Temper Trap, The - Fools Lyrics

They don't know
What they're on about
Those fools
Don't get my dreams

And I want it, I want it, I want it
And I want it, I want it, I want it
When you can't wait
To watch me fall

Singin' stories on a wrecking ball
Colliding fast
To bring you down

If you want it, you want it, you want it
If you want it, you want it, you want it
Things we build
To fall

And I want it, I want it, I want it
And I want it, I want it, I want it

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Temper Trap, The Fools Comments
  1. Emilia Aparecida Dos Santos Nery

    E a musica mais linda que ja ouvi. Que legado. Gratidao!!!

  2. Ethan Bale

    Man this takes me back to 7th - 11th grade. The happiest years of my life and I didn't even realize it then

  3. Cheeky S.O.B

    1:46 is just amazing

  4. shane brennan

    What an eerie haunting song .. a masterpiece.. 🏆

  5. Nicolas Otamendi

    Sometimes things we build to fall💔💔😣

  6. Stuart Robertson

    Video has the same problem as a lot of lyric videos, they are coming up slightly too late to read and sing along to. Get the words on screen BEFORE they are sung. Thanks

  7. Lastri Gintings

    another amazing temper trap song for soul therapy

  8. Floyd Brennan

    I dedicated, and not in a good way, obviously, to the bullies who made fun of Lizzie Velasquez because of her appearance all those years in school. "Fools" pretty much describes them...

  9. ShinJitsu Shinobi

    You can't wait to watch me fall. 😈

  10. Nicsy Stoj

    This song makes me smile :-) That is all.

  11. Donna Beattie


  12. Phill Morgan

    Really liking this vibe Gents.

  13. Will G

    The bands lead vocal is just fabulous

  14. Susan Ruckdeschel

    What a voice! They know fools. So do I.

  15. MercSambo

    the concert - world tour that is on now is just awesome, what a privilage to listen to musicians at work, expressing their craft

  16. G Fortier

    the lead has the best fucking falsetto ever! Sweet Disposition is awesome too.. the geetar bassy is my fav part of the song.. dumm dumm dumm dumm de de de de.. something like that

  17. happy bhardwaj

    my two life time favourites :- temper trap conditions and bryan adams best of me.

  18. Andrea R

    You're f***ing beautiful

  19. Najiyah Zalik

    Finally found it!!!!



  20. Emhade Ade

    Indonesia has dougy

    Cry Wolf

    no we're not.

  21. arif nesia

    Love this and almost all of they songs... and I want some more..

  22. anthony carmine

    my good taste for the music brought me here.. fuck that girl :v

    Mr Roger

    anthony carmine lmfao ive just experienced the same situation as u

  23. Vanika Belaski

    Love!! Love!! And I want it, I want it, I want it! I want some more Temper!!!

    Elaine Blackwell

    you've finally got it with thick as thieves!

  24. Bagus Prakoso

    wow..this song shivers me :)

  25. Samuel Delgado

    8 people are fools lol <3

    anthony carmine

    Samuel Delgado now 13 gg

    Pedro Oliveira

    If it was just 8 fools, it would be great!

  26. DogScar Music

    Great Post! Thanks for Posting.

  27. Daniela Mancilla

    Miley cyrus listened to this song a long time ago
    she took it TOO seriously...

    I mean, the wrecking ball thing.

  28. Ella Sager

    Oh my god, this song is so spectacular to listen too on a rainy day XD

  29. Oluwafemii Adesanya

    I WANT IT ALL................................................

  30. Madeline Stevens

    this is very similar to Sweet Disposition 


    It's the same

  31. no1uknow

    I like this song, but it ALMOST stepped over into Bee Gee's territory. *shivers*

  32. Anca Yuliansyah

    Love this song

  33. Julia Franke

    "Singin' stories on a wrecking ball"... and the song is called Fools... THEY KNEW

    Bob Ross

    Of course bruh XD I should post a comment on every video of theirs to see if more people start saying something or till they block me .__.

    Mr Roger

    what?! what did they Know?! tell me!

    Julia Franke

    I made this comment when Miley Cyrus' "wrecking ball" came out :)

    Mr Roger

    Yeah but what is ur point? :)

    Jonathan Diosa

    TheRogerronaldo think about. Its been a year already.

  34. Nury Sucso

    Llegue aqui gracias a Caelike :) 

    anthony carmine

    +Nury Sucso pathetic :v

    Nury Sucso

    @anthony carmine Idiot :v

    anthony carmine

    you fucking mother :v bitch!!

    Iron Fist 69

    pero mira ese nivel de english, my friend.

  35. BitterestSugar2

    We are Caeli

  36. Shirnest Brunson

    lmbo !!

