Television - Foxhole Lyrics

Soldier boy stands at a full salute
He wants your orders to execute
Send him out 'neath the screaming red lights
In a narrow ditch for the funny fights

Foxhole, foxhole - no more danger
Foxhole, foxhole - where's my guardian angel
Foxhole, foxhole - oh no

You show me the war, I don't know what for
You show me the war but the war 's such a bore

In the line of duty, in the line of fire
A heartless heart is my proper attire

Foxhole, foxhole - too much danger
Foxhole, foxhole - where's my guardian angel
Foxhole, foxhole - too much danger

The flashing sword has been explored
The perfect slice, perfect slice of life

I feel the shells hit, moonlight web
Goodbye arms, so long, head

Foxhole, foxhole - too much danger
Foxhole, foxhole - hello guardian angel
Foxhole, foxhole - no more danger

You pin me down, go ahead it's a cinch
You pin me down, you'll feel the pinch
I was trained for fights

Foxhole, foxhole...

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Television Foxhole Comments
  1. The Last Guitar Hero

    only just discovering the stuff beyond marquee moon

  2. Chris Murray

    Proto?Post?Pre?I must agree this cool stuff,but not punk in any shape or form,apart from the lead vocal(listen to the previously unissued backing track on remastered Adventure) Without the characteristic vocal it could be Greatfull dead or even early Pink floyd In NZ we would think of this as power pop .

  3. Laura Angélica Colorado Hernández


  4. BlondeAryanMohawkHairDo skinhead punkPage


  5. Ezequiel Barrios


  6. David Lanham

    This is awful. You people are crazy.

  7. Marlowe Name

    Television are one of the only bands I can count on to change the song when they’re live but still make it sound incredible

  8. Vincenzo Sallusto

    Epic group,,,,, the best protopunk usa 💉💉🎸🎸👄🎼🎵 yeah

  9. James Douglas

    Road Trip, Minnesota to Alaska,Television , hood ornament!!!!

  10. Trevor Barre

    Dull as fuck live, as you can see here.

  11. Gustavo Al

    Is this good?

  12. BlondeAryanMohawkHairDo skinhead punkPage


  13. Zanacek

    To bych plakal...

  14. BlondeAryanMohawkHairDo skinhead punkPage


  15. Sobre Política

    Good one

  16. Sobre Política

    Great live

  17. manuel miguel caldeira

    Television & Tom Verlain um dos melhores guitarristas do punk rock nos anos 70...

  18. progjazzfusion

    sounds like neil young jammy 70s roots rock

  19. Jasper Neil

    What a guitar solo! You can hear Tom's Richard Thompson influence, but he takes it to another level.

  20. ThatFlyGuitarSpy

    Hell, I didn't even know there was any footage of the band in the 70s, period!

  21. e douglas pratt

    Gotta hear The Plimsoles, Birds of Avalon (so good), Tom Petty, Blue Oyster Cult and so many others late 80s and 90s who were cross-pollinating with Television. But no tones, melodic changes, and poetry quite like Television. Wish we coulda got Tom into a fitness routine....

    Doug Pratt, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  22. naturphilosophie1

    gotta love the under appreciated trademark sound of a jazzmaster

  23. Max Welter

    this is fantastic god, Verlaine is the ultimate rock antigod



  25. Rebeca Cervantes

    Man and he's hot too

  26. tmlafrance

    TV is one of the most underrated punk bands, and Foxhole is a lost classic.

  27. Blake Whittington

    I know these guys were around in the CBGB days but why are they considered a punk band?
    They're more than that to me.
    Does anyone else agree?


    Blake Whittington Punk is also about ideology and philosophy. These guys have a specific sound. Not the 3 chord punk of the Ramones but one of more arpeggiated melodic and harmonically rich progressions played with an attitude. That’s punk. That’s kinda what punk comes from: being yourself and not conforming to what others do. The sounds of punk come from that ideology. This is what is considered “post-punk or new wave or art punk” more progressive than the simpler punk. It draws more from jazz arrangement and 60s garage rock.

    craig petty

    I thought the same thing. They know how to actually play:)

    Sean Cassidy

    arty post-punk

  28. Shain Stodt

    I know Billy Ficca. I have seen Billy Ficca drum with Television. Billy Ficca is not Ted Cruz. He is not Canadian. He is from Delaware. But his Father did kill Kennedy. Three out of four ain't bad.

  29. JJ JJ

    jumping jack flash but choppy /twitchy tempo

  30. Thorsten Schlitt

    one of best band ever ...

  31. Fernando Kosovel

    Una de las canciones que transmite màs cabalmente la desesperaciòn,tristeza,vacìo y estupidez de la guerra,vistas desde el punto de vista de un solo hombre ,que jamàs he escuchado

  32. Alistair IW Campbell


  33. chip duyck

    Fucken great take, hard to find the original line up, they were my front runners to make the big time from the early CBs days!

  34. Raven Reda

    RAD. Always. xo

  35. thirdpirate

    Television. Foxhole. Old Grey Whistle Test. Bloody marvellous.

