Tegan And Sara - That Girl Lyrics

Sick and tired of things getting tough
Never gonna be enough
Sick and tired of fights starting wars
Never gonna be enough
Say what I want, say what I need
Sick and tired of things getting tough
Say what I want, say what I need
Nobody hurts you like me

When did I become that girl?
That girl I see
When did I become that girl?
That girl I see

Getting fed up with the way you love
Never gonna be enough
Sick and tired of things getting tough
Say what you saw, say what you heard
Sick and tired of things getting tough
Say what you felt, say where it hurts
Nobody treats me like dirt

When did I become that girl?
That girl I see
When did I become that girl?
That girl I see

I never wanna be anyone's enemy
I just wanna let myself be
The girl that I once was
I never wanna be that girl I see
When did I fall so far?
Barely recognise me
When do I move on?
So I recognise me
So I recognise me

When did I become that girl?
That girl I see
When did I become that girl?
That girl I see
When did I become that girl?
That girl I see

I never wanna be anyone's enemy
I just wanna let myself be
The girl that I once was
I never wanna be that girl I see
I never wanna be anyone's enemy
I just wanna let myself be
The girl that I once was
I never wanna be that girl I see

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Tegan And Sara That Girl Comments
  1. Pishbol ng buhay mo

    I love the both of you TEGAN AND SERA 💖😘

  2. BHC Music Group

    When will I become those girls I see?

  3. patrick jensen

    And that girl and that girl and that girl

  4. Incompletist

    Why did a Director make sure his name is on this?!
    Not Good

  5. Music Stuffs

    Bro for my first date I’m gonna pull up in a truck, wearing plaid and a SnapBack, and listening to Tegan and Sara

  6. Brenda Lynn Mills

    Sara at 1:47, so sexy!

    Charlie Lenk

    OMG yes.

  7. Brenda Lynn Mills

    They ALWAYS show too much Tegan, ugh! Sara is the better vocalist of the two, IMHO!

  8. Rulerfire Gaming

    anyone else here in 2018?

  9. MIKAL

    If someone were to ask which musicians I'd like to write and record a song with, Tegan & Sara would be at the top of my list.

  10. FootThumbs

    is it weird that im really into this song even though im a guy?

  11. Ereen Nurtiara

    I should listen to tegan and sara earlier wow I’m late

  12. MDL

    Legenda traduzida em:

  13. Sara Barrero

    Amazing music video

  14. Raquel Lazo

    Lmao my moms made me search her up cuz she's a patient at the dentist where my mom works and honestly she's pretty decent

  15. Rana Ashraf

    heard this playing at Payless today and got super exited!

  16. Laurynas Sadzevičius

    So be a boy finally!!! See, I can rhyme.

  17. jjm2412

    why would you ever dislike any of theses videos. i swear to god i hope all these goddamn homophobic idiots get the worst karma ever

  18. Yobecaps

    Music so beautiful it can sometimes bring you to tears...that's Tegan & Sara

  19. Hey There


  20. Kltz Kaulitz

    love this song! ❤❤ T+S

  21. vickymacalla

    Question: why the hell is this video censored in "restricted mode"
    Yup, a cute video of behind the scenes footage is really "inappropriate".

    T&S love you guys, keep up the amazing work

  22. S M

    Such talent .../s

  23. Jem Muh

    Love them so much!

  24. Shastica

    Who's ready for NYC Pride?!

  25. David Simmer

    Tank You !! Tegan And Sara !! 😘

  26. Mandy Atkins

    SO EXCITED FOR THE BRISBANE 2017 CONCERT!!!!!!! this video pumps me up even more!

  27. Lol No.

    This song makes me so sad because it honestly explains everything that is going on in my life. The perfect girl I'm dating right now is so wonderful but all I do Is manage to fuck up like her ex did (her ex did terrible shit to her) and "that girl" refers to me just becoming her. Idk I just don't want to lose my baby. I fuck up a lot and she still loves me no matter what I'm so thankful for this wonderful human being that is mine.

  28. Nybble

    SO many SJWs

  29. Hira Munawar

    I see them live today 💜💜💜

  30. kemplerbrave

    I ove you two and have been a fan for quite some time. I saw one of your shows at Sayreville in NJ and loved it.  I'm a Vietnam vet and would love to play guitar with you sometime and meet you two. I'm probably one of your oldest fans but I love good music. I love your songs.

  31. Electrowave Synthesizer

    Nice ELECTRO-SYNTH WAVE MUSIC  and  keep it that way!! But Change your texts without political correctness and without texts of LGBT

  32. Patrícia Barbosa

    Please, come to Porto Alegre/Brazil! We love you guys so much <3

  33. mo2

    Edmonton. Alberta.... yo pls come!

  34. redmirage4

    I swear they never age

  35. Bluepony

    Can we all agree that this is the best video ever filmed in the entire world history

  36. Biih Bitoh'nii Asd'zaa

    I barely discovered these girls, and I LOVE them! How could I have never heard them before?

  37. Diseñadora Valkyrja

    hi blondie lesbians

  38. Ariel Abudi

    This is awesome. 2016 tour was awesome and so was everything else you guys did in between! Thank you ❤❤

  39. Odd Fruit

    I am here for Sara's gorgeous Shit eating grin at 1:46!

    Odd Fruit

    Also for other reasons, such as you know the amazing song that is one of my favorites of this album cycle but mainly for that Shit eating grin.

  40. Fans Galore, LLC

    "I've never wanna be, anyone's enemy. I just want to be the girl I once was."

  41. Phantom Skye

    when i become that guy

  42. neodweebie

    I'm in the video 😢

  43. Theomite

    Feels like Fincher, circa '90. Allister's in good music video kinship company.

