Temper Trap, The - Sweet Disposition Lyrics

Sweet disposition
Never too soon
Oh, reckless abandon
Like no one's watching you

A moment, a love
a dream, a laugh
A kiss, a cry
Our rights, our wrongs
A moment, a love
a dream, a laugh
A moment, a love
a dream, a laugh

So stay there
'Cause I'll be coming over
While our blood's still young
It's so young, it runs
Won't stop 'til it's over
Won't stop to surrender

Songs of desperation
I played them for you

A moment, a love
a dream, a laugh
A kiss, a cry
Our rights, our wrongs
A moment, a love
a dream, a laugh
A moment, a love
a dream, a laugh

Stay there
'Cause I'll be coming over
While our blood's still young
It's so young, it runs
Won't stop 'til it's over
Won't stop to surrender

Won't stop 'til it's over
Won't stop 'til it's over
Won't stop 'til it's over
Won't stop to surrender

[repeating over the next verse 'til the end:]
A moment, a love
a dream, a laugh
A kiss, a cry
Our rights, our wrongs
A moment, a love
a dream, a laugh
A moment, a love
a dream, a laugh

Won't stop 'til it's over
Won't stop 'til it's over
Won't stop 'til it's over
Won't stop to surrender

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Temper Trap, The Sweet Disposition Comments
  1. Mateo Oliva 2.0 150


  2. Dayglis Costa

    Try listen the remix version by Vintage culture. That's crazy!

  3. Jack Pelling

    2009: banger
    2010: banger
    2011: banger
    2012: banger
    2013: banger
    2014: banger
    2015: banger
    2016: banger
    2017: banger
    2018: banger
    2019: banger
    2020: banger

  4. kaftw mpatsiko

    PES 2011 Nostalgia

  5. Carrie H

    Looking fwd to seeing this band in WA next month

  6. Itsjustem

    Here listening in 2020. My boyfriend says this song reminds him of me. It’s our 6 year anniversary soon so I’m listening to it for memories.

  7. Red Neck

    Bet u2 wish they done a cover of this

  8. piyush nashikkar

    2020 still 🤭🔥👌🏻

  9. buteteng laot

    They ought to change the title of this song to sweet dicks position

  10. buteteng laot

    This shit is so gay it's almost as gay and shitty as coldplay

  11. Ian Kirwan

    1:00 watching you.

  12. Debbi Claire Jackson

    Still listening ❤

  13. Sunny Ahuja

    Youngr did justice to this track.

  14. charles losch

    O remix do vintage culture é um tesão.

  15. Felipe Troncoso

    i remember playing pes 2011 in ps2 in beginner to win the champions league over and over again and being happy without getting bored 😔 great times

    I Don’t know

    Felipe Troncoso the good old days 😂😢

  16. Shen Doodles

    I’ve been looking for this for years!

  17. Luan Nunes

    Anybody came because of PES ? haha #Brasil

  18. Odwa D Tundzi

    Who's still jammin' to this in 2025??🤜🏾

  19. 2Smooth

    pure pure love !!!!

  20. Peter Kennedy

    6000 people are deaf apparently? How could you not love this song?

  21. Midhun R

    Too short

  22. Stan Spoel

    The memories PES 2011...

  23. Çubuk Teknik Bilgisayar

    Pes 2011 😭😭
    Turkler buraya 🇹🇷

  24. Ella Tx

    You don’t understand how long I’ve been trying to find this song

  25. Ryan Mathews

    Legend of a song

  26. lee Gee

    Love alcohol and this tune, looked up lyrics and I’ve been singing it wrong for ages
    lol does sound like ‘won’t stop till I’m sober ‘ 👍

  27. Nick Neri

    Old but g(Old) ❤️

  28. Agung Williams7

    Indonesian singer😁

  29. matt kylie

    The quantum experiment.

  30. Crafter the gamer


  31. Paul James Brady

    Who’s still diggin this January 2020? Surly I’m not alone.

    Titouan Dano

    Walking by! it's still amazing vibes :)

    Bunga Restu

    Me too, all time favorite

    Greg Young

    Not alone:)

  32. Sara Scarpati

    2010:wow it s golden
    2020:wow it's golden

    Jack Fizz

    Sara Scarpati gk pernah bosen buat di dengerin


    I'm from 2030 and it's golden

    Sara Scarpati

    It will always be

  33. C G

    wow A pretty good song.

  34. alessandro saviano

    Grandi siete forti

  35. Kierzy Edang

    tous ceux qui ont joué à PS 2011❤👍🏽

  36. Gustavo Scheibler

    Pes 2011 JOGAÇO e 500 dias com ela filme legal

  37. Lolita Pradat

    Eveytime i here this song it makes me remember my past my abusive father my sick brother my scars are in forgettable but it’s in the past and the time is now for everyone that has gone through the same shit I have been through I feel u

  38. somebody youdontknow

    haven't listened to this in years its like Deja vu!!!!

  39. Carmen Cillo

    Una delle canzoni più belle ascoltate in vita mia, ti porta in un'altra dimensione

  40. TokyoStickShift

    Funny how not alot of people know there Aussie, btw any Aussies here haha

  41. Joel Super British Warrior Cong######## Plymouth

    Beautiful song

  42. Abdelali Driouchi

    Pes 11 miss it

  43. :D :)

    It's the 11th of January, 01:18 AM here in Germany. I am 17 years old. It is beyond me how I've never heard this beautiful song before and why I've only now come across it. But I know for sure that this is a song that will stay in my heart for life. I could cry, it's so beautiful. One of the most nostalgic, breathtaking songs I've ever heard I'm starstruck.