  36. hopscotchoblivion

    Richard Lloyd looks like Jeff Buckley

  37. halfstep44

    That's crazy that Ted Cruz played drums for these weird to see him here. One of the first Cuban-Canadian drummers to come out of the NYC punk scene in the 1970s.


    Apparently he moved to NYC from San Francisco in the early 70s. Rumours are that he was fleeing a police investigation...

    Richie Garcia

    Oh, man. That sucks for Billy.


    You're thinking of Issa

    Alex Block

    halfstep44 That Zodiac killer can sure play a mean drumset!

  38. Mariane Delarge

    This video is somenthing good to see, they was really cool!

  39. Dale Clark

    for those who aren't aware, Richard Lloyd is on YT giving guitar tips and knows his theory as good as anyone.ty poster for this video. lloyd is brilliant usually but this vid shows that verlaine had never been duplicated in his phrasing weirdness.

    Blake Whittington

    Dale Clark I've been loving the stuff he's putting out on YouTube.
    Just things you wouldn't think of with your approach to guitar playing.
    He's brilliant.
    Loved his meeting jimi Hendrix story.

  40. crazyfeline

    TOGWT strikes again.
    Great sound and video.
    Love it.
    The classic line up - Verlaine, Lloyd, Smith and Ficca.

  41. Evelyn K

    Knew Tommy personally way back when. Not much more to say.


    +Evelyn K. Seems like there is a lot more to say, & worthy of being heard.

    Evelyn K

    Yes. He is a true intellectual and a very talented guy. But I thought everyone already knew that.

  42. Florian4the4horrors

    two guys from 1978 and two guys from 2008

  43. Gustavo Al

    so this was television?

  44. whatsuphotdog

    I can't get no satisfaction!

    Greg Bates

    Stones influence indeed! But I like it!

    Joseph Milanese

    Television > the stones

  45. Jayson Wilson

    Of course Tom and rich were huge influences on a wide range of guitar players but Billy Ficca and Fred Smith were an amazing rhythm section. Props to them being so tight

  46. sean craine

    Damn this band was tight. They had so much potential. Shame they didn't go on to bigger things

    Rob Hansult

    Agree 100% . . . one of the great tragedies of Rock that these 2 couldn't/didn't (for more than one reason, apparently) continue together.

    Tony C.

    Richard Lloyd is here.

    JJ JJ

    He was speaking of the heatbreakers

    JJ JJ

    Who replaced richard hell?


    @JJ JJ A bass player.

  47. Uno Thisship

    saturday night special

  48. Adrian Lackey

    You are looking at the best band during the New York punk/new wave movement during the mid to late 70's. Richard Lloyd was hugely underrated and his solo album - *Alchemy* - stands up as good as any Television album.

    Nicholas Fanzo

    as does field of fire.

    chip duyck

    I was richards roomy during these times and he was so smacked out at this point we had to kick him out, because he lit his mattress on fire for the SECOND time when he nodded out (Annita Pallenburg did not help things out).


    i forgot about Alchemy, thanks


    @chip duyck That's painful to's nice to see some of his more recent interviews and the in-store with Chris Frantz; he's clearly clean even if his memory is occasionally hazy.

  49. curt robbery

    a punk cippolina

  50. nightwatch nightbeat

    very cool


    Effortlessly cool - not just the music but the way they look. And both have been endlessly copied in the past 35 years. Probably the only band that can be called proto-punk, punk, and post-punk. Take it away guys....

    Chris MacLean

    Well said! I always thought that either proto post-punk or post proto-punk were good descriptions too.

  52. Minty Spunkbubble

    Why do they like Vauxhall so much?

  53. 11rockiton

    He's an apatosaurus!

  54. Hunter Tidwell

    They were post-punk before there was a punk to add the prefix to.

  55. captainclayman

    I like how the drummer plays jazz style.

  56. Cesar Sanchez Puinao

    temazo csm

  57. OrbitronFactory

    also those 3 people that disliked this video have shamed humanity

  58. XellKamikaze

    Haha, any time I play Marquee Moon or Adventure out loud, my dad mentions how it sounds like Neil Young. I guess Tom Verlaine must have been a little inspired.

  59. Giuseppe Adamo

    best comment in youtube!

    James Whiteford

    cole hole 5 years later and this is still the best comment in youtube

  60. Miku Yattaone

    the perfect slice *slice slice*

  61. Gabe Silva

    where can I find more live footage of Television?

  62. mrtrench

    It's hardly surprising. Television played art rock - far less commercial than Blondie's pop or the Ramones's head-banging rock. But popularity shouldn't be considered the sole measure of quality.

  63. Marlon Viana

    bao dimais

  64. nvte6797

    I wish Richard Lloyd solo'd more during this performance. I guess it just shows how dominating Tom Verlaine really was.

  65. nvte6797

    @RichieEastside They don't really use average blues scales throughout there songs though, and its not like a I IV V chord progression either. I found it quite unique.

  66. Cambis Cat

    such a great voice he had !


