Tekno - Jogodo Lyrics

Oh my God o

When she come for the area
Say all the man dem jowajo
All the boys don kologo
Say let dem get dance kologo
You feeling me baby walangolo
Am the king of the conto
And they loving the way I do the sanko
Amaka whine and Jogodo
Slim daddy, Baby come be mine now
My Roman cheta
In the olden days, he don tey me I roma cheta
Say baby give me your love o
My roma cheta
Because I love you with all my heart, come romance me now now

Oh Whine dem Jogodo
Eya jogodo
Oma jogodo
Skuskuuu jogodo
Daddy ayina jogodo
O mama jogodo
O father jogodo
O nana jogodo
I say dogoyaro jogodo
No other jogodo
Asia Jogodo
China Jogodo
You know I wanna jogodo
Control you jogodo
O Chai Jogodo
O na jogodo
O ma

Don't leave me behind, don't leave me over
Oh my God o
If you give me love, I give you mother o
Oh my Girl
If you want me girl, I want you o
Oh my baby o
What you do, I do to you o
My love Na the koko
If I give it to you girl, u go Jogodo
Give me the conto
Come here, come get this photo
Girl, my heart is bigger than the ocean
Baby let me be your hackman
And if you give me your lotion, am available

Girl when you come for the area
Say all the man dem jowaju
All the boys don kologo
Say let dem get dance kpologo
You feeling me baby walangolo
Am the king of the conto
And they loving the way I do the sanko
Amaka whine and Jogodo
Slim daddy Baby come be mine now
Ah Roma cheta
In the olden days, e don tey me I roma cheta
Say baby give me your love o
Ah roma cheta
Because I love you with all my heart, come romance me now now

Whine dem Jogodo
Eya jogodo
Oma jogodo
Sku skuuuuu jogodo
Daddy ayina jogodo
O mama jogodo
O father jogodo
O nana jogodo
I say dogoyaro jogodo
No other jogodo
Asia Jogodo
China Jogodo
You know I wanna jogodo
Control you jogodo
O Chai Jogodo
Wow, Wow wow

I say no complications, I get education
My your obligation is to make sure say money dey for the occasion
give me wanawana, yeah tapatapa
I like the way your body go sapasapa
Girl o faka eh
O tantantan
Baby girl you do me like that santata o
If you give me your love and attention, you will never have to mention
You will be my direction

Baby you go pass the area, all the men dem jowajo
All the boys dem kpolongo
Say let dem get dance kpologo
baby walagolo
Am the king of the conto
I do the sanko
Baby whine and Jogodo
Otedola o baby
Fashola o baby
Ambode o baby
Say dem go come my party o
Dangote o baby
Tafida o ko, Tafida o
All of dem come party o

Tekino is on the beat
Put this song for repeat

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  1. Mecca Parker


  2. Alister Cassidy

    Kanda bongoman

  3. Kerby Alphonse

    At @1:31 he fell in love at first sight 😂😍

  4. errrrm78

    Tekno has so much international appeal, in the diaspora and beyond. Goes to show that authenticity and African pride is a winner!

  5. Human Khan

    I'm from Asia Afghanistan and I love Afro music. Listen it while training. joogodooooo

  6. Gladys Nzekwesi

    "As she come for the area"...Ah literally felt goosebumps😥😍

  7. Chloè Osiro

    Fave song in the whole world.

  8. brightton browny

    Who is here December 2019 hit like

  9. Nana Baffour

    Teckno if I were a lady ,You will Mary me bY hook or crock, I just Like you Ghana Man in Switzerland, NB4 is my Name

  10. Nora gafer

    Techno i love all your music God bless u more, watching from Erbil😘😘😘

  11. Aboubacar keita

    super music

  12. Dr Yakubu Yusuf

    Internet Age ; Original Song Kpolongo/Jogodo by Danfo Drivers barely got 1m views. A re sing in 2018 got about 22 million views. Interesting times. I hope Danfo Drivers where sorted acknowledged and sorted out though.


    South Africa let's gather here👍

  14. Simphiwe Thela

    😍🇳🇬. ..🇿🇦

  15. Aminata Tangara

    All Nigerians please gather here for a selfie 🤳

  16. Vivian Bosumono

    I love all songs from Tekno please if you love him too please let me see your hands 👍

  17. Denatora

    you win 1000$ if you can translate "mini wanna wanna, hey tappa tappa, I like the wey your body go sappa sappa, girl oh facka, o tan ta ta, baby girl you do me like tan san tan ta o"... LMAO!! Teckno was gaming hard.

  18. Humbulani Mulaudzi

    Tekno I love you brother!

  19. Alseny Bah

    I like this

  20. Begou Kangama

    C'est la meilleure chanson de ta carrière !!!

