Tenacious D - 5 Needs Lyrics

This one goes to all the disciples out there on the journey that we call life
You know there's only 5 needs
And Kyle and I have compiled 'em
And awoken them into song
A song that we like to call the 5 needs

First you need the planet
Earth beneath your feet
You couldn't live an instant without that
Then you need the air
Oxygen to breathe
You couldn't live five minutes without that
Then you need the water
The icy cold water

Now, you need some love (love)
You need some love (love)

We only wanted to rock your world (We hoped that we rocked your world)
The fifth need is to rock your world (We really wanna rock your world)
It comes before food!

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Tenacious D 5 Needs Comments
  1. Jack Lob MT-BC

    The ending had so much tasty juice.

  2. Kevin Weirich

    I love how this is in Bio-Dome

  3. Skjaldmær

    and here's where "ligagwin" was born xD

  4. Andreu Martí

    This song is pretty corny and stupid... But kinda beautiful, in a certain way.

  5. Queen Bivvett

    We just want so save some trees! Don't say we didn't try to save some freaking trees!

  6. ThePowerOfEquality432

    I'm a Dsciple forever

  7. Steven s

    I'm ashamed to say as a D sciple this is the first time i have heard this :( i am so sorry jack, how could such a good song exist and i not know if it?! i need to look into these things sometime....but i've been listening to their good old music on repeat for a few years now XD


    It's ok fellow deesciple, this was a bonus track that was only on the album if you preordered it, twas not your fault

  8. Beta Ray Dave

    I cri evrytiem

  9. Jacob Godwin

    Beautifully woven 

  10. cameron pain

    Reference to jesus ranch at the end.

  11. RMphilmacrac

    This is beautiful

  12. Pedro Peverell


  13. Sigrev2

    Absolutely beautiful from start to finish.

  14. Luis Ramirez

    you need some love!!

  15. Tom

    can  you upload where have we been?

  16. Vinicius Fachola

    walters ;s 0:49

  17. Luis Ramirez

    he is very good..

  18. Luis Ramirez

    icy cold water.....

  19. ChristBurner

    "dont say we didnt try to save some freakin trees!!!!"

  20. Oskar Maciejewski

    Czemu nie piszesz po Polsku?! Przecież to "TenaciosuDPolska" :(

  21. ItzikOfficial

    i just hate it its broing and not funny

  22. Greeneye

    Exhibit A: The Fan Without a Sense of Humor

  23. RavenMad101

    Jack Black is probably the best vocalist on fucking earth.

  24. notinuse

    this wasn't on my copy i bought anyone know why ??

  25. ItzikOfficial

    they are came out with a new song that call Jazz and it wasn't so good

  26. Polotska

    How the fuck is this jazz?

  27. Harley Carbery

    1:08 right comon i cant be the only one who freaking loves this part :)

  28. ItzikOfficial

    dont tell me what i am okay?
    trust me i am a real D fan and nothing will change it so stop command about that shit

  29. iiAFX

    then you're not a true fan. a true fan would like ANYTHING they do, even if they released an album with nothing but farting noises.

  30. ItzikOfficial

    i am a true fan but i hate when they are doing jazz like shit
    the old songs of the first album and the POD and the new of the Rize of the Fenix are the best
    that jazz is not really good for the D

  31. Voltage90e

    A true fan would like any style of music they played
    Fucking Wannabe Faggot.

  32. TheCavaliersuk

    The iceyy cold WALTER!
    what a song!

  33. A Little Bit Older

    Yeah, they're going to be doing Jazz the rest of the time they live, hence why they released that record for one day only in stores and only on vinyl.

    Soooooo scary.

  34. ItzikOfficial

    comon man im sure there are more pepole that doesnt like that jazz shit

  35. A Little Bit Older

    Obviously the humor was understood by you.

  36. ItzikOfficial

    To all the D fans:
    lets stop that fucking jazz album of the D
    and let them Keep rocking.
    they are the Best Band on Earth when they are rocking
    fuck jazz!

  37. Failbot9000

    The sexy key change at needing some love almost brought a tear to my eye.

  38. Lucas Paul

    Thanks for the 3 bonus tracks dude!

  39. adam hellman

    this was amazing

  40. Kot Wiktorii

    TenaciousDPolska i żadmych polskich komentarzy.

  41. TheDubTekk

    gotta have those ice cold Walter's...

  42. Yellow Dart or the artist formally known as iNvicta Studios

    @Kstieffel1220 I thought 5 needs only came with the preorder

  43. OG Tokyo

    "Don't say we didn't save some trees! We just needed to save some trees, don't say we didn't save some freakin' trees!"

