planet, now just shades of grey
No one seems to give a fuck

And colors are the thing that make the world better
I've been seeing things in black and white
If we work together we can live forever
If we do it right tonight

'Cause colors are the thing that make the world better
I've been seeing things in black and white
And if we work together we can live forever
If we do it right tonight

'Cause fuckin' once again we're gonna fuckin'
Every time you mutha truckin'
And one last time, you're gonna fuckin' die

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Tenacious D COLORS Comments
  1. 8un3zz

    Wow, this album sucks...

  2. Aj Cx

    This song is so underrated

  3. Ainul Fadzly

    This song rocks , keep doing what u doing KG n JB , go sony

  4. Larry Legendary


  5. nIMrOD888

    Listening to this whilst drawing an ASM greyscale HMI...

  6. TicklemeNugget

    Jack your voice is so dreamy in this Masterpiece. Thank you!

  7. Hayden Fuller

    best song ive ever heard

  8. Macy Vibes

    Saw this live last night and it was so amazing! If you have a chance go see his tour!

  9. NinjaPanda

    Love this one! Probably my favorite

  10. Mateo Esteban Calabria Rivero

    Onde stan los latinos?

  11. Velsyum

    Tenacious d....the real wyld stallyns

  12. chad sexton

    great song

  13. Jim Cim

    Good job guys. Still entertaining as all hell.

  14. Kyle TJ

    It's a piccolo

  15. FilipM1

    That flute solo for me is Queen - Under pressure. Is it just me?

  16. Beans

    People say i like dick sometimes at school (i don’t) i said the only D i like is tenacious

  17. Beans

    the D is god

  18. Trojan Man

    this may actually be my new favorite "D" song

  19. Angel Investor MUSIC

    So excited for the new album. Already pre-ordered my copy. By the way, I made a chiptune cover of HOPE. I'd appreciate it if you guys checked it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAWDBEiDnH4. All feedback is welcome.

    Cheers and rock on! \m/

  20. Eddie Beardsmore

    Tenacios d is the best

  21. Thomas Prior

    I hope the D read this ...
    and please do a Southamerica trip.

  22. Peppo


  23. Andrew Brown

    Tenacious D tis back!

  24. James Jo

    god im a big fan of the d ...but i hate this album ....... pls noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Joe Baumann

    They planned a different one and from what I hear are still going to record it in 2019 and get another out fast. This was more of trying something new.

  25. Celtic Wolverine

    I ❤️ this song, hitting repeat many times

  26. Poop Brasil

    This music is the best of tenacious d haha

  27. SirMcBravePoo

    They went full hippie, you should never go full hippie. Thats not cool man. JK, awesome song.

    Joe Baumann

    HIppies don't say "Fuck" over and over lol. And the album is great. Can't wait for the next which I hear isn't long off.

  28. Mr. Blonde

    my fav song so far <3

  29. Cristian Tobar

    Cute AF 😘

  30. Fazlur Karim

    Those atom bombs dropped on the cover should be penis shaped

  31. Patrick Dallaire

    Bless you wonderboys.

  32. grungepsychopath PL

    Dude, do you recorded a flute track?

  33. Mousepïg

    It feels like KG and Jables are feathering my grundle with that flute solo

  34. Lucman03

    Long live the D

  35. RareWarington

    The D has never touched me so 😏

  36. Aj Cx

    This song and the whole series is so underrated , it deserve much more attention and views !!! <3

    Joe Baumann

    The whole series was here too so I think has a good chance of getting pretty big. Already hear they plan a follow up. https://tickets.lafilmfestival.com/Online/default.asp?doWork::WScontent::loadArticle=Load&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::article_id=92A7AC37-1185-4F25-A93D-070B7FC2AD86&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::context_id=DE5837F4-CE3A-456C-AC11-D253A0E9D72D

  37. Ian Rice


  38. Joe Baumann

    I better not have to wait another 6 years to get another album after this. So far I love it but just so short.

    Col beast

    Joe Baumann they’ve said recently they’re gonna try to change it from every 6 years to every 3 years.

