Teenage Wrist - Mirror Talk Lyrics

Have you ever felt the gloom
The blue inside her eyes
Let it take you through the past
The black and white sunrise
She'll destroy you
But all the while adore your crooked smile
And will take you
Through the nights of the gravity graveyard fights

Let it rain let it flood up from the inside
Let her break let her fall apart from inside

She will never look to you
And let your words inside
With the light comes a distant touch
Her shame is hard to hide
Gazing forward
A shattered heart polluted as the sky
Will we come to
Out of the nights of the gravity graveyard fights

Let it rain let it flood up from the inside
Let her break let her fall apart from inside

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Teenage Wrist Mirror Talk Comments
  1. harvardh

    Sic performance!

  2. Sonny Choa

    come to indonesian,,, i love it!!!!!! :')

  3. icaro barros


  4. David Falckh

    Great session!

  5. Charlie Jackson

    the ~best~ version of Afterglow

  6. Sean

    I wish I could play my bass that freakin low lol

  7. Brian Tolworthy

    Love their sound, imagine inviting Ride, Dinosaur Jr, Pumpkins, Superdrag, Killing Joke over for a sleepover and a pillow fight breaks out...Nice work NC, love what you're doing

  8. Rashid Jurgens

    such a good band wow. loudwire brought me here


    Me too.

  9. a random METAL HEAD on the internet

    Such a great band, looks like the early 2000s are back

    Brandon V

    More like mid-90's

    Egon Moon

    Yes, same feelin

  10. Benjamin Chase

    If you guys have a minute a listen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks https://open.spotify.com/track/2BiK0tUXWGknsxpHBICioO?si=0UV4Y4amRPitL8-lq0pl-g

  11. James Bryant

    Great song. Nice to hear a band where the singer can actually sing well and hit the notes live.

  12. Felicha Gomez

    Sad I just discovered these dudes. Beautiful session, immaculate sound here, drummer is lovely. Cool to see a bass player fronting a band with a great voice👏🏼

  13. Nai

    this is one of the videos I re-watch from time to time. this session, actually. sooooo fkn good.

  14. mloaf13560

    this is so clear and really fcking good live ?????? made me fall in love with the band more

  15. apples 88

    Whenever I see a vocalist with a black turtleneck I know it’s gonna be good


    2019 pleaseeee saludos de Perú !!

  17. klavs_r

    Better than original

    Egon Moon

    Yeap definitely. What a great sound and musicians.

  18. Tj Mathews

    Nice Smashing Pumpkins shirt!!

  19. StephenRahrig

    Name a band that has a bigger gap between the dumbness of the name and the awesomeness of the music.

    Egon Moon

    Lol I thought about that too. Name is silly band is awesome!

  20. Jon Jameson

    love their sound. they should be huge. perhaps they willbe soon.

  21. JaKKeL


  22. Simon Harvey

    Jimmy Eat World should take notes

  23. Chris Aguilar

    90s vibe

  24. Luis Racero


  25. Fionna Pelayo

    Wow. this is great

  26. Carloslive

    Fuuuck this should be a HIT, but all I heard on the radio is "fuck that pussy, money money" wtffffff

  27. Mark Plavecki

    Love these guys

  28. JD Dupuy

    They have become one of my favorites. Takes me back to the days of Catherine Wheel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoEav9mAB3U


    That's an excellent comparison, especially on this song anyway....

  29. dimaatik

    luv this band

  30. Mark Allan

    Now this is good chit!!! Only 324 thumbs up? WHAT THE HELL!!! You can hear a similarity to Tears For Fears in this track. But then again I've been around a long azz time. Thumbs Up I Say!!!

  31. Carlos Sanchez

    Soo damn refreshing

  32. Marcio Bernardino


  33. Keith Bevacqui


  34. Thiago Bittencourt

    i love this band!

  35. Moddynized Gaming

    Does anyone know what tuning this is?

  36. two w

    been a long time since I've heard propulsion like I'm hearing from this drummer....he's carryin the day.....

  37. Strat Strat

    I agree....how does it not have more views? How is this song not a massive hit? Sad to say, if rock was the dominant musical form like it was in the 70s 80s or 90s....these guys would be famous right now.

    Dual Citizen

    The bassist's other project, Chain gang of 1974, probably has connections that'll get their stuff more buzz. Solid songs, wish they were bigger.

    J. Lee

    Ever since clear channel (now iheartradio) took over and monopolized everything in the late 90's there are more gatekeepers than ever. Back in the 90's bands like this could have a hit from the simple fact that a DJ (who were allowed to make some of their own decisions back then) decided to play their song and it picked up steam with listeners. Now it's kept to strict playlists, focus groups, and payola. Or you can even look to MTV being gone. Back then bands like this could have a clever video that would pick up steam and give them some visibility. Now that platform doesn't exist and newer bands are more anon than ever. People say, well, "there's youtube and it's all in the artists hands now", but you're just not gonna make an impact through the din of labels marketing dollars or endless viral sensations. Basically the industry has completely and utterly failed to do what they were supposed to do which is discover and cultivate interestign and unique artists. Maybe it was never really about that, but it should be and ultimately that's what makes more money in the long run.


    We should take some social media and share at the same time things abut the guys!

  38. Elliott Barletta

    how does this not have more views...???

    Elmer Manuel Gastelo Diaz

    I don't know. But is a great song.

    Breiner Cuello

    D E S P A C I T O

  39. keepyourlovesafe

    sad at the fact that this is only two songs.

    Elmer Manuel Gastelo Diaz

    keepyourlovesafe slide away...

  40. Mitch Gordon

    The best song I've heard in a while, o7 Hats off , I subed.

  41. Jordan Brasko

    Would love to know what reverb is on those vocals

  42. aughtrnb

    Awesome tunes...even if it is 3 fly dudes jamming with Howard from Big Bang Theory.

  43. two w

    3 pretty fly dudes jamming with mr. mcduffie, my science teacher from 3 period.......eww

    Mitch Gordon

    Well, you got a really cool science teacher, eww. lol

  44. Bob Haas

    Marshall, Simply fantastic!

  45. Emiliano Gómez Sepúlveda


  46. Hannah White

    The Smashing Pumpkins shirt... Love it!

    Egon Moon

    I noticed that too!! They use open chords same as the Smashing Pumpkins

  47. Julien Faure

    Kamtin I love you.

  48. Michael Flores

    Wow!! This is so clean!