  21. Amp

    Cute video!!

  22. Memgbinga Bamba

    je suis ivoirien mais je ne finis jamais d'écouter le sons même si je comprends pas les paroles. merci beaucoup pour la belle mélodie🙏🙏💖

  23. Farich Abdoul

    African Chris Brown

  24. Eragon Kvothe

    Again this is cultural appropriation...

    Prem's Writing

    If he was white it'll be but for some reason it's not. Though I'm Nigerian, i see whereyou're coming from but understand he's from Nigeria and he grew up there. He doesn't have a concept of race the way people would in the west so to him he just loves the cultural aesthetics so he's copying it. But if this is about the hat, fishermen actually wear that hat in Nigeria so no it's not.

    Kish B.

    That’s a Fulani hat

    Eragon Kvothe

    Of course it is... they’re dressed like ninjas and even do the hand signs that ninjas would do. Or at least they think they’re doing that. And yes the hat may be Fulani, but Tekno isn’t wearing one.

    Kish B.

    Eragon Kvothe I grew up in Cameroon, a lot of Africans grew up watching Japanese and Chinese Kung fu/ninja movies. Tekno likes Chinese culture, so it explains all the martial arts stuff and Chinese characters. Plus I’m sure it helps his music spread to China.

    Eragon Kvothe

    Kish B. That’s all cool, i just wanted to show the ambiguity... if white people would wear those costumes or traditional African clothing people would say its cultural appropriation, especially if its for a music video which generates wealth...

  25. Yoyo Doesn’t matter

    this is fire

  26. Shelli Meyers

    The woman in this video is absolutely stunning!

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    Who's here after Billie's interview ? Like if you are

    Akikia Ovie

    Louise Du bois multiple videos but most recent vanity fair she says he is her favorite artist

    Yanou Tchoutang

    Please who is Billie ???

    Top 10z

    @Yanou Tchoutang Billie Eilish

    Yanou Tchoutang

    @Top 10z please who is she????

    Top 10z

    @Yanou Tchoutang a singer just Google her

  28. Paris Thequeen

    Artist all year around Tekno you are the best sugar.

  29. Emma P

    Who’s here after the Billie interview?

  30. M D

    Billie’s interview brought me back

    Games skills and tutorial


    Amber Hribik

    saint DOMINIC'S she said in the newest one with vanity fair that tekno is her favourite artist

  31. Axel Black Sama

    kpolongo is way better

    tozz chuq

    Lies lies

  32. wRen D'or!

    🇭🇹 is standing tall with 🇳🇬❤

    Akikia Ovie

    wRen D'or! We love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. Nana Mensah

    This track will be always be my fav😍❤ 24 November 2019



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  36. Desmond Ricardo

    the best

  37. Dipuo Mentoor

    Best song ever🔥🎧❤love it

  38. Aziz El khnissi

    We are brothers , black and the heart is white ♡ from musulman

  39. Ben.K Mamosebo

    This fellow is truly talented and original..very poetic lyrical ly.

  40. Shelai Bryant

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    i swear i luv this song

  43. Kawsu Jaiteh

    My heart big that and your

  44. Aminata Kamara


  45. Issa Issa

    Qui écoute 2019 j'espère que je suis le seul qui parle français

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    Song stealer. Danfo Driver songs copy copy tecno

  47. Di Da

    Not bad

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    Nice remake of Danfo Drivers’ song.

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    Spurs Lad

    I'm still watching and today is November 15, 2019 .

  50. China Worldwide

    I like teckno music because it's simple and the beat and sound is sleepy

  51. Marilyn Holdaway

    Tekno I love u so much. Your so talented
    Come to Birmingham please.

  52. Omar Adam

    I’m from Sudan 🇸🇩 I love 🇳🇬so much
    Je suis soudanais 🇸🇩j’aime beaucoup 🇳🇬
    Takno great men really I loved you songs I respect you ❤️
    Je dis merci beaucoup ☺️

    caesar savage

    Am very sure Nigerians love u too

  53. Lexus Lexus

    I heard Danfo Driver's Mad Melon died of drugs, I am afraid it's not money Tekno give them that increased their ability to buy hard drugs, in this case, it better to stay poor.

  54. Zach Maselle

    He is different, special, talented, his music is well thought and well arranged. Never get tired listening to Tekno.

  55. Maisera Ali

    I'm so proud of Africa

  56. issa egbe

    Nigerian is the pillar of Africa music

  57. Ant Ah


  58. Ketteline Antoine

    That's a nice song a beautiful music he win all the Grammys because his a good singer he dance his music he loves his music and he enjoy his music 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💙💙💙💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

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    his style is onpoint. the martial arts rice farmer of Japan kind of cool style

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    King Of #Jogodo ❤️❤️

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