Teenage Wrist - Daylight Lyrics

I want a girl who looks good in the daylight
Need her to know about sorrow in the sunshine
She'd give me the chemicals I need to fall asleep
She'd so sorry if she ever lied to me
You were so sorry

I want a girl with a head like hollow
With dead end dreams and all solace in the shallow
She'd empty her insides when there's nothing more to show
She'd never leave me, though I'm better off alone
You were so sorry

We're ripeness sliding into rot
You are all you ever wanted, you
We're light-sick and running out of luck
You are all you ever wanted

I want a girl full of wonder and purpose
We'd dig to the depths and we would never see the surface
We'd say our goodbyes and seek the sun beneath the sea
She'd never be anything I don't want her to be
I'd be so sorry

Daylight is starting to rise
You are all you ever wanted, you
Daylight is coming out the dark
You are all you ever wanted

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Teenage Wrist Daylight Comments
  1. Southend Busker

    remind me of ride

  2. Toby Hammond

    new fan - thank jjj #shortfastloud

  3. eliza medina

    One of my favorite bands!

    Pomp Incarnate

    Such a fun upbeat vibe to in; I'm absolutely in love!

  4. studio7FN

    Glad i found this

  5. Marco Malavolti

    Love both the music and the vocals! Great tones, excellent vibe!

  6. Demonic Angelboy_04

    Fuck yes +o+

  7. faycal massi

    my favorit