Tekno - Agege Lyrics

The thing wey I play here
No dare, No rest
Everyone of yo
Ibile aiii

Agege, ya steady
Agege (Agegege)
Agege, okay
Agege, yeh mama
Agege, I like it girl
Agege Ibile

I Like a girl with expensive taste (with expensive taste)
I get money to waste (I get money to waste)
Gone are the days wey tonto dikeh go dey frown her face (jiomo)
She dey logbologbo (she dey logbologbo)
She dey draw like ogbonlo (draw like ogbonlo)
If she give me her pororo
I go rub am for potopoto
Am a fisherman, are you a fish
Girl I hunger hunger
I want to eat (kuronbe)
Shey you dey sell burger, how much is it
Let me cross your border into your beach

Joromi eh joromi
(Shey iwo fe lowosha)
Gboromi eh Gboromi
(Olon shey lagbalabha loju elegba)
Joromi eh Gbolomi
(Won ma deba bue)
Gboromi eh Gboromi

Won fe bawa joko (won fe bawa joko)
To le lawon moyan (to le lawon moyan)
Won fefiwa gba star (won fefiwa gba star)
Won feja ju wonlawon sha (won feja ju wonlawon sha)
Won jani toriwa (won jani toriwa)
Olohun maje o para won (olohun maje o para won)
Igo ati ada re (jesu)
Olohun maje o shara won (olohun maje o shara won)

Agege, ya steady
Agege (Agegege)
Agege, okay
Agege, yeh mama
Agege, I like it girl
Agege Ibile

South African girls with a big, big bum
They like to make bad man ding, ding don
Follow me come and sing, sing song
Ama wunpepe ama live, live long
Everyting for this life na vanity
If I get money I go buy anyting
Smoosh anything, fuck anything
I go enter any country, fuck anything
Ghanaian gir with big, big yansh
Dey like to roll am wam calabash
They no dey see men with six packs
They like all the men with a big, big cars
Say na me dey collect dere wa with our zanku
Rap yi odamiloju ijo olomi
Emi mr zanku to end Shakushaku

Joromi eh joromi
(Shey iwo fe lowosha)
Gboromi eh Gboromi
(Olon shey lagbalabha loju elegba)
Joromi eh Gbolomi
(Won ma deba bue)
Gboromi eh Gboromi

Agege, ya steady
Agege (Agegege)
Agege, okay
Agege, yeh mama
Agege, I like it girl
Agege Ibile

Joromi eh joromi
(Shey iwo fe lowosha)
Gboromi eh Gboromi
(Olon shey lagbalabha loju elegba)
Joromi eh Gbolomi
(Won ma deba bue)
Gboromi eh Gboromi

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Tekno Agege Comments
  1. Aryan Varade

    Collab with Billie Eilish

  2. Victor Tomson

    All I 👀 is lagha_lagha ass

  3. Joseph Conteh

    I love this song 🇸🇱

  4. Onyeka Mbanu Jr.

    Our music made all African leaders agree to open all borders and travel without Visa.

  5. Nazar Hassan Alshahed

    Are you a Fisher man I want to eat fish

  6. Taw Pay


  7. Emmanuel okoroz

    This song is a BOMB

  8. Vi Diamond

    the girls cant dance they almost spoilt the vid

    Lucky Lex

    Standing up and dancing in a moving vehicle is hard as eff man..

  9. i love io

    0:52 i just like how the girl wines down slowly gosh i want to go to africa

  10. Tubigg Davies

    Worst song from tekno I hate the song die

  11. Tra Dom


  12. Djozina Makinu

    Who love Nigerian music please show some love 💝

  13. Amp

    I like the music, but the videos suck lol. We get it, girls are sexy and guys are sleezes

  14. Billie Grande

    No sangook 😷

  15. yeah nope

    it's weird i think


    To the American's here that don't get the song and feel this can't be the guy Billie likes, well it is him but you must know that every song has a kind of story and he has a lot of songs so yh this one us wild and about the nights wildlife but if your looking more romantic one you should check other like Yawa. Also you can't say he is not talented cause he has also produced a song for Drake... yh I bet your surprised, drake also follows him

  17. i love io

    lol the last guy with his thumb

  18. Projectivane

    *Anyone after Billie interview,expected something different xd*


    South African girls with big big bum bum😊

  20. jon mwas

    Yoo this song is lit 👏

  21. Saus ferreira

    Billie is definitely dating a Nigerian.

