Temper Trap, The - I'm Gonna Wait Lyrics

Way down in a not so distant place
Your ghost is lingering
Still frames remembering the way we were
Way down see reflections in the well
A distant haunting bell
Resounding every time I touch you in my mind

Helpless, prayers cannot speed the time
Nor ever change the mind
Left to our wrong device we set this bridge alive
One day, you may not know it yet
This you won't forget
I was the one who came running back again

[Hook x2:]
I'm gonna wait, I'm gonna wait, I'm gonna wait, I wanna
I'm gonna wait, I'm gonna wait, I'm gonna wait, I wanna
I'm gonna wait, I'm gonna wait, I'm gonna wait, I wanna
I'm gonna wait, I'm gonna wait, I'm gonna wait for you

My arms are reaching out for you
Each time I think of you
Flood gates open and I'm left drowning
And although, it lingers in my sleep
May you return to me
Not to possess but to hold you in my keep

[Hook x2]

And so the last page shall remain
Empty until you write the rest
Yes, some may say that I'm a fool
A fool for waiting for you

[Hook x2]

I'll be your fool, a fool who waited for you
When you come falling, I'll be here still waiting for you

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Temper Trap, The I'm Gonna Wait Comments
  1. josep arief

    2019. If only it has its own video

  2. zoeoftheshire

    put this back on spotify please im begging you

  3. Ophylia777

    Until we write the rest, dearest.

  4. Germán Gutiérrez Melgar

    Thanks to Spotify I found this really brilliant song. Nice sound!

  5. Pipit Noviyani

    the lyrics make me crazy

  6. Sahrir __

    I'll be a fool, A fool waiting for you

  7. bona straight

    Always Gold.... God bless this band.... i love them so much... lyric and sound so gold in my ears...

  8. Alfat Alkausar


  9. Yulia Syarifa

    Dear James,

    If you look upon the sunset its the time When i wake up for the last
    Dont loose your hope and move on to your life
    Go have some new friends that will cherish your life and be love
    Walk slowly whenever you meet the sunrise
    I might catching your shadow and kiss you for goodbye
    I have nothing to say, but Youre the only one that I love and always be
    I am surely have faith that we will be seeing in another live


    Sahrir __

    i feel you

  10. Boost Mobile

    DAAAAMNNNN!!! IS THERE A SONG THAT I DNT LIKE! I SING IT LIKE I MADE IT!!!!, i feel you bro, i really do

  11. kenya

    This song makes me so emocional. My boyfriend will leave my city in September. He is gonna live in another state.

  12. Dr.DisRespect 2x BlockbusterChamp


  13. Bob Ross

    Looks like 2016 Coachella was a bust. That's ok. There's always 2017 right... wait. Nooo, noooo, no fucking way! Los Angles Fonda Theatre. *I WILL BE THERE!* Yall don't know how long I waited for this shit! Actually you might, just look at the previous comments from years ago XD

    Goats n Hoes

    Onya Bob

  14. shayaz khan

    Great song!!

  15. gordon duncan

    Every time I here this song I always think of the people that have passed on

  16. Jordan Klimp

    Futuristic Marketing 143

  17. aliya H

    wow! great

  18. Gemma Pettersen

    What are the string instruments used in this? (Sorry, I'm musically dense, but I love that subtle sound in the background)

    Henri Berg

    I'm sure that they are electronic. It could also be a guitar. But if it would be real strings, you would use a violin or maybe a cello.
    (sorry for my bad english, I'm german)

    arif nesia

    +Gemma Pettersen Its probably guitar bcoz temper usualy use delay guitar #like u2# with electronic ofcourse.. but they have different sound

    Christian Vecina

    On guitar: Delay + reverb = ambient swells

    Fernando Baisso

    3:07 <3

  19. BetterCall Zhann

    what an beautiful song with real emotions for us emotional people this is life! :-)

    Kunjan Lama

    BetterCall Zhann (for us emotional people) dang thats does define us


    You used an wrong

  20. Luke M-L Donegan

    Apparently this song is about someone who has lost a loved one was a big believer in god and heaven but they wasn't and now they've lost that person they want to believe but they're still in two minds if it exists or not so they are gonna wait out of hope until the person they lost comes to them in a spiritual manner and proves there is a god and heaven.