  44. alessandro saviano

    Bella canzone

  45. falloutgirl902

    10 years ago!! Absolutely nuts! We had such good music!

  46. Jürgen Budach


  47. This Is Not Fake Glasses

    Special effect team : So, how many effect do you want?
    Director : Yes

  48. Fra JK

    Er traffico de Romaaaaaa

  49. Kadir Çetinkaya

    TAA'dan geldim

  50. loveid

    “Taken” brought me here

  51. ines erliska

    500 days of summer

  52. Lmclean89

    aussie classic

  53. Dayanna

    we could have been something so good :(

  54. LinVend

    This song is a legend of 10th!

  55. Mr.Pickle Head

    I went to Ohio, United State, and this video was block, idk why. Good music, good video, respect.

  56. Sparkz San

    500 days of summer


    PES 2011 miss my god

  58. Hilal Muarif

    membuat saya bersemangat

  59. Rabbid Alejandro

    PES 2011

  60. Cinthia Jauregui

    It's 2020 yet. Omg this song is a dream

  61. Alan Montaño

    Who else listening in 2020??


    Motivational song 😊

    D C

    Love this track, so many great memories... This song was playing at a festival when my wife and I told our mates we were expecting our first baby 💕💕

    Maxine Harmon

    Of course...it is my go to tune when I feel low x

  62. cool killer

    Who's here in 2020 ?!! Or maybe in later years.. how's life in the future?

  63. Juan David Leiro

    2020 🤙🏻

  64. Just Me

    Don’t know how anybody could downvote this. It’s fecking great! 🥂 2020

  65. Marysia Jasiak


  66. MsSharkit

    Jan 1st, 2020...still magical. <3 <3

  67. Damar Arrafi

    Who's listening this song in new year

  68. Vitorio Pedrelli

    This year is gonna be the tenth anniversary of PES 2011. Not only my favorite football video game (The PS2 version, that is) but my favorite licensed soundtrack on a video game ever. Every single track is so great and so nostalgic. God, I wanna be 7 to 8 years old again

  69. riccardo baldra

    Who’s still listening this in...always

  70. Ridho Diki

    1 January 2020...?

  71. SmokyJoe

    Happy new decade. ;)

  72. Carlos codá

    PES 2011 e que venha 2020!
    Estou ficando velho!!

  73. José Ancapdolf Hidler

    Mine wasn't a story of how boy meets girl, but let me tell you upfront this hasn't a happy ending either.

  74. James Andrew Anderson

    Still a cracking song still fresh as it was when first released.

  75. Franco Crurdz

    PES 2011 👌

  76. benedictus chandra

    One of my favourite song ... Good music , good vocal...

  77. CHRIS 83

    When I heard this song,always(almoust),I crying:-) SUPER!

  78. David Bee

    Another underrated Australian band.

  79. Lewy Gitrif

    2019 come here and fuck im cry, its notalgic when i play pes2011. i remember the room, my 10 years old face, cry cause defeat by my father, messi wallpaper, GP, my master league, classic player that now retire, play with unique fiture that you can buy with GP hahaha, and the things that i cant forget is when i uninstall it and change to pes2012 with happy face

  80. home 7

    Nostalgia brought me here it seems like yesterday when I was at home and playing pes 2011 the good old dope days ..
    9years ago_ days passes quickly no one knew that this song with pes11 will become a great memory in the future .. when i hear this song I close my eyes I feel my spirit is in another place
    Who is here because of nostalgia ?

    Ryuzaki L Lawliet

    Bro when i was 9 with my career at home lonely
    I cry
    The good times

  81. sam ijup

    somethings coming over, wont stop till its over, wont stop to surrender.....2019

  82. Andrei Giurec

    PES 2011 i have 11 years old !!! now i have 19 i want back to kid

  83. Rita Purnell

    This song blows my mind !!! I am 57 years old and I am determined I won’t stop till it’s Over !!

  84. Efrain Villa

    Corona Capital Fest 2010 CDMX

  85. Renner Rodrigues

    Vim pelo Vintage Culture

  86. Luna Littlewitch

    December 2019?

  87. Ariff Fadz

    Is that gold girl Marzia?

  88. ana moreno

    "So stay there
    Cause I'll be coming over
    And while our blood's still young
    It's so young, it runs
    And won't stop till it's over
    Won't stop to surrender"

    Así que quédate allí,
    porque yo me dejaré caer,
    y mientras nuestra sangre es todavía joven,
    es tan joven, que corre,
    y no parará hasta que se termine,
    no se parará para rendirse.

  89. Midhun R


  90. Maykel Sanchez Aramburo

    Pes 11 ❤️

  91. alex alex


  92. micky Stormont

    One of those song what makes you realise how short your life is and how fast it goes have a good one everyone)

  93. Lika FaZ

    Che bei tempi...PES11❤️

    Gabriele Piarulli

    Lika FaZ davvero oh...

  94. Supercall 15

    It's a song that everybody seems to recognise