Teenage Wrist - Mary Lyrics

Ex psychic spy she's losing her mind
Maybe it was feeling unwanted
If she decides to surrender tonight
Surely I will follow behind her in the morning

Mary, won't you come back down
Mary, don't you go and leave me now
Mary, don't you cover up your face in roses

Holding the line I'm tracing her spine
The chalk is staying true to the pavement
If she decides that she's still alive
I wonder how much longer she thinks that she can fake it

Mary, won't you come back down
Mary, don't you go and leave me now
Mary, don't you cover up your face in roses

Love is useless
Bringing in the medicine
Pushing, drifting
Can't you see
You and me

Mary, won't you come back down
Mary, don't you go and leave me now
Mary, don't you cover up your face in roses
Mary, won't you come back down
Mary, don't you go and leave me now
Mary, don't you cover up your face in roses

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Teenage Wrist Mary Comments
  1. Elric Gonzalez

    Great song stupid video.

  2. Ângela Cunha

    BR aqui curtindo Teenage Wrist 🎸🤘

  3. Paulo Augusto

    Teenage Wrist, always the best

  4. Ivan Mlinac

    Very very 👌💙

  5. End my Suffering

    to bad the singer left


    End my Suffering Marshall sings in this, he’s staying. They had two vocalists.

  6. Filip Fendrych

    great music, weird video.... btw if you you're fan of post-grunge bands, here's some new shit from my group: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfRuzqOs2Q8

    Better Art

    Good shit! Went straight into my Spotify Playlist.

  7. kidswillbeskeletons Grimm

    Video was awesome

  8. Luciffelyna

    Amo dms❤🐦

  9. David Hidayat

    Debuted in my weekly personal indie chart on May 12, 2019 edition :)

  10. Jorvanius

    Idk. I liked the song, but not the video. Maybe if I would understand it I would like it, but I doubt it
    Anyway, I'm looking forward for the next one (until now, my favorite one is Swallow)

  11. mypassword ispassword

    Im not hatin but they hella reminded me of the all american rejects.

  12. Clément Lion

    My brain is trying to understand what this video was all about.

  13. Mike Omar Graffin El Nuevo Rey De Un Ojo

    i wanted a video for believe in the wrong things but now that bassist/vocalist left the band :( :'V

    Benjamin Biles

    Mike Omar Graffin El Nuevo Rey De Un Ojo the guy mainly singing this song is the dude that will be doing it now. They sound very similar.


    Marshall sings in this. He’s not the guy leaving, no worries. They had two vocalists

  14. Reproevolution

    great work

  15. 1994weezer

    напоминает звучание Soundgarden времен Down on the Upside (1996)

  16. bayleigh E

    i dont know what it is but i like i

  17. Jordan Graham

    What a great song guys, this is definitely one incredible group for sure

  18. Andrew Hunt

    What a great f’kin band! Grunge lives!

  19. Chris D.

    Teenage wrist with out Kamtin is like Aerosmith without Steven Tyler, not sure how this is gonna work :/

    A R

    Marshall sings mostly on this track actually. They sound nearly identical


    What a great song

  21. Bryan M

    he was just having a nice conversation with the horse!

  22. Maria Vega

    Can’t wait to see them live 🖤 excited to see them play this song 😭


    The bassist / vocalist left

    stonedgamer 420

    @MUSE1795 they'll still basically sound the same. The lead singer actually dosen't even sing this song one of the other members does and his voice is very identical to the lead singers.

  23. Shenanigans Nuts

    Ay they got signed, best modern grunge band imo.


    the singer/bassist just left the band btw. they are still making music but hopefully it's just as good

    A R

    @MafiaDon Marshall is taking his place but tbh he's the one singing on this track mostly and they sound nearly identical. I don't doubt they can pull this off well.

  24. Vinny La Stella


  25. Dustin Clark

    Dig it! Trippy video

  26. Jorge L. Usk.

    Alguien sabe quien sera el nuevo vocalista despues de la salida del cantante original?.
    Exelente cancion 👌😀

    Better Art

    El que canta aqui.

  27. merxchae`

    my name is mary xd

  28. music?!

    Listening to Counting Flies and I can't even tell who's singing on any given song, I think this band will be fine with a different bassist/singer

    Bret Collins

    music?! Kam sings on most of it. Marshall backs it up. Their voices are so similar that it blends so well. Plus, Marshall is Taking over vocals.

    Dead Inside

    Well, Kam left a few days ago so Marshall is taking over vocals.

  29. Myles Garrett

    The bassist/vocalist left the band :(

    Fabulous Killjoy

    I just now decided to check them out, smh. Why am I always late to the party


    I wanna die

    stonedgamer 420

    @Zeroshark Actually one of the other guys in the band actually sings lead vocals in this song. he sounds very identical to the lead singer that's leaving. So they'll still basically sound the same.


    @stonedgamer 420 that's fantastic news


    Wtf c'mon! Every time!

  30. Егор Паяус

    It’s so crazy 😱
    Please release acoustic version of “Mary” ✨

  31. nick covfefe

    will be interesting to see what these guys do next

  32. yazid hagi

    I second comment

  33. Ankrik K.

    Что-то какая-то хрень)

  34. Christopher Weaver

    I'm a simple guy, I see Teenage Wrist, and I like the video

    gamer overload

    Nice orginality