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Tee Grizzley Sweet Thangs Comments
  1. GamingGodJon - Roblox

    this shit go hard asf


    right? im new here

  2. A.J. Galloway

    Get her iPhone charger and then I bail out!!! 😂😂

  3. Nicholas Abad

    First real hood song/ story that been out in so long . it has it like songs in the past where you can see whats going in your head.

  4. Trenchrunner Fatboy


  5. Slickk 24

    Who else here after that Sada baby shit😈

  6. vDarayv

    You are so fat


    and youre a bitch... so here we are

  7. Ace ca3dral

    This is underrated lowkey

  8. Jay Santor

    Tee G is always off the charts man... this guy is so fuckin underrated it make me sick

  9. eyeimprovise

    I bump this like I ain’t a sweet thang. Pause

  10. Dee Montgomery

    509 with grizz

  11. Rashaad Horne

    Song hard asab.. But why dude look like a clay model or a video game character from the walking dead lol 😂😂

  12. Johnny Singchaichana

    Been awhile since I found a track bangin like this. He's cold af❄❄

  13. Fetti Gambino

    To see more Minecraft videos

  14. Michael Jackson

    R.I.P SODA

  15. Suzay Smith



  16. Malik Bravo

    You put too much evil energy in the atmosphere T greezly and you wonder why u can’t get a break and stay in drama?

    Jordan Trueblood

    Dont care

  17. Sonny Dee

    T Grizzley sou rs like a douchebag. Everybody glorifies this shit and acts like it's cool, until you're the one getting jacked

    Jordan Trueblood

    No one here actually cares except for your sensitive ass

  18. Andre Turner

    The charger tho damn bruh

  19. LaShay Young

    Boi this shit like listening to someone talk bout some guys I know

  20. quinton webster

    That songs a fkcun banga 🤯

  21. I Make Funny Comments

    Naaaw! Not her iPhone charger! How can she tweet and gram and f'book and snap and.....

  22. Cosa Nostra

    When you steal your Minecraft factions loot

  23. MoneyGram

    This nigga a thief.. bum ass nigga

  24. lalo

    Why did the beat sound like the gravity falls theme song but the song is fire


    How I be wit da gang I don’t wanna get killed

  26. Real deal 24

    You sample the piano from Top Gun?

  27. theoster

    this dude would be a horrible friend very untrustworthy

    Curt Fletcher

    theoster nah bro you just gotta be with the gang, he treat his real friends with the utmost respect. If you don’t get the respect you obviously ain’t with the gang 😤😂

    Curt Fletcher

    “If you ain’t with the squad then you free game”

  28. Flamin0popcorn

    I fuck with his music but I got robbed recently and that shit suck bruh. I gotta start carrying a strap on me.

  29. Julio Sanguino

    Tee Grizzley Look Like Bby Mark Henry

  30. Jahsani Phillip

    This song makes me remember how dangerous people could be

  31. Nukes

    Most underrated song of 2019🔥😂

  32. Arren Tribble

    Guess they caught him lacking with all that tough talk fuck boy didnt do shit but get shot

    Jordan Trueblood

    It was a fucking drive by are you dull?

  33. Arosi Onchera

    The one wit einer bankz is better

  34. Zmurc

    This nigga is the definition of black air forces


    Damn bruh I get the gimmick of the song because we all know if that was really your life you'd be dead by now... But bro you got young n***** listening to this that is dumb as f**k and really try to live this s***and that's what was wrong with the young n***** now... ( No hustle all Rob!!!!!!)

    Jordan Trueblood

    Shut the fuck up no one cares

  36. Sophia Venus

    Had to keep rewinding like dayum FRFR

  37. The FDA

    This niggas with black forces song they listen to

  38. Sylvia Murray

    Tee Grizzley go hard on this video I Love this video🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. C L

    Man when is he coming to seattle???

  40. Richard Gonzalez

    Slimy grimy type shit!!!

  41. Young Black King

    Grimy nigga song lol!!!!

  42. rob lo

    Checl out my music and subscribe thumb up

  43. michael hughes

    Suck it up or imma smoke you don't want beef imma show you

  44. jmsolano0516

    Heard a part of this on snap. Thought it went hard.
    Then I came here to the video.
    This guys a loser.

    Jordan Trueblood

    Yet hes making more money than your broke ass

  45. niau


  46. Yurr fitness

    How tf this nigga ganna “creep out”

  47. William Smyth Jr.

    0:46 who stole my car ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ...

