Tegan And Sara - Now I'm All Messed Up Lyrics

You'll leave me in the morning anyway
My heart
You'll cut it out you never liked me anyway
Why do you take me down this road
If you don't wanna walk with me?
Why do you exit, go it alone
When you could just talk to me?

Now I'm all messed up
Sick inside, wondering where
Where you're leaving your makeup
Now I'm all messed up
Sick inside wondering who
Whose life you're making worthwhile

Go, go, go if you want
I can't stop you
Go if you want
I can't stop you

You come back to me always anyway
Leave a mark
You said you never really loved her anyway
Why do I take this lonely road
Nobody here to walk with me
Don't want start fresh all over again
Why won't you just comfort me?

Now I'm all messed up
Sick inside, wondering where
Where you're leaving your makeup
Now I'm all messed up
Sick inside wondering who
Whose life you're making worthwhile

Go, go, go if you want
I can't stop you
Go if you want
I can't stop you [x2]

Now I'm all messed up
I'm sick inside, wondering where
Where you're leaving your makeup
Now I'm all messed up
Sick inside wondering who
Whose life you're making worthwhile

Go, go, go if you want
I can't stop you
Go if you want
I can't stop you

Go (please stay)
Go (please stay)
Go if you want
I can't stop you
Go if you want
I can't stop you [x2]

Go (please stay)
Go (please stay)
Go if you want
I can't stop you
Just go if you want
I can't stop you

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Tegan And Sara Now I'm All Messed Up Comments
  1. Jack Merlot Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    was thinking of sending her Warner Artist & Repertoire rep a stern reprimand regarding FM synthesis being potentially hazardous but then I heard the Alesis SR-16 dealing with an unpatched buffer overflow so I kind of didn't even realize Tegan even knew what glitchcore was smh

  2. Margaret Njoki

    Nov 2019

  3. Xaphyro Amethyst

    Anybody still listening to this in late 2019?

  4. Fr0st B1ght3

    This song stayed on repeat on my iPod for weeks on end when I discovered this album. This song hit me so tough. Who's with me, let me get that Amen.

  5. Helbore

    These women have been my soul for twenty years.

  6. Francine Ramon


  7. Esther Christianson

    I'll be saying her name a million times a day.

  8. Esther Christianson

    3 guesses. (3 jesus.) Vegus us. suck u give.
    I talk to satan cuz. Cuz.

  9. Tyler Jensen

    is it weird to still have feelings for an ex?

  10. Cosmo Boss

    go (please stay) go (please stay) part is where i breakdown into tears :’)

  11. gatolinus blackwood

    Please stay!

  12. steph garza

    I last heard this when I was 13 and 6 years later it still hits a spot but even harder

  13. pretty freak

    wow Sara's genius lyrics

  14. Katie Bee

    Gay anthem!

  15. Eduardo Palma

    Nostalgia . Victims, Pulse Orlando Flo Rida. 12/06/2016. :((

  16. Alissa Noelle

    the first 30 seconds vaguely remind me of enya

  17. Wilfredo Gonzalez


  18. César Ubaldo

    this probably is the best lyric video i've ever seen

  19. BlueSunset

    This is a good song.

  20. keir garcia

    I miss her everyday

  21. keir garcia

    My ex broke up with me in may, she slept with me the night before and told me she loved me. when I woke up she had left and I got a text saying that we're over and never spoke to me again until two minths later when she broke her boyfriend to my house to get her shirt....

    Tyler Jensen

    my ex boyfriend did the same thing to me and he doesn't even live in nevada

  22. xiarah


  23. Kenneth Johnson

    How can a straight man love these gay bitches so much?

  24. Anne Yu

    ♥ ♫ ♪ ♥

  25. jaidyn

    Knew them before they were popular

  26. o--Kane101--o

    Wow what's going on, why are my eyes tearing up?


    I'm at work, this is inconvenient, make it stop.

  27. Daisy R

    I just discover Teagan and Sara from 90210. I love their music, super talented!!

  28. TheStepmonkey

    I know this is a "lyric video" but i can't read shit...

  29. Robert Clary

    Love my Girls, ur music saved my life!!!!! Thank YOU!!!

