Television - Fire Engine Lyrics

Let me take you to the empty place in my fire engine
Let me take you through the empty space in my fire engine
If it gets too hot you know we'll cool it down with a rubber hose in my
Fire fire fire engine

We'll be rolling through this hurricane in my fire engine
Pull a hook and ladder right through your brain in my fire engine
They keep saying I'm so hard to please, but tell me something
Now I will get down on my knees in my fire fire fire engine

Let me take you through the empty place in my fire engine
Let me take you down a total disgrace in my fire engine
We'll go rolling down and look at all the flames
Haul it back just to see what will remain in my fire fire fire engine

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Television Fire Engine Comments
  1. chip duyck

    I was at this gig, they hated each other big time by now and Richard was a big time Junkie, he still owes me money

  2. Procommenter

    ✂✂✂✂ Tanya's right to happiness took Wendy aback. Their sexually-gay relationship was the talk of Pennsylvania and kept Walmart from opening more stores. Wendy had a terrible yeast infection which Tanya was determined to treat by non-lesbian means. It wouldn't be easy for either of them because Wendy's brother was in another country fighting for the freedom of the United States. “Another day, another yeast infection,” Tad, Wendy's brother, wrote. The year without a yeast infection was a year that Wendy, Tad & Tanya hoped to live through. It wouldn't be like Christmas was canceled or Easter. Tad's boyfriend was a homosexual. Tad knew it, deep down, but he didn't want Walmart to close its garden department on the count of it. Erin Moran's last words: Fonzie! Little Marco Rubio's foam party! Say good-bye to your yoga pants but don't expect them to say good-bye to you because they are an in-animate object. Avoid ovarian infections by having your ovarians removed! Don't you mean ovaries? SHUT UP!!!

  3. Procommenter

    I'll quiver & shake & shiver without a sliver of my liver.
    Without a liver-sliver I'll cry a river, because I'm a giver of my only liver.

  4. FantabulousNoise

    Don't neglect Tom Verlaine's solo output.

  5. Karin Anna Maria

    great cover hehe Haven't actually heard the original


    Why not try hearing it

  6. unfamous13

    this cover FUCKING RULES.

  7. Josh, el favorito de todos


  8. Hermesacat

    Too bad Television,seen as 2nd to none among CBGB bands in mid-'70s,missed the commercial success of Blondie,Talking Heads,or even The Ramones. It might be partly Verlaine's singing voice wasn't radio-friendly.And,as Tom said, they played a lot of different notes on their guitars than most other rock players did (Tom suggested this might be 'cause he listened to jazz a lot in his youth) maybe sounding too different for wide appeal.
    On 1st UK tour,Television headlined&Blondie was warm-up act!

  9. Hermesacat

    ROIR co put out "The Blow Up" 1st as a cassette, then a CD,&were a shifty org.Tom said the CD version was issued illegally.Also,Tom never pretended the song was anything other than "Fire Engine", and sometimes intro-ed it onstage "an old 13th Floor Elevators number, Fire Engine",yet ROIR
    tried to hide the fact,by entitling the song "The Blow Up"(to evade copyright claims?).Tom said he couldn't hear the original's words clearly, so wrote his own (except for the 1st line)-also indiscernible!

  10. superemposed

    NYC punk bands seem to have something that others dont, great, great band television and Blonde.