    Akikia Ovie

    Saus ferreira has to be if I had a chance to talk to her i can make it happen I’m 100% sure

  22. military unit

    Tekno is the best in the world but one more thing Guys Nigeria want to put him In. What do we do about this Innocent guy and many things are happening in Nigeria but Nigeria Government dont want to see it just they are after Tekno Because of that Agege Vido But Tekno I know you can get to my massage here No wipon form against you shal prosper in Jesus Name And i promise you that i will go the gail for you if those Idiots that called them selfs Government persist that they will punished you because of the vidoe i will take the punisment for you to show you how much i loves you God bless you my Favorite i Love you more

  23. Eddy Mastruing

    I'm a fisha man are u a fish😂😂😂😂

  24. EfemzyEkun

    This banger got Tekno in trouble with our conservative government. Nice song, but I think our girls should have more respect for their bodies.

  25. chukwu joseph


    okuomose okuns

    Top ten

  26. Ade Wale

    The Final scene is Crazy.

  27. Center Gesso

    Vim pela billie kkk

  28. Gutinho Tv

    He jeremy oh jeremy ,agogo😂😂😂😂

  29. I.A. S

    Fire baby...🔥🔥🔥

  30. Bradley A

    happy because billie knows about this song 🔥

  31. Aithra Romanov


    Deutsche James

    That’s all that is needed😌

  32. Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish instagram story?😂❤️

    Leo Borgelin

    Bukkake cameo

    17 Journeys

    INFLIXO please just let us Africans enjoy our music and go listen to something else. How the fuck did you find yourself here


    @17 Journeys Hahaha, tell him to fck off

    Lola Rozas Moncho

    Yes 😂i love Billie Eilish 💚


    @INFLIXO fuck ouuta here beech.

  33. cherie

    Who's here from Billie's story?!

    Daniel Chimere


    Adaeze Diane Enyi

    @Daniel Chimere 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Kalu Caleb

    Billie is officially a Nigerian

    Ms Brownie

    Kalu Caleb now that’s a sentence I never thought I would see

  35. Bilerisheilish

    I just fell more in love with Billie because she knows Nigerian music bye-

    Jasmine Plays

    Bilerisheilish ikr

    Aryan Varade

    Bilerishe **Eilish** I noticed this thing


    @Aryan Varade huh?

  36. angel vivian

    I'm here from billie's video♥️♥️

  37. Vanessa guillen

    Billie 💚

  38. Nig Esther

    Billie eilish was singing this song
    Up 9ja

  39. Nina Ambre

    Who's here because of Billie ? Like

    Rex Palastanga

    Nina Ambre shut the fuck up


    Vibe is bomb. But I don't know is being said lol



    Katie banks

    If y'all think this is trash....just go watch is best song “pana" bye!


    @Saile it is go check other of his songs he is good

  40. Mayara Ferreira

    BILLIE like também

  41. Mona Logan

    Love the way the guys are dancing 😍

  42. Charles Bundala

    From +255 Tz

  43. Samantha Rosan

    Can someone explain what “Agege” means ?! #Love this tune.

    Olasunkanmi Orisan

    Samantha Rosan it’s “Agege” and it’s a place In Nigeria

    Samantha Rosan

    O! Thanx

    Olasunkanmi Orisan

    Samantha Rosan no problem mi amiga ❣️

    The beat boy

    It’s a type of bread, it’s also a place in Nigeria . The song doesn’t really have a context but it’s just vibes

  44. chut matur

    Just like beginning

  45. awal pace

    Who is here for Zlatan...?

  46. Elstine Uche

    Tekno is really talented

  47. Collins Iyare

    Mush love

  48. Omito rojja

    yooooohhh seniorrrrrr

  49. Dami

    So that clears up a lot of things. Only real dons will know

  50. Abdoul Diallo

    Tecno je sais pas écrire en englais mais t'es le chanteur du peuple Nigerien

  51. Arthur Donnietello

    Tanzanian Girls with the big big nyash... 🇹🇿 like if you love East African girls

  52. Rich Nana Kojo Tuncci

    Champions I wish to meet you one day

  53. Benjamin Kelly

    this video is corrupt


    Benjamin Kelly but you’ve clicked on it more than once haven’t you? Fess up!😏

  54. Wasie Gwebu

    After this joint i felt like i just finished a session with Kimbo slice................ Zumba anybody??