  44. Kerby Stieffel

    Nonono..... this song, rivers of brown, and quantum leap are all on the physical copy deluxe version (non preordered)

  45. Idiot Nation Innovations

    Im kinda upset that they didnt go into their Trubute like harmonies....they know we like that shit

  46. andrew murtagh

    "5 needs" "Roadie" now I am not sayin The D don't try, but they are not exactly very imaginitive titles are they?

  47. ShorinRyu74

    I need to be loved

  48. TBod108

    Bio Dome best movie ever...

  49. Daniel Santos

    One of my five needs? Make these songs longer than they are v.v

  50. MultiFunwithFire

    I just realized the fenix is in the shape of a penis.

  51. Sol17Opacus

    kg: we just wanna save the trees

  52. Yellow Dart or the artist formally known as iNvicta Studios

    I'm going to do that too, but I already have 5 needs, since I pre-ordered this.

  53. DatBronyBassist

    I know that most Tenacious D songs are short, but I think that's a trademark for them. In The Pick of Destiny there weren't many short ones, and the ones that were short weren't that good. But this album has a lot of short songs that are really good, and it reminds me of the old days. They're like little eargasms that you can replay over and over. Yeah it sucks that they made a few good one's "Special orders" but I'm just glad that The D is back.


    1 minutes 36 seconds, god's fuck my brain, why this song is so short. YOUTUBE NEED A AUTOREPLAY OPTION!

  55. brian sims

    it was on biodome dipshit

  56. brian sims

    dont say we didnt save no freakin trees

  57. brian sims

    the 5 need was to save some freekin trees

  58. Leanne Rowen

    NO! The 5 needs are 1.listen to the D 2. listen to the D 3. listen to the D 4. listen to the D 5. listen to the D

  59. punklifee

    I remember watching something on AOTS, last year, and Jack Black said, Tenacious D isn't the kind of band to do "Exclusives, EP's, Stuff like that.." I guess we were lied to, unfortunately, but whatever..

  60. geno mcmanus

    Good point...Still, though, it's starting to feel the comedy is a bit contrived...I still love them, don't get me wrong...

  61. toffeewaffles

    They still rock your socks off. Don't even act like they don't. If you only listened to them for the comedy, then you missed out on the other half of their genius: The music. Be happy they made another album because it could have ended at PoD.

  62. geno mcmanus

    is this like VH, where they reissue, and recycle old stuff...To me "The D" is done..It's just not funny anymore because it never really evolved enough due to JB's movie career obligations..It's a shame because I was such a huge fan of the music and the "joke"..Now it just reeks of "parody, of parody"...I'm sad as a result...

  63. sad snake

    It's called FIVE needs.

  64. aajpity

    This is alright. I enjoy it. Glad I went with the Best Buy copy though. 2 songs always beats 1.

  65. adarkerlight

    1. Planet
    2. Air
    3. Water (0:49 Walters)
    4. Love
    5. Rock Your World, which comes before
    6. Food

  66. Ryan Herrick

    Anyone else realize that they only listed 4?

  67. dylan4491de

    Finish it with liguiguine.. perfect.

  68. JenSykotic

    Thanks for uploading this! I hate iTunes (never been able to get it to work on my computer), I would've gladly paid to download it on Amazon.

  69. Lehpumeh

    Wait pre-order tracks? Music turned to vidya games all of a sudden.

  70. RedYellow Blue

    this song, quantum leap, AND rivers of brown are just as good as the rest of the album. they shouldnt have been ripped off the album and used as a marketing technique for best buy and itunes. the album is great, but it just feels a tiny bit too short...and now i know why. im taking these 3 songs and resequencing the album, then it shall be complete

  71. jacob Calabrese

    fuckin Itunes blurred out the fenix!!!!!

  72. 09hadez

    idiot, this is not piracy, is just to who want listen berfore buy (like me).
    and dude, fuck you

  73. Jordan Del Colle

    I preordered the album, and it just didn't appear. Time to vid 2 mp3 this shit.

  74. Jake Harris

    hey everyone who didnt pre order ROTf just look up youtube mp3 converter and bam! its in Itunes

  75. marclocas1

    Awesome song = 6th need!

  76. 09hadez

    i uped the cd on mediafire, here is the link: mediafire com /?bfdif7su4a786dm

  77. drakestudio100

    can we et a download link with the 3 bonuses

  78. TenaciousDPolska

    Me too, bro. Especially when it's quite expensive in my country.

  79. TenaciousDPolska

    This is iTunes pre-order bonus track.