    Frans Pruijmboom


    Frans Pruijmboom

    Op verzoek in

    Frans Pruijmboom

    ..mmmn de

    Frans Pruijmboom

    Op het

    Äë .


  21. Ben P

    Nice stuff but u can't beat Bon iver in voice


    +cessationem Bon Iver and James Vincent Mcmorrow are the ultimate angels of music.

  22. undomiel152003

    This is absolutely gorgeous, and his voice....perfect.

  23. Bob Ross

    Looks like I'm waiting another year till Coachella 2016 or something on the West Coast USA to see you guys. 5 years and counting. Its funny cause I've waited since the end of middle school, threw high school, and now college to see you guys. The new album is in the works and if it releases in the Spring like the last one, the band lined up perfectly to have Golden Voice contact you guys or vise verse.

  24. Eddy Mitchell

    Powerful temper trap

  25. Bob Ross

    So uh I'm back. AGAIN! And Coachella 2015 is 5 months away and uh well GET YOUR ASSES HERE! Listen, whether you get here or not I'm always gonna be a fan.

    Deni Susanto

    u r probably their #1 fan bro.. seen ur last year post!! how lucky they r, havin a fan like you :)

    Deni Susanto

    Such loyalty, 4 thumbs up

    Bob Ross

    lol I don't go on their facebook page or Twitter etc. So I post my ridiculous stuff here on youTube XD But yeah I love these guys. in fact I came back here to post something...

  26. Gareth Bennett

    This song describes my life - my love leaving to go overseas :'(

  27. freyafreyat

    Can't help but harmonize to this song when I'm singing along. :)

  28. Bob Ross

    No! Why didn't you come to Coachella Fest 2014! We let you guys slide last year because you went to Rockness BUT this year of Coachella Fest too. :( Ok story time, It was 2010 Coachella Fest. While waiting for Bassnector show to start we looked for new cool bands and we stumble across a new Australian band just starting their show. Long story  short ever since that faithful day in 2010 my friends and MANY other people have fallen in love with your music. Obviously ,still to this day, my friends and i listen and enjoy your music and would appreciate it if you guys could come 2015. Thank you in  advance if you come. Better yet THANK YOU if you even read this far into my lesser, post.
    -Zelta Delta

  29. Carla Simon

    this song made me cry :'( <3

  30. Rita Jean Smith

    I was enjoying the ride and then 1:15 came along...and I dropped my jaw. Ugh! You have me now. I'm hooked.

  31. Tsoloane Lehloba

    the best

  32. jordan klimp

    Cher Llove

  33. dustin_steps

    umm actually this album stinks. only rabbit hole and miracle are any good. His new singing style sucks, and the interesting music of conditions is gone.

  34. robin9997

    Bloody top song!

  35. joanna collora

    pleaseeee come to new york!

  36. hi hi

    Awesome song

  37. Lisha Merican

    I'm gonna wait I'm gonna wait marijuana...

  38. Rannoonful

    Wow....this song is awesome....keep up the amazing music, guys

  39. Wisemen - NPC Battles

    You guys deserve more views!

  40. lorraine schmaltz

    I love this song , They say what i feel for you .

  41. mightymelodiesmusic

    Come to Prague, please!!!

  42. olivia banela

    just last saturday at Wanderland in manila!!! come back soon, please!!!!!

  43. Seth

    I would do anything to see you in Jackson County.

    We have the Britt Festival, the Fairgrounds, and countless staged venues in Southern Oregon.

    Make it happen you guys! :D

  44. AuronSRO

    come to Mexico, Please!

  45. Bob Ross

    No! Why did'nt you come to Coachella Fest 2013?

  46. roxana collazos

    Great job, huge fan of yours here in venezuela

  47. em joh

    Saw you guys last night at the FESTIVALHALL> fantastic venue for you guys. LOVE IT! Terima Kasih!

  48. Johana

    This is so beautiful.

  49. Yoongiz

    Really guys, I just know you and I love your music, it's BEAUTIFUL :)

  50. Felipe El Rivera

    i see you tomorrow on lollapalooza chile!!!!