  44. ariellloveras611

    Esta es una de las canciones más flojas del disco, jamás me imagine que fueran a hacer video.

  45. GlitterKillah187

    Loved this video. My favorite of the album so far!

  46. gab4moi

    Love T&S... but I keep lookin' for Holiday and Mickey now! :)

  47. K Labeck


  48. Wollyland Official Germany Inc.

    They are so good... very good...

  49. Starry&Bohemian

    1:27 Dr.Alban Forevaz & Evaz

  50. Abby M

    I love you guys so much! I hope to see y'all again soon.

  51. Look Here

    With all the effects on her voice they need subtitles. smh. ..

  52. Monica Galvan

    Such a simple and beautiful video, definitely a favorite

  53. Bluepony

    I think Sara said that she is a gaylord too many times and now I turned into one too


    Nah. If you're a gaylord, you get a wicked suit of armor and a scepter. Sara probably has one, but she's too modest to wear it.

  54. dontrell75

    Mackenzie said it best - 2 sunbeams. LY2D

  55. Amy Dockter

    Shopping at TJ Maxx today, heard this song. Go, girls! :-)

  56. Tyme

    song is ASS!!

  57. RedWhite&Blue 78


  58. Chloe Diamandis

    you are both so beautiful and this music video is perfect ❤

  59. journeytobevin

    i felt like this vid is an appreciation MV to the fans a who came on their concert. like they made it so beautifully and show us how prepared they are for the fans. love them so much

  60. Jp Prater

    I know I'll piss people off, but I think this sounds just like closer and they've totally lost me. 😐 I loved them so much and defended their rock side to pop haters and that's exactly what they turned into.

    Thanks for the memories.

  61. Aristotle

    Come and suck a Trashwang

  62. TheMorrigan

    this video is so cute

  63. Brian

    I just want back in your head

  64. Nat Alia.

    ¡¡¡Hermosas!!! <3 <3 <3

  65. Chin

    That girl is a real crowd pleaser

  66. Fortune john

    another lazy way to make a video....brilliant

  67. Joseph Chiran

    just are perfect!!!! our 2016 was awesome with your music 💜 thanks girls. i love so much

  68. Kenny

    This video has less than 30,000 views and somehow is in the trending section, how?


    Kelly Ross Lawton but the view to share ratio would be insufficient enough for this video to reach the trending list

  69. jordan chaske

    i gonna say that tegan and Sara are great there making music after all these years and I'm enjoying their music I've always have and this music video is something I can watch over and over again much love coming from Jordan the geek

  70. Keiza Abigail

    thank you for early christmas presents ily

  71. Faby

    Las amo! :D

  72. sean roche

    This video bought to you by Walmart?

  73. Dani_ Quiner

    I love the vídeo😎
    I love Tegan and Sara
    I love Eva Gardner
    and they're together in the band, I love this video so much😍

  74. Fans Galore, LLC

    Funny how I could not stop listening to this song last week and now a video comes out. Love it!

  75. Santiago Valencia

    One of the best of the album.

  76. Courtney Owen

    I'm in love with this video. It's put together perfectly!

  77. Erica Torres

    Absolutely loved this video. Good job!

  78. Anthony DeAngelo

    Was a Great Tour! Thanks Sisters Quin! You are the Best! ❤💜

  79. loramae steigelman

    By far the best video of the entire album! Way to go and save the best for last! #Awesome #BestForLast #Encore

  80. Jazzy Shinae

    Ah I couldn't ask for more from a band. Thank you so much for all your hard work, especially in LY2D. Ten videos is an amazing feat!

  81. Khan

    this was so brilliant and so fantastic. what a beautiful end to the ly2d year of music videos and touring. job well done ladies 💙

  82. Nubia Aguilar

    I really enjoy seeing you both behind the scenes and live. I think you both shine live :) I need more Behind the scenes and cool live concert footage. Love this video

  83. viresse

    Did anyone else see emy as well? God she's so gorgeous.


    viresse Yeah, she really is. Which part?

  84. Jaff Nino

    This song make me feel like I'm on

  85. camEEla cabeYO

    This video Is PERFECT 😻💜💕 i loved 😻💜

  86. María del Rosario Rolando Vera


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    sick an' tired of things gettin' tough

  88. Save Equality


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    im scREAMING

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    Great concert video with the good dramatic hero shots in the grand tradition of Duran Duran "The Reflex" or Motley Crue "Home Sweet Home"

  93. Timothy Cole

    How can anyone thumbs down anything to do with them?

  94. Adriana Avila

    I love them both. I love them all. Thank you girls for a fantastic album, a great Chicago concert, and beautiful videos for all of the songs. Can't believe you did that. Much appreciated. I'm in love and will watch them over and over again. One of my favs is 'Faint of Heart'. Great video.

  95. surizaday madrigal maya

    I love you, I hope you come some day to Mexico, I love you, greetings

    Karla Rosas

    estuvieron en el corona capital :P, pero si deben de venir solas.

    surizaday madrigal maya

    si supe pero no pude ir

    Øu†is [NEMO][Nadie][Hallie]

    Ojalá llegaran a Perú :3

    surizaday madrigal maya

    pues tal vez algun dia

  96. Andrea Guerrero

    Another amazing video for this two amazing twin sisters, thank you for give us this in Christmas we love you so so much guys you are amazing human being! Love you and happy holidays!

  97. Bran P

    Beautiful! Love the black and white and the way the pictures move! Thank you for letting your fans have a look behind the scenes! Thank you for all you do for us fans! We love you to death😍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