Temper Trap, The - Soldier On Lyrics

Who wants to know

All that is gold is rusting
No one will know
When seasons cease to change and:
How far we've gone
How far we're going
It's the here and the now
And the love for the sound
Of the moments that keep us moving

Waves crash along
The battered, lonely lighthouse
Tomorrow she's gone
And if not, someday somehow
Are these hands a waste
Well this side of mortality is
Scaring me to death
To death

Don't think about it at all
Just keep your head low
And don't think about it all

Soldier on, soldier on
Keep your heart close to the ground
Soldier on, soldier on, keep your heart
Close to the ground

Don't think about it all
Just keep your head low
Don't think about it
At all

Yeah, will you take me tonight
Yeah, will you take me tonight
Yeah, will you take me tonight
Ooooh... tonight

Soldier on
Soldier on
Keep your heart
Close to the ground

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Temper Trap, The Soldier On Comments
  1. brinkerro

    I once sent this song to someone I still care about deeply. I return here from time to time searching for any trace of her looking for me too...I miss her everyday.

  2. Papà Castoro

    This band is so underrated

  3. Victor Thiago

    I Am Number Four

  4. Stephanie Seq

    Alguien que hable Español y le encante esto?

  5. Jocelia Alves

    "Você pode ir aonde quise, ver oq quiser, mas oq faz um lugar ser bom são as pessoas que vivem nele"

  6. Geoxdot _

    2020? Like

  7. DankChewy

    This song makes me feel so free..

  8. CouchPotato25


  9. adeiteyea

    i think, this song is all about veterans

  10. adeiteyea

    calm and good on yo ears

  11. charles bronson

    Will never forget gtm 2013 seeing these guys with all my friends from school, through stupid circumstances i have noone now and it makes me miss the life i used to have :(


    Stay strong brother u got this

  12. Nici West

    03:50 amazing 👏🏻

  13. Akatsay

    my chihuahua howls to this song.

  14. Regiane Araujo


  15. Wayne Pidwell

    Dang! What a gift.

  16. Theerapat Sarasuk


  17. Rustymcnut

    No matter how long it’s been, this always drives me to the brink of tears.
    Then i feel like a hollow shell for a few minutes.
    That’s power, and that’s true emotion.

  18. Stefan Loghin

    This is a song that HAS to be in The Last of Us 2

  19. Bertie st. clair

    When this song goes to hypo grade that's when it hits the most. Love it. DEATH Will you take me tonight.

  20. Simmy Yin

    This song in it's entirety is phenomenal. But, from 3:59 to 5:29 omg, it just captivates me in a way, where I feel on cloud 9 and I'm just high on life! ✊👏👌

  21. K Tom

    An amazing song.

  22. I Putu Indra Saputra

    Hold the line
    Friend of mine
    Sing a song
    Oh sorry.....

  23. Dozer1642

    I just can’t imagine a more moving song. Powerful and humble. My children listened to this in the car with us when they were young. Now they are adults. My kids are the most amazing humans I’ve ever known.

    I can’t help but think that music like this helped form their view of the world.

    I’m conservative and so are they. 💥😖💥

  24. rickison bruno

    Algum BR escuta esse hino?

    Victhor Rodrigues


  25. Loli Pop

    Ash kidd motel

    Champions league Highlights

    Ouais mdrrr

  26. muneeb hussain

    Whose here in 2019

  27. brinkerro

    I return here over and again
    to look for traces of a good
    thing in my life that was lost
    I will keeping coming back
    looking for any signs of life
    until I rust away to nothingness

  28. riccardo todaro


  29. Charles Buckle Jr

    great fucking song. reaches deep to touch your soul. should you have one that is.



    ( •_•)>⌐■-■


    Soldier On....

  31. Lucky ASMR

    “We won.”

    CrippledBox 11

    Lucky ASMR we did

  32. Carine DAVID

    Qui est la juste pour So horsy ??

  33. Sawyer Weathers

    Boys this song is actually pretty easy to play on guitar too if you wanna learn it

  34. MegaMissfitz

    Hope my sarky lil soldier is on the mend! Im having an early night im up at 5 in the morning off on a biking adventure! Sweet dreams 😘😘😘

  35. ItsMe

    I am number four

  36. Andrew Rosa

    A decade later this is still great

  37. Azrael Keegan

    I'm so pissed off that i didn't know this song sooner

  38. CaptainGalaxy 108

    I'm Here From Avengers Endgame.
    " I Love You 3000." :(

    Sawyer Weathers

    This song wasn’t in Endgame tho?

    CaptainGalaxy 108

    @Sawyer Weathers No, But It Reminds Me Of, What At Least Every Main Avenger had To Do Once. Get Through It, And Do It.