  39. Intoolerance Rieg

    Ive been seeing things in black & white for too long

  40. Penmark90

    Awesome :3

  41. Block Dude

    Why does joji and t.D upload songs on the same hour 😂

  42. rahbro

    there are little hints back to Wonderboy all over this song in the instrumentation. great work

    Joe Baumann

    Haven't heard Kyle's flute in a while. Love how when they do it live he comes up with a different tune to play

  43. Kevin Mackenzie

    These songs are all really great... But they're really short :/

    Joe Baumann

    They planned on doing a completely different album but because of the things going on with politics chose to do this instead and considering they did every bit of it on their own it's some great work. But I hear they still plan on recording the album they intended to before they came up with this and not take a 6 year break again. lol. Or maybe even a season 2 of this depending how well it does.

    Kevin Mackenzie

    @Joe Baumann yeah I'd heard that in their video as well. Hopefully they do. As great as these are it would have been good to get at least a couple of songs over three minutes

  44. Alan Aguirre

    Lightning doesn't strike twice, but the D does

  45. FloofiWan

    I fucking think this is my favourite of the new album!

  46. Sarcastic Gator

    Came for the D came again during the flute solo. #tuggintwofer

  47. Char

    **colours please learn to spell Americans... I expect more from the D

    Sexy Skeksis

    Color is the spelling used in the United States. Colour is used in other English-speaking countries.

    Steve Sherman

    Just as we don't speak Ye Ole English anymore, neither does the world speak British English. US English is more efficient and backed by a real world super power. Get over it. Your little Island of inbred sheep shaggers is meaningless in the modern world.

    Brett Deutsch

    Another person hating on Americans. How shocking.

  48. Arubaruna

    Something more intense à la Beelzeboss, Roadie, etc. would be nice.

    Still a bangin tune though

  49. G-smokey psn

    The D will bring World peace, you guys rock my socks off all the time. 🤘😍🔥

  50. Michal Šenk

    Ok, I’ll say it: all the new songs sound the same.


    I personally love the new album thus far. I find it both enjoyable and entertaining.


    @DashDingo I just think all the songs sound pretty similar, very James blunt for the two first, very messy for the third one, and just "average"...
    Where are the riffs? Do you remember any riff from this album? The lyrics are very childish, no implicit, just very kid stuff. Where is the tribute or kielbasa riff, where are the meaningful lyrics of roadie, where is the power of the ballad of rage kage.
    I don't know the flute in this one sound very artificial compare to previous flute in tenacious or even Kyle Gass band

    Chris Cizek

    @Alex' 100% agree with you


    your morons! then go and listen to some fucking pop

    Andrew Rabbage

    Suck a big robot dick

  51. Человек с Марса

    More "daddy ding dong" style songs.
    And this good too

  52. CEMMER's channel

    Guys, pls make cover on JACK BLACK MUTANT NINJA TURTLES

  53. Tony Young

    This album has only one problem, you cannot go with these songs on tour.


    Too short? Maybe we get extended versions live. As for the lyrics - The Who or Pink Floyd also play songs from their rock operas live, and it works. ... The only thing The D can't do (at least I think so) : Act the story live on stage.

    Tony Young

    @strangefruit42 Too short, too soft. You can't bang around with these songs.

  54. Jason Walker

    This song gave me goosebumps. It seems like the songs are getting better week after week.

  55. Lemmy K. Is God

    I cried 😢

    sniffle sniffle 🤧

  56. Glenn J

    Fucking love your new songs! Keep it up and can't wait for the new album release.

  57. Horsie

    Oh boys.. Ya gave me gold here 😍

  58. looneytoon76

    It's very Jethro Tull

  59. Dave Awesome

    I think as the last tree is cut down and the asteroid is falling to Earth and the last bit of clean water is polluted with fracking I'm just going to be laying back starving jamming to this f****** song as I die.

    Steve Sherman

    You are a NPC

    Dave Awesome

    huh? Nacho producing cool dude? You bet. It's better then being a Russian bot like you.

  60. LazärheaD

    Peace on Earth has been achieved!

  61. bōhoвай

    Love it! ♥️♥️

  62. MW Sellox

    Rock on dudes

  63. Taco FX

    Wowowowowowow fantastic 💎

  64. Patrick McDuff

    Fuck the original vid is fucking age restricted!!