  37. erasmo flowers

    hi wossomee

  38. Sunny Jules

    I love Temper Trap :)

  39. OzParkPilot

    I cant work out why they are not the biggest band in the world... AMAZING stuff

  40. VanillaMilkShark

    yeah, you should be able to see past it. but i feel like he even tried to make it even more wierd high pitchy in this song. just sounds pretty lame to me...id say it sounds gay, but thats a givin.

    Jonathan Diosa

    VanillaMilkShark its cause he has an asian voice. Plus lots of high pitchy singers in every song category.

  41. Samuel Rueda

    This guys voice though.

  42. Paxia Ksatryo

    guy on the right has the same hair as caspar lee i dunno

  43. Yoongiz

    Hell, I love all the songs.

  44. lipglosskitten26

    Fuck..... i love this song

  45. GilbertNoShit

    but...i love this band??

  46. dani angelica Mongiat


  47. M.r. JuanP

    Wow,amazing,wondrful,wow,incredible, those are the that i can think

  48. Richard Tier

    First YouTube comment, just to say this is perfect.

  49. Mia Isabella

    can't even explain my love for The Temper Trap. fuck.

    Ama Soulimin

    Stay love honey

  50. mxgirl 21

    wonderful !!!

  51. luisgallo

    I wanna make babies to this SONG!!

  52. Def JamxD

    Smooooothh... :D

  53. GiantRuckas

    One of my all time favorite songs, so much meaning !!

  54. aenflex

    I love them!

  55. jared9691

    2:46-3:20 just takes you away from this world

  56. finky143toes

    haha dude, thats really funny but i cant like it cause this band rocks. lol just sayin

  57. sparutapresenza86

    molto bella

  58. GilbertNoShit

    Herbert the pervert wishes he sounded this good. You just jellin cos you sound like a cow with constipation.

  59. crabroast21

    What music shop is that?

  60. Mark Shaw

    This song makes me run the gamut of emotions. Keep dreaming, son. keep dreaming, beautiful dreams.

  61. Cara Heggie

    and I want and I want and I want it... I want this as my forever song :)

  62. Dreshn

    @ithroneduath that better not have been hating. If it was, 1, that was a horrible joke. And 2, you have no idea what you are missing if you don't like this band.

  63. Ken Ashcorp

    Hipter Spotted.

  64. ithroneduath

    I never knew the old man from Family Guy had a band.

  65. foxylee

    So looking forward to hear Douggie's beautiful voice in Oslo 24th of Sep :)

  66. Trackfanatic74

    remember when the only song you knew by them was Sweet Disposition? yeah, me neither...

  67. Trackfanatic74

    way to ruin your own comment with that twitter plug. #hashtag

  68. edmarie sosa

    this sounded like sweet disposition a bit

  69. grayson nall

    Thanks for sharing.....

  70. Veronika Červinková

    My favourite song from these guys is Down River :)

  71. Destiny

    this is just a beautiful song on so many levels. #inspirational

  72. Dreshn

    At 3:15 is where Jenny Swanson asks RJ to go to the winter formal with her. Haha! Loved that show.

  73. DianaM44

    Amazing song and band

  74. simon williams


  75. Kaye xo

    finally listening to the rest of their album can't believe I hadn't before!

  76. meaghan boland


  77. Eilish McEwan


  78. thefairfight52

    @ZZD3NZZ Same! And I love Resurrection too.

  79. Nadine Lee

    "you can't wait to watch me fall" so true totally reflects our fucked up society we live in...tall poppy syndrome!

  80. Nadine Lee

    This is their greatest song to date! Voice of an angel! Fucking amazing! THANK YOU for bringing back quality music i love you temper trap!

  81. Mac Brown

    @erreurjean I love how you positioned the lyrics!

  82. andrés aguilar valencia

    Graciaass chicosss...

  83. bigrichard193

    Fucking love you Pandora for introducing me to this song and group <3


    En el hueco Lima..jejeje

  85. Josh Burton

    @peuski281 as if it wasn't hipster enough to look at the band, you had to say that.

  86. Marjolein de Groot

    @peuski281 better try amazon/bol.com

  87. themexica10

    Just Beautiful..

  88. ballcapmusicbox

    @creampuffs16 Although Im not a big fan of this song either, I must disagree only because there is not real instrumental melody for the majority of this song (the reason I dont like it) but instead it focuses almost entirely on the chord progression itself, leaving it with a one-dimensional feel. If not for the ending I would have given up on this song.

  89. Brandon Rich

    @ballcapmusicbox Doesn't take a genius to figure out that they wrote the instrumental melodies before the lyrical ones, cramming their lyrics to follow the instruments. Nothing against writing music before lyrics, or vice versa, but seriously, I could listen to this instrumentally and get the same monotonous, atmospheric vibe. If they wanted me to feel this way about the song, then congratulations, they wrote a fantastic song, otherwise... no.

  90. ballcapmusicbox

    @creampuffs16 explain.

  91. Brandon Rich

    a great example of what NOT to do when writing a song...

  92. Noah Song

    bestest x)