Teenage Fanclub - Ain't That Enough Lyrics

If you can I wish you would
Only if you feel you should
Bring your loving over
All adds up with circumstance
All stood up with taking stands
Bring your loving over

Highlights glisten
Silence listens
Days that found you
Embrace that found you

Here is a sunrise Aint that enough
True as a clear sky, ain't that enough
Toy town feelings here to remind you
Summers in the city do what you gotta do

Time can only make demands
Fill it up with grains of sand
Bring your loving over
Highlights glisten
Silence listens
Days that found you
Embrace that found you

Here is a sunrise Aint that enough
True as a clear sky, ain't that enough
Toy town feelings here to remind you
Summers in the city do what you gotta do
Toy town feelings whose gonna argue
Summers in the city Summers in the city

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Teenage Fanclub Ain't That Enough Comments
  1. Rich Dhaliwal

    Love it!

  2. Cheeki Breeki

    How the f**k did this only reach #17? A top 10 spot would've been legendary

  3. toddymccoy11

    i can't stop listening to this song over and over...bring your lovin over...

  4. Brian Goodman

    for 41 people, this song is clearly not enough....but it should be.

  5. Chris Sheridan

    They are good

  6. 蓋職人蓋職人

    Endless summer forever

  7. James Calder

    It's like one sun-drenched chorus after another. Ecstatic.

  8. Oliver O'Leary

    Every time I listen/watch I am bursting w joy and life but..
    I have a fantasy for a short film where the guy (me obv) listens to this song as his last pleasure and then he fucks off from life. You'll never see it don't you worry.

  9. Noel Johnson

    Do what you gotta do...

  10. Noel Johnson

    2:41 Edward Hopper....even he loved Teenage Fanclub...

  11. Noel Johnson

    Why do I feel that this whole thing is a sympathetic, referential and reverential remake of something from the US West Coast, late 1960's - not just the mood or feeling, but the transposition of gas stations, hotels, seascapes ...the whole thing - or is it just a collection of remade themes and moods, Glasgow-style...no big problem, just wonderin'....

  12. Noel Johnson

    I just f-in love it...it's that simple...

  13. Noel Johnson

    Who needs The Byrds when you got Teenage Fanclub?

    John Anyon

    You can have both.

    Noel Johnson

    @John Anyon You know what...you right...

  14. Regional/Unity Productions

    I was so moved by this song that I learned to play it!

    Noel Johnson

    Good work...take it through life with you!

  15. Noel Johnson

    West Coast and Top Quality through and through....

  16. Jonathan Vernot

    It's only a Northern Song.

  17. ilijesilinisi


  18. Gareth Davey

    Favourite ever TF song. Can't beleive Gerard is no longer a member... He also wrote Sparky's Dream... Genius.

    rob paterson

    I know man..

  19. Tristan K

    HERE IS A SUNRISE! Ain't that enough!?

    Tristan K

    Clearly not, you have to follow it up with a beautiful bridge and stunning chorus and melody. Fecking Scots, they *own* melody!


    You were fab on Thursday night guys. Thanks for make that huge effort to get here for us!

  21. Graham Langtree

    The greatest song of all time and a brilliant video - Norman and the road sign is hilarious!- Gerry’s finest ever song - he has many others but this is peerless and my favourite song of all time

  22. akirakum0

    Here is a sunrise, ain't that enough?
    True as a clear sky, ain't that enough?

  23. Boblobblaw88

    Hey folks....they're touring the USA right now!

    Michael Cottle

    Sadly without Gerry (who wrote this) and if the Australian leg was anything to go on, none of his songs

    Conrad Poos

    Yeah and they didn't do this song. So annoyed.

  24. Boblobblaw88

    These guys are big time cruisin music in the summer w the top down!

  25. Frank Baaske

    Coole Rock Musik!!Einfach Schön!

  26. Neil

    There are no more beautiful places in the world, than Scotland in summer.

  27. Cheep Tweet


  28. TaxmanFelix

    This is the first song I can remember ever listening to and loving, on my dad's iPod Nano when I was 5

  29. rachid benmoussa

    I run out of superlatives for these guys ,my perfect band,

  30. Diego Onosoul

    essa musica é tão boa que chega a ser igual um abraço forte de quem você gosta

  31. ピンクレモン


  32. Lethal Crane

    in the garden right now listening to this with a beer,sweet!

  33. Sean Benson

    Gerry Love, you are a pop music genius and this is my all-time favorite song

  34. Steph Stilley

    oh my god this is adorable

  35. Dan Hodgson

    It's criminal how underrated they are. I'll bet back in the 90s, if they had a frontman who looked like Gavin Rossdale, they would have been huge

  36. TJ KNOT

    Bring back the big yellow T-pot to Gourock

    Noel Johnson

    Hell yeah!