  65. Chevy Mayner FRESH


  66. Your Go-to Guy

    love this song

  67. strangefruit42

    Beautiful song, and the recorder solo is mooaah!

  68. radhas garden


  69. elias saunders

    Jammin 👌

  70. Devon Palmer

    I come from the future, this song leads to world peace. Party On Dudes!


    Please say, that you're telling the truth. I like the thought. Of world peace. And The D being responsible for it. *sighs *

    Jason Walker


    AEon Fluxer


  71. Rain Baka

    YEAH! THE D!!!!

  72. Rebecca Navarrete

    Absolutely Gorgeous! OMG that flute solo tho!!!

    Patton Diorama

    It's a wood flute/peace pipe. The "D" are back!


    It's a recorder, not a flute.

  73. Juan Sánchez


  74. Matiax84

    Is that a flute? Dude, are you coming here with a fuking flute and laying down flute tracks??


    @Gunsandrosalina Padtwo It is you that doesn't know that "Flutes and trombones" is a track from Rize of the Fenix.

    Gunsandrosalina Padtwo

    @Matiax84 not even gona justify that with a real answer M, maybe if you do not want people to assume your just an asshole perhaps you should word your posts a little more clearly. because from my point of view based on the incomplete though you printed it looked like you were dissin the D for a flute which obviously I was familiar with. P.S. I literally have 3 different tenacious d channels on my pandora.

    Lucas Brito De Souza

    Whats the matter? Papagenu is an awesome track and its all about flutes and happiness hahahah

    Kyle TJ



    It's a recorder, everyone knows Kyle plays a recorder. It's like a flute and a clarinet but not.

  75. Chubz Szabo

    Beautiful song💙
    And a flute solo fucking stop it😍


    Chubz Szabo it’s not a flute you imbecile

    Chubz Szabo

    @omensoffate oh really.. I had no idea.. you dumb shit, If tenacious d call it a flute then we all refer to the recorder as a flute so shut the fuck up


    It's a recorder, not a flute there is a difference, a recorder is closer to a clarinet than a flute, and the d never ever call it a flute, so you are the one who needs to shut up.

    Chubz Szabo

    Rise of the Phoenix, track - flutes and trombones, followed by ballad of Hollywood jack with another "flute" solo 😘 SMH


    It's not a flute, it's a recorder, dumbass.

  76. RadiantBurrito

    Honestly, this song is almost TOO fucking beautiful.

  77. Metalman

    More penis

  78. Ant 113 million

    Truly an inspirational song

  79. Icey Polar Bear

    You guys are awesome. And I love those eye opening songs

  80. Icey Polar Bear

    You guys are awesome. And I love those eye opening songs

  81. pantera bread



    I love you, Tenacious D! You are literally the rockest band in history! Make a guest appearance on My Little Pony!

    Cameron Dickenson

    @Familienfreundlich :D OOF ive heard that joke so many times but it still hurts

    Cameron Dickenson

    @ANTHONY A my little pony is cancer though

    Familienfreundlich :D

    @Cameron Dickenson I feel like a cunt saying that now ;D you're still a cool dude my mans

    Cameron Dickenson

    @Familienfreundlich :D dont worry about it my dude lol


    @Familienfreundlich :D So you apologizing?

  83. Shanna M

    So touching and so true 💕😍 come on D save the world

  84. Larissa Andrade

    OMG!!! Alguém BR aqui?

    Mike Onih

    Essa não é a melhor música do mundo, é apenas um tributo

    Rodrigo Teixeira

    Sempre tem né

  85. Last-No̸tch


    Blue Scale

    I'l give you more D.

    Blue Scale

    @Sam Sneed You love the D don't you?

    The Metal

    That's what she said..

  86. Gonzalez Chaires Raquel Citlalli

    los amo

  87. John Östblom

    Now we're talking 😍😍 <3

  88. Salt and pepper Chicken

    Fuck yes some new music 🤘🏻😝🤘🏻

  89. rattlesnake survival


  90. Mateo Ricardo Ortega Cuenca

    I LOVE THEM !! <3

  91. joseph bro

    Keep me coming👌👌👌

  92. Corbin Colvin


  93. Robert Stack


  94. The Patterson