Temper Trap, The - Leaving Heartbreak Hotel Lyrics

Oh my, oh my friends
When can I see you all again?
Built up castles made of sand
They may fall, but memories remain

Don't let this end
Dreamin' of way back when

In and out your door
We were all someone else before
Leavin' shadows on each other's walls
Laughed and cried, and laughed and cried some more

So don't let this end
Dreamin' of way back when

Don't break the spell
I'm leavin' the heartbreak hotel

Catch you in my sleep [x5]

Catch you in my sleep (I'm leavin' the heartbreak hotel) [x6]

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Temper Trap, The Leaving Heartbreak Hotel Comments
  1. Sahri R

    can't wait for the album 4 of the temper trap

  2. Christian Duquesne

    Mon groupe préféré, il y a vraiment de quoi avec une multitude de bon titres dont celui ci...

  3. Angel I. Martinez

    "built up castles made of sand, they may fall but memories remain" damn... gets me everytime...

  4. Gaël Nzep

    for me the best song of this album

  5. shayaz khan

    Great song!! :)

  6. Popop Moon

    So good and heady....

  7. barney noble

    What a great and unde rated band they are.

  8. Wael Khaleb

    amazing song

  9. Bedowski Szecerik

    Caaaashew, cashew in my sleep 

  10. Meda3xC

    Man, I just found this album and let me say, if it was a tape it would have broke!  Love it.  The music is even better because of the lyrics.  Thank you for your artistic edge.  Now I will return to my rabbit hole. 

  11. Joey

    Home and Away sent me here! :-)

  12. Mohamed Fathallah

    I start listen to you guys when i listen solider on :) it was awesome song and all you'r albums is really awesome  

    shayaz khan

    Mohammed true that brother!!..same for me soldier on was the first time i came across this band, they are truly gifted..

  13. Gabriela Rutana

    I love your music, please, come to Poland! this song is amazing...

  14. cecep abdurrohman

    i love it....

  15. headshot623

    so chill

  16. John Tanner

    Great sounds inspiration pasonafide. Really touchs my soul. Love it.

  17. dinah w

    The voice is so strong and connective. I am so inspired to go paragliding now!

  18. Nastassja Clarke

    You guys! Don't ever stop creating music for the soul. X

  19. Dommancs N

    Just found you guys... I'm glad, because I found a new star for me.

  20. bjebiss

    You guys ruined the Coldplay concert by being better than them.

  21. HethR R

    Great song .... also love Miracle & Rabbit Hole .... as well as ALL the others! X

  22. woohoo4mee

    amazing, fantastic song. stays in my head

  23. Y H

    I like all the high pitched songs...that's your signature..not as big of a fan of the other ones..still great though

  24. Jay

    you guys went off at featuree !

  25. Def JamxD

    omg i can really listen to this at least a million times :D

  26. cameronc52

    This album is amazing. Arguably better than their last one.

  27. Līva Bite

    That kind of songs are the reason why I love your music!

  28. Charlotte

    My favorite right now too. very sweet and haunting. Love it <3

  29. Natasha Roberts

    Loving this song at the moment.

  30. ChamulonMX WYD

    keep the good work dudes,great new song,cheers!!!!!

  31. Jonathan Yi

    "catch you in my sleep"

  32. cloudrival

    definitely an all-time top ten for me.

  33. mkking166

    this song hit the soul