    Fandi Achmad

    @Sawyer Weathers it's on i am number four

    Sergio Solis

    Wtf just cause it reminds you of endgame doesn't mean you can say "endgame brought me here" 😂😂😂

  39. Henry Antun

    2019 🎧🎧


    oh estetic.

  41. Gardi & Tate

    Song number four ♥➰

  42. Nancy Aguilar

    Idk how many times temper trap has gotten me through the roughest times in my life.

  43. Boo Radley

    great poetry

  44. Glando 232

    This song calms me down and make me feel sad 😢

  45. redacted

    this is like a fucking great value foxing

  46. roversberg

    that voice...70's sound ✔❤ (led zeppelin,rush,pavlov's dog)

  47. Eighth circle Of hell

    This song brings back so many memories.....of someone...

  48. jose sandoval

    At 3:45.....Tears run down my cheek.

  49. olevet75

    That brake out at 3:49 is sick..

  50. Eno Muhammad

    I'm Here..

  51. No One.

    Listening to this in 2019 after 10 years 🙏🏻

  52. Никита Англичанин

    Who knows songs like this? Send me pls

    Maz Echa

    Radiohead "Karma Police"
    The vines "winning days"
    Keane "Bedshape"

    Hope you enjoy

  53. Julian Rosas

    I had a project in junior high, it was a audio visual project, you had to match a song to a scene from the book we were reading which was "house of the scorpion". I picked this song to match the main character running from this plantation that had a vast poppy fields. Never had the chance to showcase this song but, I can say I made a great choice.

  54. Mysticofshadowyhearts

    I was actually out at dinner with a friend Saturday night when I first heard this song. It’s a really great song. I even find it emotional too. Because there are some people who are at a breaking point who need positive words and this being called solider on I feel like it’ll make them stronger.

  55. Cino Cann

    Makes me feel happy and miss my younger life :/

  56. Weider Silva


    yet to see a better dance remix.


    2019 and I’m still listening

  58. Jacob Sinlock

    I loved I am number 4

  59. Santi Silver

    São tantas e ao mesmo tempo tão poucas, as músicas que me fazem sentir, refletir e me emocionar, como está.

  60. MegaMissfitz

    To be honest february doesnt look that rosy either but we,ll just have to soldier on! Sweet dreams 😤😘😤

  61. Tom Makela

    Anyone listening in 2019?

  62. Tiaguin

    Eu sou o número 4

  63. Himanshu Rajmane

    Avengers Endgame.. *feels*

  64. SneaX

    2018 ?? Qui écoute ça mtn


    les vrais

  65. Reem A'

    One of my favorites

  66. Den May

    recommend you to listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VKJ_Ax6th8

  67. Taha Çetin

    Bu şarkıda unutuldu aq

  68. Daniel Tindale

    this let me have a much needed catharsis numb after losing everything that mattered until I heard this. floodgates opened.

  69. jadexleah x

    huuuuuuhh. so. this song, well its one of those that takes me somewhere, y'know. so tender, so slow, with such beauty. then that guitar solo, the way the song peaks, climaxes.. it... the first time i heard it, it made me cry. fully cry. its the only temper trap song i'll listen to. its a song that has truly stayed with me. so much in one song. it holds so many emotional times for me. it takes me beyond i.

  70. Cristian Correa

    Like si escuchas esto en 2018!!

  71. tasnim guesmi

    fuck is magnifique chanson

  72. Artie Densiwilja

    This reminds me of the Reckoning Song

  73. Leah Della Croce

    "Don't think about it at all, just keep your head low. Soldier on, keep your heart close to the ground." This song was a tremendous comfort to me during a truly horrific time, and it's been dear to me ever since.

  74. Yaz Şarabı

    Kalbimin derinliklerinde acı bıraktı , inanılmaz

  75. ICHOQI Ü


  76. James gaming

    This song is stuck in my head

  77. Reynir Guðrúnarson

    All that is gold.. Is rusting

  78. Shamus Layes

    They took this version off their Apple Music, what a bummer the remix in its place isn’t great imo

  79. Sci-Fi Comic Artist

    Solid gold xxx

  80. andrew turvill

    i still love this album, so many memories.

  81. Eccentric molecules

    Слухала цю пісню, коли ще була підлітком. Зараз мені 20. Ця пісня змушує згадувати моє щасливе і безтурботне минуле. Ненавиджу доросле життя. Сумно

  82. Alex Garcia

    2018 & still waiting for the sequel to I am number 4

  83. Resh

    Death is unavoidable. I hope my last thoughts are of the life I have lived and the people who have touched me and loved me. I hope that when death happens to me, it will be with the knowledge that I did as much with my life as I could.

  84. Laman Ahmadova

    160017 - 7615