  51. Amadeo Calderon jr

    the date i found out about temper trap 03/20/13 it may have been on 88.7fm chicago air waves. the miracle touched me. thank you and God bless You!!!

  52. Johana

    02/25/2013 the date I found out about The Temper Trap, so beautiful.

  53. Mr Roger

    OMG They went to portugal?! i was there i didn't know they were there?!

  54. Phoenix Le

    Great song.....best track on the new album. Has that epic sounding, build up to crescendo similar to Sweet Disposition.

  55. Pablo Beatbox

    Paredes de Coura! It was great! :)

  56. Haley June

    So good I might die.

  57. Sarah Marshall

    hell yeahhh COLDPLAY!!! but come back to aus for your own concert!!!

  58. Grace Morgan

    perfection :D <3333333333333

  59. Grace Morgan

    no :'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''(

  60. Robodog334

    how can we not love your music its great love it love all ur tracks can't express the love in words :D

  61. Eunice Carmo

    I saw you in Portugal for the first time and now I'm completely in love with your songs! Your my favourite band ever. Thanks for the most amazing show ever (:

  62. della sevilla

    One of the most incredible song.. I'm gonna wait for you guys in Jakarta. Definitely won't miss the show this time:)

  63. Patrick Sails

    Great Song!! Me and my bro saw you guys live in Vancouver Canada and it was the best outdoor concert i've ever been too (except for the lack of alcohol haha), great sound and very good performance! I just couldn't believe how few people were there!! Keep up the great work guys!!

  64. Jason Samra

    I've been to a number of live gigs (both huge and local artists) and that was quite possibly one of the greatest live performances I've seen. It stuck with me more than the following Coldplay act (Brisbane) afterwards. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

  65. lenaax

    Saw you play in Brisbane before Coldplay. You guys were so good and just so amazing!

  66. O Evangelho

    Brasil love´s temper trap!

  67. beverlea low

    catching you guys tomorrow in Melbourne!!! x

  68. cs9731

    Are you handing out free tickets? I havent been yet but id love to go! :D

  69. faladors

    I was there too :) You guys are amazing!

  70. drewroever

    You guys crushed it at the HOB in Houston last Friday. INCREDIBLE live show

  71. thefairfight52

    Indonesia! hometown, Dougy!

  72. Afiqah


  73. BeautifulDisaster493

    Hell yea!!! Saw you guys on Friday in Houston and it was AMAZING!!!

  74. cs9731


  75. Jared Cady

    Next year. Can't wait.

  76. trackgirliest

    I'm seeing yall on friday!! super excited!

  77. Ashleigh Clunie

    i get to see you in two weeks at coldplay in auckland!

  78. Quinn Devero

    if you guys are ever in minneapolis, minnesota i would be honored if i could open for you. keep it in mind, been rooting for you since day one

  79. DramaticExtras

    I really want to let you guys know that I really admire you guys and this album. When everyone wanted more Sweet Disposition stuff, you guys moved right on like artists should and made the kind of music you were drawn to. You didn't just make what the fans wanted, but you pushed them into different territories and showcased some new sounds. Job very well done indeed!

  80. Tania Salmeron

    Cant to see them at the fillmore next Saturday :D

  81. Fuck You YOUTUBE

    Ohhh My Sweet Lord What a Beautiful Song

  82. flatbryan112gametube

    Needs way more views!

  83. Ugne Rickiene

    I haver heard you playing live, but I want this so much ! please come to Lithuania ????

  84. Brianna Sylvers

    Adore this jammie jam :)

  85. gabriela abril carvajal lagos

    *-* me encanta esta canción!!! :D

  86. Stephanie Patterson

    What an incredible song!

  87. TheTemperTraptv

    Hey guys, thks for the feedback. Glad to hear you're enjoying the new tracks. Has anyone seen us play live this year yet?


    TheTemperTraptv yes! but i really miss the old you! :(

  88. Aspensworld

    love this!

  89. Dinos Aouros

    All 'The Temper Trap' songs have such an amazing beat!

  90. Jared Cady


  91. WibblyLewis

    absolutely beautiful song :)