Temptations, The - Firefly Lyrics

Firefly, Firefly
Shine your light tonight
Assist the Moon and Stars
In helping us
To ease our troubled minds

Firefly, Firefly
Golden night of serenity, yeah
show us the light naturally.
And maybe she wont worry
when there aint nothing I can do.

When sea runs dry
and the stars fall from the sky
She a vulnerable flower
and she believes in me

Even when I had to lie
I shouldn't have lie
To make the world feel alright
Firefly, Firefly

Um,Um,Um, Sometimes I feel
I have the weight of the world
on my shoulders. But knowing the
strength she sees in me
I smile because she believes me.

Firefly, Firefly
Golden night of serenity
show me the light naturally.
And maybe she wont worry
when aint nothing I can do.

When sea runs dry
and the stars fall from the sky
She a vulnerable flower
and she believes in me

Even when I had to lie
I shouldn't have lie
To make the world feel alright
Firefly, Firefly

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Firefly
You make the world feel alright

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Temptations, The Firefly Comments
  1. Elovin Eloven

    She's just a tiny little baby vulnerable flower who believes in meow

  2. Elovin Eloven


  3. Ellery Stevenson

    That day that she tempted me.

  4. Catherine Young

    Beautiful song! The Temptations are one of my favorite RnB groups.

  5. Darryn Bellamy


  6. Patrick Cann

    Beautiful choices, genres(sp?)of music.

  7. Ron S

    still wonderful in 2019

  8. sharon ocain

    My piece simply beautiful. I haven't heard this song in a long time what memories

  9. Darryn Bellamy


  10. Kevin Austin

    Brain storm

  11. Midwest Slot Diva

    This ENTIRE album!! ❤⚘💋🎵

  12. Fern Viking

    I was going down the newly opened stretch of 290 in Houston when this song came on in 1975 & loved from the first bars! Still love it! So beautiful! Temps rock! And also own one of the funkiest tunes Ever! Standing On Shaky Ground!!

  13. Darryn Bellamy

    This is amazing..Blessings

  14. Kiki Young

    Yep I'm this old....

  15. Dr. killpatient

    I don't believe many people remember this one.

  16. Richard Johnson

    There will never be another base singer like the great Melvin Franklin!! REST IN peace!!

  17. Stephen Bennett

    Otis Williams is the ONLY one still alive. I still love that group! Dennis Edwards, Damon Harris, Richard Street, Melvin Franklin and Otis Williams, they were the best 5.

    Kid Sanders

    Ollie "Ali" Woodson wrote & sang lead on "Treat Her Like A Lady" may he continue to RIP.

  18. wlsn11359

    The Temptations at their VERY BEST!!! So smooth...

  19. Linda Hines

    Bless you Dennis Edwards miss you!

  20. SophiYah Yisrael

    This song is so beautiful... we can all do this for someone. Make the world seem alright. This music makes the world seem alright to me.

  21. Garret Jones

    1975 I was jamming to this whole album as a 6 grader.

  22. Anthony Cooper

    I listen to this song everyday. This was my dads favorite song dedicated to my mom. RIP pops !!!

  23. LUCKY 472


  24. lynn bond

    I shouldn't have to LIE🎤

  25. Elaine Walton

    Now this is old

  26. kelcey mccray

    The most underrated song thank u temptation

  27. Sharone Wilson

    My favorite Temptation song that Richard Street sings the lead on! And Melvin Franklin’s Bass is Everything! #Awesome

    conrad ford

    Sharone Wilson This was their finest hour. Great album!!!

  28. charlotte parham

    Talking back a throwback gd. music dam.miss this

  29. Jimmie Perryman

    The great. Richard street.

  30. Rosellina Cherubini

    Anni magnifici quelli dei Temptations come i miei...

  31. acrucker

    Another Masterpiece for future generations to enjoy! Thank you, Temptations!

  32. DetroitLives313

    We lost Dennis Edwards yesterday. May he rest in peace.

    Ced Bigby

    DetroitLives313 Amen.Im still shocked

  33. John Wigington

    One of the best Temps song....ever

  34. myaification

    Someone mentioned this song, I had forgotten about it. I remember playing it so much that the record scratched.

  35. Stephen Bennett

    Truly the harmony of angels ... The Temptations

  36. goldenlady97

    I still have this album.

  37. Cassandra Jackson

    I love this song .I was 23.Now I am 58.And still love it. God Temps

  38. D'Artenya Granger

    The Temptations - Firefly

    vivian ayers

    Just beautiful

  39. Christian Bennerman

    This song has one of the best endings

  40. C 5200

    TNR-vintage. Truly a beautiful song, and Melvin is unstoppable. ☺✌

  41. Fabius Smith

    It The bomb

  42. Pamela Reeves

    underappreciated, awesome tune by the temping temptations.