  55. Chris Omo

    May God bless everyone reading this with all your heart desires in 2019. 🙌

  56. Slim six Emekaslim

    Nice song 🔥🔥

  57. Shurla Ann Davidson

    The dancing in the video is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  58. Fa Ri

    talented beyond

  59. Rayche Bassiloua

    why showing ass on tv like that ?not so good but the son is very good t listen not to watch

  60. Cynthia H

    Ayyyyyyyyyyyye 💪🏽✨

  61. Maimunatou tekno jobe

    The legend is on it again more life,more fun,more happiness and more blessings king of kings

  62. Robert Brown

    I love Ibile

  63. Sherly Suazo

    Best Dancer & [email protected] Tekno🔥🔥🔥💓

  64. Doody The APE

    I’m a fishaa maa, are you a fish? I see you got that pu$sy, I want to eat.

  65. Ngoy Lumona

    What actually zlatan saying

  66. rossline wood

    confirm boys

  67. vanika mathis

    Those African Dancers can't be Beat!! ❤❤🤘 Winning!! Teknko always bring Maaadd Vibes!!! Zlatan killin' em'!! Much Love by way of The U.S.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  68. Usman Sarékaly


  69. iSammy IDO

    Teckno just did something outta his comfort zone. Why not bro in this life u gotta take some risks, otherwise u will never know why the chicken crossed the road 😂🤣🤣🤣 jolo me

  70. Desiree Walters Live Your Journey

    All this sex appeal. Bus prolly smell like sweaty pussy sn ass. An I hear Std's booming asF in Africa.

    Afro Mobi

    That is the problem with you people. You always "hear" you never leave your western prison to come experience Africa. Come and be free.

  71. Kennedy Dada

    Proud of our artist

  72. Tenddeapact Solutions

    I go enter any country f**k anything...hahahaha. This boys ain't playing.

  73. fane Lassina

    thank you

  74. Richard Ngouan

    Arrêtez ça vous n'êtes pas obliger de vous à poile Pr que le clip explosé. Please stoped this dépravation on TV, pensez au jeune qui regarde trace tv

  75. Steve Aigbede

    I am a dancer and I hope to be in your video one day love your songs😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗

  76. Wisdom Chukwuemeka

    Gheeto boyz

  77. Fritz Cobin

    LMAO !!!Enter da Country F*$K anyting ???Haha ,

  78. Wasiu Bashorun

    That girl that twerked ! When he said am a fisher man are you a fish @1:00 that’s the hit of this song girl sexy as fuck.

  79. victornuges

    he go rub dikeh pororo for potopoto....lololol (disrespected) !!

  80. Maimunatou tekno jobe

    Dicksion (tekno) on it again

  81. Oluwa Frizzyboyofficial

    De best so far much love 💣💣😀😋❤💋👍

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    Won ma d'egba bo ee, WA MO!

  83. John Chukwu

    haha everybody come home Nigeria dey sweet, I like that humble guy wet dey dance for zlantan

    chris Jackson

    Do you mean Poco Lee? He's business is dancing for artists

    John Chukwu

    chris Jackson yes i dey feel him dey.

  84. 4Bunmiite O

    Damn, I dey feel this ooooooo.

  85. Silvia Onaghise

    Nice one there

  86. Deff Touch

    am a fisherman, are you a fish 🤳....

  87. Xnado An African

    Tekno remain the father of this kind thing, u be like say no matter what dey do you remain the king...From a loving South African fan.

  88. Tunde F

    How can anyone dislike this. this is straiighttttttttt fiiiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeeeee

  89. Hansie's Ma

    Could someone please tell these poor girls how damn stupid they look? Why don't they just take all clothing off then everyone can properly see all their bits.


    Hansie's Ma do you 🙄

    Hansie's Ma

    @TheRealist Is there a point to your post?


    Hansie's Ma live and let live. Quit taking Phensic for other folks’ headaches. Take care of your own life instead of arrogating to yourself control over others.

    Hansie's Ma

    @TheRealist Great advice from a self-entitled swinging dick. Like I asked, is there any point to your post? Why don't you put yourself out there with your genitalia flapping in everyone's faces like you're a fucking piece-of-meat nothing!

  90. Bianca Fleimisch


  91. Uwimana Nyirarukundo

    Money To West can you Give ME Some 😄

  92. Yensy Music

    Que bendita loquera

  93. Djtiffa Makoi

    DOWNLOA Tekno & Zlatan - Agege (Official Video) https://djtiffa.blogspot.com/2019/09/video-tekno-ft-zlatan-ibile-agege.html

  94. Game world

    People with K-leg don see dance happy. Zanku na for disabled people.

  95. James Brown lite

    Boss am loyal wish I can dance with u