  30. Bruno BRF3

    Um dos melhores shows do Lollapalooza Brasil 🇧🇷

  31. Ngan Nguyen

    listening to it almost 20 times then My heart is so painful. My chest is so tight. I feel so hard to breath.thanks to you I am totally broken!.

    Eckland Maynard

    Ngan Nguyen the GO! (Please STAY) GO if you want, I can't stop you. Tears me apart.

  32. Mo Boy

    Loved this track so much.

  33. C S

    This song reminds me of the girl I almost dated.

    Ngan Nguyen

    same to me. every single word of this song describes exactly my feeling.

  34. Roxanne boo

    totally relate to this song. the " Why do you take me down this road
    If you don't wanna walk with me? " & "Whose life you're making worthwhile" HAS ME SUPER SHOOK! ahhh fuckn heartbreaks.

  35. Theresa Wolf

    Pro option rebel lack convention frequently bench welfare insurance.

  36. Ann Kozlowski

    Describes my ex girlfriend

  37. Shannen Crawford

    This song is my anthem as of lately. Happy birthday Tegan and Sara!

  38. nayfair

    love is the shittiest thing in the world

    Tyler Jensen

    yes it is my ex kelan decided to break up with me before moving to a new city

    Fuckleberry Finn

    Fuck you. I like love.

  39. Dina Apriliani

    The lyrics! wow. I love this song! Well i'm a new fan of yours, Tegan and Sara!

    Rendha Taurusta

    Dina Apriliani baru kali ini baca komen di video TnS dr orang indon. ♥️♥️♥️

  40. Amanda orly

    go if you want to I can't stop you

  41. koolhanddavey

    fav song from the album

  42. Heather Price

    RIP ANGUS "traitor MacTraitorpants #MaCDogGE

  43. Anna Carolina

    Essa música toca lá na alma

    Patrícia Barbosa

    Anna Carolina não sou a única brasileira aqui <3

  44. BluezBiz

    Love this song almost as much as I was a fool for love.. :)

  45. Deserae Janelle Sanchez


  46. BabySweeetie

    Just let them go if they want to, it is just even more painful to hold on to someone who does not feel the same to us anymore...


    love this song

  48. Adriana Avila

    This song is so sad. My heart's breaking.

  49. Sayaka Akazawa

    Thank you for making this song :) I mas seriously messed up but this song made me feel better.

  50. jeff

    In an artist's eye, it hurts to see all that ink wasted :'(((((

  51. Kenny Spillman

    so my Mother was staying in my guest room and i asked her if she wanted the pillow with Tegan or the pillow with Sara, she laughed and said not too many women get to lay in bed with Tegan or Sara and i said well actually...........

    Jose Cardenas

    Kenny Spillma...hahahaha

    cheapest queen


  52. Drthree Merohmaroh

    go if you want,im can't stop you...

  53. Joe and Ants

    This song... Their voices are EVERYTHING!!!!! Love them so much!!!

  54. Angie Croft

    I like the song and the way they did the lyric video both so cool thanks girls

  55. Noel L

    I'm obsessed with this song

  56. donut_500

    At the end of the song where there are two conflicting voices with "Go" & "Please Stay" fucks me up everytime

    Brandon Dalley

    its really does, doesnt it?


    donut_500 me TOO 😭


    same :(

    John Smith

    That's what we are all thinking, right? "Leave me, you are better off without me, and I just want to see you happy" and "Please don't go, I'm miserable and feel like nothing without you."

  57. unu alin

    tegan and sara going strong for the last 20 years of my life! thank you girls, LOTS OF LOVE

  58. Piper Pruiksma

    I am so hooked on this song!!! Thank you Tegan and Sara!!

    Sirena Villa


  59. John Castillo


  60. Juliette Menneveux

    Really good song!! I'm listening this song every day

  61. MelanieD22

    I love that song.

  62. Justyszak

    The video is so pretty :)

  63. Nix Club


  64. Juliette Lopez

    "you've ruined me for anybody else"...

  65. Kaitlin MacPherson

    This song is so beautiful :3

  66. Liz Pacheco

    You can throw a banana peel folks. Biodegradable.