  37. avi bank

    Molly Rankin brought me here.

  38. Xerojardín sl -Empresa de jardinería en Madrid-

    Buenísima!!!!!! Thanks Teenage Fanclub

  39. Stargazer

    Glasgow loves you

  40. dazzlingdublinblue1

    Such a brilliant song from a sublime band.

  41. Juan Carlos

    I don't know any band that sound more Big Star like than Teenage Fanclub.

    Steve Dagleish

    Juan Carlos
    Except that TFC are infinitely superior. Big Star may have invented the power pop sound but TFC perfected it.

    Matt Koster

    Steve Dagleish let's not get carried away now Steve.

    Noel Johnson

    @Steve Dagleish Man, you so right....

  42. GOGETTA 888

    This is heaven,no words..

  43. Ian Mcilwraith

    nice wee adidas jacket Gerry.

  44. heather barnes

    Here is a sunrise..... what a bloody gorgeous song!

    Noel Johnson

    It's poetry, Heather...take it with you through life...

  45. mataralpelicano

    Este jueves en Madrid, por fin!!!! Vamossss!!

  46. specialmusictaste

    One of the best "indie" songs i´ve never heard , i´ve been longtime searching it , Thank you , !!! a´ int no tired of summer , eternal summer forerver !!!!!

  47. Wellington Amancio

    Em que álbum está esta música?

    Richard Robson

    Songs from Northern Britain - not a bad tune on the whole album
    (sorry - I can read your Portuguese but you'll have to Google translate this reply because I can't write it at all!)

  48. Brian Ahlfeld


  49. the adventure of a small wrist

    Pure nostalgia.... I remember as a high school student I saved 2 weeks to buy this CD back in 1996.

    Paul McCauley

    You mean 1997

    Paul McCauley

    the adventure of a small wrist 1997??

  50. Paolo Bardoneschi

    Top pop band

  51. Saveloy Row

    Calvin Harris advert fuck you

  52. chet Tucker

    ticket to ride drum intro

    JL Magoya

    unashamedly so :P

    Noel Johnson

    ...only better...

  53. david dring

    Gary and Harry.... what a pair of stools!!! The foo fighters should be supporting the fanclub!!

  54. Matthew Aslanidis

    The perfect pop song!!

  55. Martadinata Denny

    Asoy as always

  56. six feet under

    Wish these wasnt supporting foo fighters


    Same, but what can you do? Least we've got the Foos


    +HarryJ189 What are you talking about? Teenage Fanclub are way better than Foo Fighters. The Foos' first two albums were really good but the rest of their stuff is pretty average. Teenage Fanclub are boring now, but their old music (1990-1997) was really good!

    six feet under

    There crap watched a song stayed at the bar


    That says more about you than Teenage Fanclub.

    Noel Johnson

    Foo who?

  57. TheDiamond2009

    It's difficult to conceive of a more perfect pop song. From back in the days when pop was pop. Top, top band.


    I can think of about ten more perfect pop songs, all written by Teenage Fanclub. Joking apart, this is sublime.

  58. Ricardo Ventz

    At 3:21 minutes the cloud seems the devil figure, sinister!

  59. David Brown

    Just confirms that Glasgow has such a rich musical heritage, (and Bellshill ;-) TF are one of my favs

    Sergio Usera

    +David Brown Glasgow is Utopia of pop music

    Noel Johnson

    Glasgow, for whatever reason, embraces so much from outside Glasgow...all hail, the results are here...I'm out of words now, this is so good...

  60. TheScagbum

    This song is beyond perfect

  61. paddy mccourts beard

    i would go for alcoholiday like the name by the way

  62. Anthony Monaghan

    It's quite possibly the most uplifting song known to humanity, quite possibly. Those harmonies, stunning.

  63. martisslandia

    This song made me fall in love with them.

  64. Mark Anthony Wyatt

    What Longsightblues said......

  65. paddy mccourts beard

    the guitarists brother put my blinds in frank i salute you

  66. Jordi Pujades Girona

    The best heirs of the sound Byrds!

    Evan Dando

    Jordi Pujades Girona that’s so true but they will always be the 90’s Lovin Spoonful for me ( and they say SUMMER’s IN THE CITY in this track )

  67. Simon Rae

    Goosebumps. Every time I hear this. Goosebumps.

  68. Darrell Golder


  69. LongsightBlues

    One of the greatest songs ever by one of the greatest bands ever. Magnificent