Tekno - Dance Lyrics


If I dance
She go dance
And if I move
She go move
Baby mama
If I dance
Omo she go dance
And if I move
Say she go move
Hmmm... sungboro
Ah, ata ngoro
Papa ngoro
Mama pangoro
Hmmm... poro poro
Ata ngboro
Ata pangoro
Is a matter shingboro

Sare stop nwata

For example
Ah ah...
For example
Say I do my hand like this
So my body go like that
I do the hand like that
And the body go like this
What is
Rekekelekekekelekelekeke... hmmm
What's is
Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste
Wa gba nkan bi

If I dance
She go dance
And if I move
She go move
Baby mama
If I dance
Omo she go dance
And if I move
Say She go move
Hmmm... sungboro
Ah, ata sungboro
Papa sungboro
Mama pangoro
Hmmm... poro poro
Ata sungboro

Ata pangoro
Is a matter shingboro
Sare stop nwata

Am liking your body ma
Sexy nautical
Enter motor make we go now
Something naughtier
My bumpy bumpy ride
Lucky lucky girl
Tease me tease me baby let me show you how I do
Watch it


If I dance
She go dance
And if I move
She go move
Baby mama
If I dance
Omo she go dance
And if I move
Say She go move
Hmmm... sungboro
Ah, wata sungboro
Papa sungboro
Mama sangoro

Hmmm... poro poro
Ata sungboro
Ata pangoro
Is a matter shingboro
Sare stop nwata

See you like the singing song
Baby you like the singing song song
E-kelly playing the beat slow slow slow
Tekno, tekno, tekno, tekno...
Ama sing ama singing the song
Them go them go singing singing this song
We go dance DJ play
Tripple MG
We dey dance

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    2020 nice music much love from Kenya tekno your my favorite

  15. Kelvin wizzy

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