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Tee Grizzley Keep The Rest Comments
  1. Jeff Jones


  2. Clever Asian

    “Doc got that 40 and I got that BIG 4Nickel, don’t make us separate yo body from yo spirit” 😭😂😂 OMG Grizzley a fool.🔥‼️

  3. The Sexy Skywalker

    1:00 Used to rob...

  4. Carson Presley

    Detroit is amazing, so glad I live here

  5. Ronni Trappa

    Tee grizzled the only rapper I can understand

  6. Inshallah Kurt

    He going

  7. Dylan Manning

    Haha he said he the reason why medal detector in dps dps is Detroit public schools live in Detroit aye grizz hit me up wit some grams

  8. jaden vandam

    T grizzly just one of Dem niggas who don't spit trash

  9. Erick Sanudo

    Dam!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥this ah true hit

  10. Mr aiintshit

    Tee snapped of rip💢‼️‼️

  11. Ange Marie Jean

    " you ain't going die if you don't panic"

  12. Neck Leck

    “You ain’t gonna die if you ain’t panic” 💯🔥

  13. S. W. Sonny

    Helluva made this beat baby


    why ttee come at eminem for lol.

  15. Daniel Dunn

    One of the worst song I have heard,tee got nothing on Eminem

  16. King Murda


  17. dominykas urniazius

    this song is in his top 3
    has to be man danmmmmmmmm

  18. Marlon Burden

    Another banger 🔥

  19. Geo's Stuff

    Everytime I put you on my entire bus starts cranckin

  20. Emmett Dukes


  21. Salenna Pearsall

    Love you rob thank you 🙏


    Went off🤣❤️🧸🧸

  23. Shemar Middleton

    0:56-1:00 line is underrated

  24. Master Ruby-red

    "You ain't gonna die if you don't panic." This dude better keep making this music shits FIRE!

  25. Fred Johnson

    This is what we liked about T fr. ☠☠

  26. Rickety Cricket

    "Owe granny some plates, I used to chop up on her dishes"
    Tee a real one for sure🙏🙌

  27. Salenna Pearsall

    You are too much

  28. Sadd Feelings

    This shit go hard asf💯

  29. BigNig4000

    This is my song

  30. Jonathan Douglas Lit

    Who is here from Shawn Cee


    u already know

    Poots McGee

    Jonathan Douglas Lit what video

    Jonathan Douglas Lit

    @Poots McGee his newest "What I'm Listening To" interview.

    YAN 18

    Dick eatin

  31. Ghostedly

    Stop saying lyrics in the comments. So autistic lmfao.

    Dreamz Life

    Ghostedly nah it’s not


    @Dreamz Life It is. Shut the fuck up.

  32. Drue Bender

    Bro got the whole song quoted in the comments. Legend 🙏

  33. Sauda Abdi

    When ever I listen to him he makes me wonna pull on bitches period 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  34. T-Mo Fisher

    1 MIL!!!!! Let’s go, this 🔥 track finally made it!


    Most underrated song on this album, just fire af.

    T-Mo Fisher

    LilFreshPrince Right??? Just bar after bar…

  35. Ryze

    Just hit 1 mil🔥

  36. tim acorn

    Still less than a mil...

  37. Buster Juuglas

    Jesus Christ Tee steal some more Payroll lines while you’re at it 😒

  38. Rest up Fredo

    God damn! Tee does be catching me offguard with these flows

  39. carbonfn

    Flow and beat reminds me of thotianna

  40. KelNoKeenanDoe

    “Used to wanna G-Shock, then the Patek came, make sure yo bitch was home at 12, it’s a respect thang”🔥🔥🔥🥶🥶🥶🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  41. Christopher Carter

    2nd favorite song off the Album💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥love from Baltimore City Maryland💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Victor Hellmer 7 Ättekullaskolan

    du är best

  43. Lilnas Jr

    Never commercial....don’t change my nigga

  44. Leya LICIOUS

    Free melly, keep the rest

  45. The Aqua

    Free my little bro he was supposed to get it an get out the way

  46. Wenceslao Galvan

    Makes a person feel like offin there snitch.just sayin

  47. Petje Zwijgrecht

    Treat you like a stripper with your jewelry, take it off slow!👌💯🔥

  48. Mike Logan

    I just got out this song is so me

  49. Marlon Coley

    I'm here

  50. kyleaca

    He set aside a mill for his homie? That’s true friendship right there.