  67. Trans Cutie Anonymous

    Oh my god I'm dying the a before this was for HOME DEPOT

    Trans Cutie Anonymous

    @MegaBitHead It's a lesbian thing

    K Mac


  68. ospite1

    My all time fav from the Heartthrob album. Masterpiece. Also love the live performance of this song. Is just so powerful.

  69. StinkFist 41

    Tegan and Sara, today, I am now your fan

  70. Your Best Nightmare


    Your Best Nightmare

    I love Tegan and Sara I'm not saying that there's something wrong about being gay (or whatever the fuck you wanna call it) I'm a huge fan!

    Allison Hart

    @Maria Beatriz Coelho I thought that they were sisters.

    Your Best Nightmare

    +Allison Hart yes they are sisters and lesbians

    Allison Hart

    oh. all right. i didnt know they were lesbians too. thank you.

  71. mshara1

    rofl;. The 'most' Canadian song according to Last.fm. Sounds about right.

  72. Jana Slobodová

    the quin sisters can do no wrong


    @Andrew Nick lmao

    Meep Meepity Meep

    We've all littered atleast once ;)

    Evie Dunning

    Andrew Nick At least it's biodegradable

  73. Nina Cvetkovska

    Go (please stay), go (please stay). Go if you want. I can't stop you...

  74. don g

    They write and perform such deep and powerful songs.

  75. Angela S to R to I

    I can not stop listening to this!! 

  76. lanene93

    At 3:33 you can see their reflection on the water drops!!

    Nagy Maba

    so cool

    Fr0st B1ght3

    Never caught that til you pointed it out

  77. lanene93

    this song are just so.. how do i even begin to explain it?
    This song is perfection... 

  78. Tegan

    Beautiful as always.. <33

  79. Sweetfilli sweet

    Love of my life just took a flight back home to Ireland, I miss her so much, I posted this song on my facebook, hope she knows how much I miss her

  80. BC ElginTex

    Dang, this is such an incredible sounding song.  I love the lyrics, too.

    Jessica Zumeta

    I just went to their concert last week, its even better live


    this past year ive been going through a bad end to a 4 year relationship, one morning i awoke crying into my pillow please stay.. i hope one day these feelings subside. i hope.

    Lyndsay Oxenberg

    <3. Hang in there. Every day it will get a little easier.

    Muujuu Martinez

    I know EXACTLY how you feel /.\ stay strong love

    Lukasz Nowak

    One day it will be only a set of some painful memories which helped sculpt an amazing person <3

    Lorena Rosales

    hope you are better now :)... I am and every day is like so freaking bright!! :D :P

    Rumen Hristov

    Hang on there, darling. You're NOT alone! I've been dealing with the exact same experience for 2.5yrs now(only I'm a guy who was cheated and dumped by a girl). I went through alcohol, psychological pain and all the crap, but at the end of it - it makes you a much much stronger individual. Still hurts though, when you think about it, but just find something positive to do or look at. It will only get easier with every day if you let it. Hope you manage to put it all in the past in no time.

  82. Melanie G.

    ouch :(

  83. Japantiem

    Know exactly what she's talking about.

  84. da melchior

    Canadian, american english is so close, no one in us ever thinks I'm Canadian when i travel, work there.

  85. Will Carr

    The right way to do lyrics videos.

    Charles Eric Ringuette

    looks a little left to me, left up

  86. Clint Roscoe

    The lyrics, the handwriting, and the colours all seem oh so very familiar to me. Gosh darn it.

    Clint Roscoe

    I wonder where their inspiration came from? I wonder indeed and why Sara is so connected to this song.

  87. MrPobo89

    Defo one of my favourite T&G tunes! Hope these come to Ireland next year!.. Or Il have to go to Canada!..

  88. Emma kimy Morley

    las amoooo :) <3.

  89. Selina R

    this video is really cool!!

  90. Noor Fixme

    90210 ❤

    amour star

    Brought me here

  91. Stephanie Carreon

    Love this song!! Perfect song!! :')

  92. chem reyes

    loving this song...

  93. dhowser2008

    @***** What type of English do you teach? Is it American, Canadian or UK English?