    Kevin Lewis

    miss Pam,you ain't never lied

  43. The Shootist

    What a pretty song.  Never forgot it.  Playing this 8-track over and over.

  44. Robert Healey

    the end is like a prayer

  45. Tyrone Broadnax

    One of the most beautifully sung songs by R. Street and M. Franklin, the way they play off each other and the harmony is just tight.

  46. Brenda Robinson

    Truly the Temps best!!! Has stood the test of time!!!!

  47. David Alexander

    Thanks for the correction Tunes 342 got they y ears mixed up.

  48. D Me

    I lose it every time around 3:12... :)

  49. Lester Harris


  50. D'Artenya Granger

    The Temptations - Firefly

  51. Marcus Reeves


    Clement Lungile Nhleko

    Me and you listen to the same music. I thought this was their greatest album together with Truly For You.

    Marcus Reeves


  52. cleopatrabonz

    What a beautiful song by these guys..

  53. justdreamin

    Love it, love it, Love It!!!

  54. Jenny McComb

    who is watching in 2016

    Tonia Green

    Still n 2019. Classic music

  55. Jenny McComb

    who is watching in 2016

  56. David Alexander

    Norman Whitfield took over as producer/ writer for this group after they left Detroit for Los Angeles  and they got their second chance.


    He became their producer in 1966 before they even left Detroit for Los Angeles


    Love this song! Incredible album.

  58. Vincent Rodi

    Des grosses voix, des petites voix qui ouvrent une voie exquise !!

  59. 2 smoooth

    i thought eddie wuz on dis.....

  60. Eddie Bell

    The best group ever and vocals like no other. This lp is my favorite temptations lp of all time without a doubt hands down.

  61. D'Artenya Granger

    The Temptations - Firefly (The BOOM 2016)!!

  62. Philip Neal

    Very beautiful ballad

  63. marce35164

    Beautiful song. I love songs that can bring out so many emotions, you want to listen to them over and over. Thanks for posting the Temptations.

  64. clyde642006

    One of the most delightful ballads ever written by Richard Street. Truly a Temptations favorite.

    Will Common

    True words ^^

    Nostal Jack

    +clyde642006 He didn't write it.

    Linda Pennington

    Jesse Boyce wrote it according to https://www.discogs.com/Temptations-A-Song-For-You/release/381147

    MusicLover P

    @clyde642006 This song wasn't written by Richard Street
    It was sung by Melvin Franklin and Richard Street

  65. Dean garretson

    Now this is a classic! The Great Mr.  Melvin Franklin  and The Great Mr. Richard Street!

  66. kim sawyer

    one of my favorite temptations songs

  67. habeeba salaam

    I come home with the weight of the world on my shoulders!!!  MMM MMM MMMM a major classic right here. a song that will ease your mind after a long hard ass workday


    +habeeba salaam
    "But knowing the strength she sees in me
    I smile because she believes in me"

  68. Luke Frater

    love this song to the max

  69. Monica Vasquez

    Daaam this song use to be the Jam!!!!~


    +Monica Vasquez
    Still is

  70. Howard Brunson

    sopmore in high school what  a great song!
    I miss those times!!


    +Howard Brunson
    Just graduated High school...
    Damn, I miss those times too.
    This album....boy oh boy... SMH ;-)

    Midwest Slot Diva

    I was a sophomore also

  71. Robert Holland

    Cats don't sing like this anymore

    Kevin Lewis

    Damn sure dont,Bro!

    Elovin Eloven

    I'm a cat and i can sing like this

  72. Kenneth Craddock

    Temptations are a brilliant brand with great moving parts whether it's the classic Temps, this particular set of personnel or even later, always quality, professionalism, showmanship, and hell they definitely can sing. Being a Temptation is like being a NY Yankee. The Brand is worth gold!!!

    D Me

    Kenneth Craddock ... I've always said the same thing. I starting watching the Yanks and listening to the Tempts in '65. Both have made with smile/cry with emotion. The Tempts though, are memory based. While the Yanks will rise again, that era in music has come and gone. The Tempts are a cover band now.....covering their great collection.

  73. LF Jones

    I still have this album in storage. Loved the whole Album!


    +LF Jones
    Got the album
    Got the cassette (somewhere)
    Got the CD
    Got on the iPod

    LF Jones

    LoL, awesome!

    Marvin Walton

    I specifically remember my father playing this album ... on 8-track. #memories


    I love this album, we used to play it sun up to sun down that whole summer '75

    Shawn Hardy

    I just played this album, again. It's still on rotation here and I have my original copy from when it first came out. One of my all-time favorites. The song Memories--can't get through it without sobbing.

  74. Paizley Carwell

    this should more hits

  75. pbirriel

    thanks for posting this,back in the day I had the album until sumbody stole it.