    @RichieEastside this group originated the punk rock idea when richard hell was in the band(mclaren got the idea for sex pistols from them)later they became more like this, "normal" sounding but still pretty strange. None of the original NYC punk groups sounded like the cliche of what "punk rock" is today other than the Ramones. Television, Talking heads, blondie, patti smith dont have anything to do with that sound. "punk" was about originalitybefore it became a cliched sound

  68. Marcelo Resende

    @campbelllovescock You are right!

  69. elwaymundo


    Their first single was split on each side of the vinyl. So if the radio wanted to play their single, they had to either buy two, or have some dead air while changing sides.

    If that's not punk, what is?

  70. RatBath

    Is that kristen Stewart?

  71. Hister333

    One person's never been in a Foxhole.


    Actually Verlaine and LLoyd are perfect foils for each other. They share lead guitar efforts and Marquee Moon is (IMHO) one of the bEST EVER debut albums and it still stands the test of time

  73. ogloccness

    The greatest neck in rock!

  74. superwesman

    @RichieEastside I've never understood why these guys are associated with punk - other than the fact that they played at CBGB's with punk bands - as for their originality.... I don't know what to tell you - this is probably the highlight of their second record - the first record is really where it's at

  75. theantiantihero

    Great, great band. Anyone who loves rock and roll should own a copy of Marquee Moon and listen to it regularly.

  76. banchtants

    "Four cats with a passion"- Nicholas Ray

  77. Leonel G

    tom i love you hsaJHSDasdakSsACFJBDSAJKFHBAKHJDBASKBDKB DKJHASBDAKJHSBDKASBDKSABDSAK television is amazing fjkshdfkjsbfkjdsbfkdasb fkdsbfkjhdsb fksd fsdfkb sdfs

  78. glitchesandglitter

    @waitingforanalibi right... although, by far one of the best !!!

  79. Shayne Gryn

    @RichieEastside Compare it to the bands that were topping the charts around the same time. Production was getting a lot slicker. Think about Boston, Journey, Doobie Brothers, etc. This has more in common with some of the psychedelic or garage bands of the late 60's than with its popular contemporaries. But more importantly, listen to the lyrics. This is where you'll find originality. They weren't quite writing love songs, were they.

  80. rca88

    @TheBrowndawg - Musicly, most of Television's songs are built around Richard Lloyd's riffs and hooks. Of course you get Tom Verlaine's songs, vocals, humor, and playing, too. You need both, or it isn't Television.

  81. Bobby

    @RichieEastside were you expecting to hear 3 bar chords and Soccer chants....You have to understand at that time the radio was playing ...Disco, and B.T.O..perhaps Kansas....

  82. mayo sham

    Love that guitar, I dont think he uses it anymore (he should give it to me ;-))

  83. Carlos Fernández

    @RichieEastside definitely you haven't heard this band well then, I think this are the best and most original guitars along time

  84. spaps

    Faso, FASO

  85. cordedpoodle

    @alexdroogie100 nice to see a thoughtful comment in the vast wasteland of youtube. Labels and genre are just lazy thinking. Unique bands are never easy to categorize, which is one reason they rarely get rich. Would have liked to see the whole band like you do when you see a show live. Richard Hell is back there somewhere probably.

  86. MrHendrix1959

    this is just awesome

  87. Molotov Foxtail

    The godfathers of post-punk.

  88. TheGreaterGood80

    I don't see bands like Television and Pere Ubu as "punk" or "new wave", I just see them as more of a unique rock band that wasn't following trends

  89. garmonbozia318

    @RichieEastside in addition to marquee moon, the blow up is an awesome document of their live work. If you like your rock explosive and wild, that's an absolute must have.

  90. dtrellis

    @RichieEastside They helped start the NY punk scene in the mid 70s and their own music began as sloppy garage rock but eventually grew into something like the beginnings of 'new wave'. That they developed into virtuoso musicians doesn't really fit with the punk template either. I would check out Marquee Moon though if you want to understand why they get such a lot of praise.

  91. dtrellis

    @RichieEastside They helped start the NY punk scene in the mid 70s and their own music began as sloppy garage rock but eventually grew into something like the beginnings of 'new wave'. That they developed into virtuoso musicians doesn't really fit with the punk template either. I would check out Marquee Moon though if you want to understand why they get such a lot of praise.

  92. Mario Chavez

    Nice :)

  93. flipsemed

    @RichieEastside sem ofender !!mais ,letras mais o som "sujo" a envolvimento com a cena proto punk de new york ,tais quis muitas outras bamdas praticamente dascenhecidas certo?? cheeers and oi!oi!oi!

  94. SeagirlX

    RichieEastside, you can't tell the difference because punk came directly from the blues. The early artists wrote blues tunes and sped up the tempo. It's original...the stuff you hear today is NOT.

  95. Philip Heying

    How crazy. Tom Verlaine bought the guitar he's playing in this video from a friend of mine.

  96. superemposed

    got this on coloured vinyl, think its green or red

  97. PeterVonRock

    Does it exist more filmed songs from this fantastic performance???

  98. akabak

    Super track! My copy of this is on red vinyl!

  99. tonebenderx

    It's amazing how influential these guys are nowadays. You can't throw a stone in Brooklyn without bumping into a band that sounds similar to Television.

  100. Jack Kadien

    is this on any of the old grey whistle test dvd's?