    Leya LICIOUS

    His brother

  51. Tyler Donahue

    from one bar to the next. straight fire

  52. The Drop

    Hardest song on da album

  53. Lee Womer

    Had to run that $hit back a 2nd time!

  54. Liquid


  55. Daquan Fletcher

    Fucking Banger!!!!!!!

  56. Seydina

    most underrated song of this album

    josh metellus

    Seydina facts I was sleeping on this song before

  57. Dreadhead trav

    "And i don't owe a nigga shit y'all can blow a nigga dick"💯🔥

  58. Albert Aleverez


  59. eric davis


  60. SoupProductions

    Tee griz bites the fucking head off the game 🔥

  61. Reality REICH Truthful-History and News

    "Damm T-Grizzle"
    this Track is fire ,
    You go strait Ham starting at 50 seconds into the track and murder it till the finish. You deserve a FuQQin Grammy for your consistent Platinum and Gold Tracks. That's how REAL MoFo's from the Murda Mitten get down , going Hard from Start to Finish !

  62. Robbie Geister

    Rip x bru😭😭😭

  63. Manny G


  64. Jamal mac

    Errre bar hot sawce

  65. Anibal Puerto Rico

    You on fire homie!!!
    You gonna hear alot shit about me but i aint clearing up shit you gonna baleave what you want to baleave.

  66. Luna

    anyone here from larry alabi

  67. saurabh singh

    sick flow

  68. Malachi Gates


  69. Jani Hatcher

    Go hard on the cells no DNA or no witness

    Montay Wiles

    They missed that bar fr 💯

  70. John and Dina Show

    Tee grizzley and sauce walka need to link up for a track

  71. Furry Hunter

    Grizzs Style:

    1. Raps Fast

    2. Songs all around the same duration

    3. Likes to do songs with shit rappers that are nothing as good as him (to gain popularity)

    4. Keeps his flow the same mostly

    3az What’s up

    U dumb asl

  72. this account

    you gone hear alot of shit about me .. but I ain't clearing up shit you gone believe what you believe 😂🤷🏾‍♀️

  73. Nathaniel Gatts

    Trippin get your shit lit up like a paddock bezel

  74. TheChanice11

    We hit the club and make a mess, bitch (Fuck it up)
    Like free the real, keep the rest, bitch

    Free the guys, man, you know we gon' hold this shit down
    By the time you look up, that shit gonna be over with
    And it's back to ballin'
    Come pick you all boys up in that Bent' truck or somethin', ah

  75. NWA_Will Money

    Hardest shit ever!

  76. YRN xcvi

    Bruh always be going hard in every song

  77. LivinTheDream


  78. Carltin Johnson

    How is tee not the goat

  79. James Owen

    Best songs on the album:
    Keep the rest
    Straight up
    Get Right
    Still my moment
    We dreamin
    Pray for the drip
    The rest are meh but those ones up there are slappers

  80. James Owen

    Meek woulda destroyed this as a feature

  81. Narco Stolen

    “You ain’t gonna die if you don’t panic” 🥵

  82. L Grizzly

    Video ?🔥‼️

  83. Daniel Rojas

    I can't believe this doesn't have over 1 mil

  84. 3R M

    tee and takeoff is the most underrated rappers i know ....


    "Used to rob n*ggas, run up on em wit two glocks, like run that, for you meet my favorite rapper Tupac" 🙌💪🗣

  86. John Silver

    Bruh this the typa song u turn ur volume up all the way to

  87. Kent Stauffer

    Dxh(. F v v. Fac veg v. V v v v vv

  88. Michael Carpenter

    Being from Detroit I go hard asf listening to this shit man straight Detroit from the 313

  89. Zain

    Run that before you meet my favourite rapper Tupac 💥💥💥💥💥💯🙏

  90. Captaingoose302 Espinal

    Pull up with a nerf gun

  91. Jameel Pickens

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  92. TaProcessGb #taprocessgb

    "we ain't family my nigga so stop calling me bro" ong🚶🖕🏾

  93. Jose Herrera

    Tee grizzley is 🔥🔥🔥

  94. Drippy Finesse

    Naaaa I Cant Wait TO COME UP In This Shitt