  48. Uhxzs

    He made this song in Black Air Force 1's😂

  49. Brontay Brazzle

    Soon as that beat drop i feel like dancin

  50. Lol Lol

    Yo I went to my childhood park high and listened to this music and got real nostalgic an in my feels

  51. Marlena Bailey

    Bumper bumber mega ton thumper re Jack re stack

  52. Marlena Bailey

    Scanman Windsor in the hiZzzy rollin and blown bump wave sweet thang

    Marlena Bailey

    Hey tee

  53. Corey Simmond

    This Rap shit than got too evil

  54. Mike 1204

    I fuck wit T but these rappers these days be snitching on they self all the time

  55. Ryan Young

    Tee Grizzley and AR-AB
    Need to do a collab together.
    The whole industry would get robbed.

  56. Fight2thedeath 12

    “Taker her iphone charger” oooof I felt that

  57. lilnucc 1

    Tee grizzly harder than yb

  58. Awsten

    Modern day Omar

  59. Daniel Minex

    Dj khaled can't rap all them mf features he thats what made the albumI'm js 🤦🏽‍♀️😂🤣🏃🏿‍♂️no 👒

  60. Thomas Freeclan

    Never do business with him but song would make so one do something foolish

  61. That Mf Guy

    The greatest since ASBH📖💯

  62. Devin Smith

    Biggie reincarnated dont a
    @ me

  63. Quinton Sandry

    If you ain't wit the gang then it's open season 😁

  64. Dee Pee

    Is that everybody hate Chris

  65. brown power ranger

    Sexy tee

  66. Cookie D

    This beat tight asf Tee Grizz lookin sharp as hell lately DAMN😘😘👏👏💟💟

  67. Zoe Sh

    Sounds like a fuckboy

    Jordan Trueblood

    So do you but ok

  68. Natee Cummings

    Is that everybody hates Chris tho lol

  69. MyManzNova TV

    how is he not on top still 🤦🏽‍♂️ bro stay dropping heat

  70. Rayla ray

    Tee ain't to be FUCKED WITH 😱

  71. Trey Gamer

    Him and polo g we need a calab🥶🔥

  72. joe rocky

    Fuck nigga anthem .no honor in that .free 69

  73. The Pansexual Pisces

    This shit activating my inner slime ... can’t be listening to this shit lol


    Why the guy robbing them look gold

  75. Dáñíël Gãrçìâ

    Supervillain type beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. JAY UP NEXT_

    Meet my favorite rapper TEE GRIZZLEY🔥💙

  77. Pnut DaBeatman

    yo where this sample from???

  78. 3Sheek FPV

    The content is wack robbing studios? Foh

  79. Christopher Garrett


  80. Jonathan Cruz

    half man half beast chain looks sick as heal

  81. Douglas Doerr

    If you ain’t with the squad then it’s free game

  82. Cody Kalashnikov Graham

    On some real shit Tee Grizzly reminds me of the type of dude who acts like they’re your friend, then comes in your garage and steals your roaches outta the ashtray.

  83. virt treks

    Why tee grizzly look like the black Randy from my name is Earl in the thumbnail doe 😂

  84. Angel Montanez

    The get mad..if he ask..like why would i do that ..my boy

    Angel Montanez

    My guy*

  85. Angel Montanez

    Bars. ..

  86. Count Seppuku

    Where is the intro with the trumpets from?

  87. Antonette Harris

    Grizzley ain't letting up on nobody yeeeee!

  88. Julien Weeks

    Tee gang

  89. Scrowzinhuツ

    Alguem pelo extremex vs haxshw ?!

  90. Adam Pittman

    This niggia T be getting off I’m sorry mane damn

  91. Eddie Martinez

    wordplay fire off tops he can tell a story to 🔥

  92. jerryoso shiesty

    this why his auntie died he done rob half da damn city

  93. Sauce BandzVevo

    Somebody Tryna Sell A Gun ? I Said Let Me Buy It Brought A Extra Gun w me kuz im finna rob em . he took the clip out gave it to me i up on em ." !!!! Thats The realest fact i ever heard i real live been on nat since idk wen felt him!

  94. GunEm Down

    This my shit but why tf was dude painted gold

  95. Eugena Brown

    RIP brotha...

    Tunnel Vision

    Eugena Brown he’s not dead it’s his aunt/manager who got killed

  96. Eugena Brown

    RIP brotha...