Teenage Fanclub - Into The City Lyrics

Headlights turned on and set to stun
Waiting with everyone in the starless night
Steep climb right into the mists of (??)
Down through the cloud again (on?) the northern (side?)

Over there is a brand new river, the slow continuous (??)
By the open moors and empty fields, the serpentine twisting right
Live wires and endless streets, the crowded valley's alight
Breaking through the warm electric glow that stretches deep out of sight
As we drive again to the city

The city secrets open up before my eyes
The colored street is beautiful, there's butterflies
It feels so alive
Feels so alive

Street lights, I've been away too long
Missing you strolling on, every day and night
For the sweet life, joy in my heart is (strong?)
Feel it's where I belong, every day and night

Street lights...

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Teenage Fanclub Into The City Comments
  1. Jon Halsall


    ian walters

    If I was theTeenage Fanclub producer I would have removed the first 15 seconds and the bit between 2.01 and 2.42 removed then the resulting 3.33 version would be brilliant.

  2. Brendan Barry

    This must represent the ultimate in 'Buried Treasure'.